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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Hitler day

Shuayb Ba 10 hrs Happy Hitler day... Sounds stupid right. Well how about happy Australia day? Why would people celebrate the terrorizing of the indigenous people of this land? They have forgotten what the word terrorist means. Oh well hope you enjoy your Invasion day O Australia. Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment 10 You and 9 others Comments Saqlain Naqvi This nation just needs a day to rock and roll to keep others busy in it. Like · Reply · 1 · 10 hrs Sabiq Abdul Shawqy Bro, white people cant be terrorists. For them it's called self defence (for violence), colonisation (for invasion), and democracy (for oil). Lol. Unlike · Reply · 6 · 9 hrs Shuayb Ba replied · 9 Replies · 4 hrs Amanda Brown Brother Shuayb, please share the details of your community work with indigenous Australians so that more Muslims can be inspired. Surely you are involved with ATSI communities and not further exploiting the situation just for your personal agenda. Like · Reply · 5 hrs Shuayb Ba Sister Amanda I have done nothing for the indigenous people and I have no hidden agenda. I just think it's foolish how we muslims have become the definition of the word terrorist and people have forgotten their own history. Also what on earth is ATSI? Like · Reply · 5 hrs View all 12 replies Write a reply... Shuayb Ba Ahhhh atsi Aboriginal and Torres strait islander hahahahaha what the hell I'm not aboriginal or Torres strait islander I was born in the slums of Pakistan hahahaha Like · Reply · 4 hrs Wazze Khan You sounds like spreading hate, I have seen a couple of posts from you like that Like · Reply · 4 hrs Shuayb Ba I'm not spreading hate brother I'm just saying it how it is. I don't get why muslims are getting offended by what I've said it's the truth, Allah has spoken about a lot of things in the Qur'an which sadly a lot of Muslims would consider hate Like · Reply · 4 hrs Wazze Khan But we haven't seen any reference or Ayat in your post from Quran, we all know how it is, how things have been done, how they came in to this country etc, but trust me bro, this is not the time to play blame games, show some love, be positive about things, take something good from the past instead of bad Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs Shuayb Ba I like the way you think wazze but why celebrate each year? I wish everyone was as positive as you Like · Reply · 3 hrs Wazze Khan You are from Pakistan so am i, don't we celebrate 14th August every year? Like · Reply · 3 hrs Shuayb Ba Wazze Khan No Habibi I don't believe in nationalism Like · Reply · 3 hrs

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