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Monday, May 29, 2017

Qatar vs SAUDIA relations: US Anti-Iran, Pro-Israel plan divided them

Dr. Madawi Al-Rasheed Twits: KSA guards sacred heritage of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and will not share him with Qatar. Saudis reclaim the name of their Guru ibn Wahhab as they ask Qatar to change the name of Mosque in Doha. Qatar didn't know that sacred Gurus like Ibn Wahhab are consumed entirely but never shared or appropriated by outsiders. Qatar should change name of ibn Wahab Mosque in Doha. Name only suitable for KSA & ISIS Instituions. Qatar needs Iran to defend its territory against Saudi hegemony. Saudis plan to use US-recruited mercenaries to intimidate Qatar. Supported by USraelis, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Qatar & Wahhabi Saudis created and sustained ISIS. US Anti-Iran, Pro-Israel plan divided them. Tuesday, May 30, 2017 10:37 AM Qatar deports activist to Saudi, Amensty condemns IncreaseNormalDecrease Saudi Arabian human rights activist al-Otaibi, (Photo: hrw.org) Saudi Arabian human rights activist al-Otaibi, (Photo: hrw.org) Qatar said the deportation took place on May 24 and was based on legal procedures and regional agreements. (Aljazeera/AFP) -- Amnesty International has condemned Qatar’s deportation of Saudi human rights activist to Saudi Arabia. Qatar deported the activist who was on his way to Norway seeking international protection, a watchdog and Norwegian officials said. Qatari authorities confirmed the deportation of Mohammed Abdullah al-Otaibi, 49, but said it had taken place on Wednesday May 24. The official Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted a foreign ministry source as saying that "the extradition was... based on legal procedures and regional and international agreements relating to the extradition of accused persons and criminals." The Norwegian justice ministry confirmed that a Saudi human rights activist had received a travel permit to Norway as a (UN) quota refugee. The ministry said that al-Otaibi and his wife - who was not deported to Saudi Arabia - were not seeking asylum in Norway but have been processed as United Nations refugees. Mohammed al-Otaibi fled to neighbouring Qatar in March after he faced charges in Saudi Arabia related to his human rights work and was referred to an anti-terrorism court, the [persian] Gulf Center for Human Rights said in a statement. انتقدت الصحف الصادرة في الدوحة، اليوم الثلاثاء، الدول التي تهاجم الأمير القطري تميم بن حمد إذ شدد بعض كتابها على أنه لم يُدل بالتصريحات التي نُسبت إليه، معتبرين أن السعودية والإمارات تنتهجان "أسلوب عصابات" يُعبر عن عصبية قبلية لا تمت إلى الدولة بصلة. ويقول عبد العزيز الخاطر في "الوطن" القطرية، إن "الحملة الإعلامية التي تشنها صحف المملكة العربية السعودية والإمارات العربية المتحدة ضد قطر، في اعتقادي، تضع المنطقة في مرحلة ما قبل الدولة رغم انتماء هذه الدول للمجتمع السياسي منذ أكثر من 50 عاما أو ما يقارب من القرن". ويبدي الكاتب أسفه إزاء ما قال إنه "انحدار مستوى التعامل، من السياسي، إلى ما يشبه الترصد والتجسس، وهو أسلوب أقرب ما يكون إلى أسلوب العصابات، إلى أسلوب ثالث قبلي يُعبر عن عصبية قبلية لا تمت إلى الدولة بصلة". وتشيد ناهد القحطاني في "الراية" القطرية بالأمير تميم، وتنتقد الذين يصرون على إسناد تلك التصريحات إليه، مشيرة إلى أن "هناك من يدير هذه الحملة لضرب اللحمة الخليجية". وتشدد الكاتبة على أنه لو كان الأمير "قد قالها، فإنه لن ينكرها، لأنه لن يقول إلا ما هو مؤمن به، فلا نذكر عبر التاريخ بأن قطر وحكامها قد نقضوا حديثًا بدر منهم، ولا بأنهم قد نقضوا عهدا، ولا بأنهم قد غدروا بأحد غريب كان أم قريب". - See more at: http://www.alalam.ir/news/1975647#sthash.55uh3IYw.dpuf ENGLISH The newspapers in Doha on Tuesday criticized countries attacking Qatari Prince Tamim bin Hamad, stressing that some of his books did not make statements attributed to him, considering that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are pursuing a "gang style" expressing tribal nervousness that has nothing to do with the state. "The media campaign launched by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates against Qatar, I believe, places the region in the pre-state stage, despite the fact that these countries have belonged to the political community for more than 50 years or more," said Abdul-Aziz Al-Khater in Al-Watan. Of the century ". The writer expresses his regret at what he said "the decline in the level of dealing, from the political, to a kind of surveillance and espionage, which is closer to the style of gangs, to a third tribal way expressing tribal nervousness did not belong to the state link. Nahed Al-Qahtani praises Qatar's Emir Al-Raya and criticizes those who insist on endorsing those statements, pointing out that "there are those who are running this campaign to strike the Gulf meat." The author stresses that if the prince had said it, he would not deny it, because he would only say what he believed. It is not to be mentioned throughout history that Qatar and its rulers have recently broken a badr of them, or that they have broken a covenant or that they have betrayed a stranger Close mother ". - See more at: http://www.alalam.ir/news/1975647#sthash.55uh3IYwdpuf Share this translation Family of Saudi Wahhabism Founder Disowns Qatar Emir Amid Tensions Descendants of the founder of Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi ideology have disowned Qatar's ruling family amid heightened tension between the two Persian Gulf neighbors. According to Saudi Arabia's Okaz newspaper, 200 descendants of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab have denied in a statement claims that the 18th-century cleric was the Qatari emir's great grandfather. The statement has not mentioned the Qatari emir by name but has referred to his construction of a mosque named after Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, demanding that Qatar rename the mosque. Qatar's state mosque, opened in 2011, is known as the Sheikh Mohammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab mosque. "We, therefore, demand that the name of the mosque be changed for it does not carry its true Salafi path," the statement added. Wahhabism is the radical ideology dominating Saudi Arabia, freely preached by government-backed clerics there, and inspiring terrorists worldwide. Daesh and other Takfiri terror groups use the ideology to declare people of other faiths as “infidels” and then kill them. The development comes in the wake of escalating tensions between Riyadh and Doha since Qatar’s state-run news agency released comments attributed to Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on sensitive issues last week. The Qatari emir was quoted as describing Iran as an "Islamic power" and "big power in the stabilization of the region." He was also cited as questioning US President Donald Trump's hostility towards Tehran, speaking of “tensions” between Doha and Washington, praising Hamas resistance movement as “the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people," and threatening to withdraw ambassadors from a range of Middle Eastern countries. The Qatari government communications office was quick to claim that hackers had broken into the QNA website and published the fake news. However, the Qatari state television’s nightly newscast had showed clips of the monarch at an official military ceremony with a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen showing the same remarks ---------- Tue May 30, 2017 | 2:04 AM EDT Two Saudi policemen hurt in bombing in restive Shi'ite town: SPA Two Saudi policemen hurt in bombing in restive Two policemen were wounded when a bomb exploded in Awamiya in eastern Saudi Arabia, where many of the country's Shi'ite Muslim minority live, state news agency SPA reported on Tuesday. Monday's attack was the second in two weeks targeting security forces deployed to guard workers busy razing the old part of the town, known as al-Musawara, which authorities say has been used by armed fugitives to escape arrest. SPA quoted an interior ministry spokesman as saying that an improvised explosive device went off on Monday morning outside the old quarter of Awamiya, wounding two police officers. They were both taken to a hospital and authorities had begun an investigation, the agency said. ADVERTISEMENT The ministry said on May 16 a soldier was killed and five others were wounded when armed men fired a rocket-propelled grenade at their patrol in Awamiya after authorities began razing the old town. It happened days after a local child and a Pakistani worker were killed. Authorities say a modern district comprising shopping centers, office buildings and green spaces will be built in place of the dilapidated town, which dates back more than 200 years. Awamiya has been a focal point of protests by the Shi'ite minority against what they say is discrimination by the Sunni-ruled kingdom. Saudi Arabia denies discrimination against Shi'ites and accuses Iran of fomenting unrest, a charge Tehran denies. Also In World News North Korea warns of 'bigger gift package' for U.S. after latest test 'Atlanticist' Merkel rams home frustration with Trump after summits Tensions have increased since Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shi'ite cleric convicted of inciting violence, was executed a year ago. United Nations cultural experts slammed Riyadh last week over the razing of the town's old quarter, saying the work erased cultural heritage and violated human rights. (Writing by Sami Aboudi; Editing by Paul Tait) ====================== قطريون يستهجنون نزعة القيادة السياسية في قطر وشن هجومها على المملكة والامارات والبحرين ودول عربية اخرى وتقربها وتزلفها لإيران وحزب اللات. Translated from Arabic by Bing Wrong translation? Country deeply resent tendency of political leadership in Qatar and the attack on Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and other Arab countries and seduced by her flattery and for Iran and LAT party. 380 replies 289 retweets 541 likes Reply 380 Retweet 289 Like 541 Direct message ضاحي خلفان تميم Retweeted مشعل النامي‏ @Meshal_Alnami May 26 More قطر لا يحق لها أن تزعل..فهي لم تذق من بعض وسائل الإعلام سوى "يومين" مما ذاقته دول الخليج طوال 21 عام من قناة الجزيرة Translated from Arabic by Bing Wrong translation? Qatar had no right to get mad. It is the poorest of certain media "days" which tried him for 21 years Gulf of Al Jazeera 133 replies 1,533 retweets 793 likes Reply 133 Retweet 1.5K Like 793 Direct message ضاحي خلفان تميم‏ Verified account  @Dhahi_Khalfan May 26 More كن مع الرياض كان الله معك والا خلك مع قاسم سليماني وحزب اللات ونحن مش معك. رسالة الى عزيز Translated from Arabic by Bing Wrong translation? Stay with Riyadh was Allah with you or stay with Qassem Soleimani LAT party we not with you. A letter to Aziz. More قطر جابت كل الحاقدين على دول الخليج وعينتهم في إعلامها... وسمتنا نحن المرتزقة..خبال Translated from Arabic by Bing Wrong translation? Qatar scoured all the haters on the Gulf-rulers in their flags. We burned us mercenaries 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. No real name given كانت الجزيرة قبل عشر سنوات محطة ذات تأثير على الناس اليوم محطات التواصل الاجتماعي كشفت المستور يا جزيرة الشقاق...فسقط اعلامك في الهاوية Translated from Arabic by Bing Wrong translation? The island was ten years ago people impact station today social networking stations revealed Mr Stevens, island of discord. It fell to notify you the abyss في الوقت الذي ينضم العالم للوقوف مع السعودية في مواجهة ايران تخرج السياسة القطرية لتنضم الى ايران ضد المملكة..اين الحكمة؟ At the time he joins the world to stand with Saudi Arabia against Iran outside the country to join politics Iran against Saudi Arabia. Where is wisdom?

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