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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Couple 'dragged, kicked and locked boy, 7, in parked car'

msn news web search Recent Searches: Glen Affric, Scotland 950 lower north east road 0872254321 72254321 ECCI Phone Manage History Skip To Navigation Skip To Content Your account Saqlain Headlines Australia World Tech & Science Offbeat Quizzes Photos Entertainment Money Sport Video My Topics Couple 'dragged, kicked and locked boy, 7, in parked car' 9News.com.au 3 hrs ago SHARE SHARE TWEET SHARE EMAIL Woman dies in two-car crash on Hume Highway © AAP Image A man and woman have been charged with child neglect after a seven-year-old boy was "dragged, kicked, and locked in a parked car" in northern NSW yesterday. Police were called to Fingal Street at Brunswick Heads following reports a distressed boy had been locked in a parked vehicle. Officers from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command removed the child from the car before taking him to hospital where he is continuing to receive treatment. An investigation commenced and police were told by witnesses they saw the child allegedly being assaulted by a man a short time earlier. Police say the man allegedly dragged and kicked the boy, causing him to fall to the ground. The man, 43, and woman, 45, were arrested after returning to the vehicle and were both taken to Byron Bay Police Station. Following further inquiries, police will allege the boy was also physically assaulted by the man at a beach on Boxing Day. The man was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, leave child in motor vehicle causing emotional distress, common assault, intimidate intend fear physical harm, and leave young person in motor vehicle thus impairing health. He was bail refused to face Tweed Heads Local Court today. The woman was charged with leave child in vehicle causing emotional distress, and leave child in vehicle thus impairing health. The woman was given bail to appear at Byron Bay Local Court on January 11. Arrangements are being made for the child’s ongoing care. US to end search for Argentine submarine that vanished in November by Taboola Sponsored Links MORE FOR YOU New Snoring Cure Has CPAP Makers Quaking In Their Boots My Snoring Solution Mechanics Furious At This New Device VieCar No It's Not Photoshop, Look Closer - US Navy's New Warship HistoryInOrbit.com A mum has banned her husband from bathing their daughters. Her reason is upsetting parents. bathing their daughters. Her reason is upsetting parents. Mamamia on MSN Girl, 9, runs away from home after being handed Christmas card saying 'I hate you' handed Christmas card saying 'I hate you' 9Honey on MSN Struggling to Save a 20% Deposit? Try these Lenders Finder.com.au 7 Yoga Poses You Should Do First Thing Each Morning Work + Money Remember Fabio? Try Not to Gasp when You See Him Now Hyperactivz There Are 7 Types of English Surnames — Which One Is Yours? 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Double world chess champion won't defend titles in Saudi Arabia because of how they treat women

'I am ready to stand for my principles': Double world chess champion says she won't defend titles in Saudi Arabia because of kingdom's inequality The Ukrainian, 27, will not travel to Saudi Arabia, where she wouldn't even be allowed to walk down the street unaccompanied Ed Malyon Sports Editor @eaamalyon The Independent Sport Popular videos Liverpool agree world record deal with Southampton for Van Dijk Ten shoppers injured in St Petersburg supermarket explosion Lewis Hamilton wouldn't have reacted the same way to his niece How relentless self-improvement made Kane into England's Ronaldo It takes years of work, days of staring at a board and hours of agonising over individual moves en route to becoming a world champion in chess.  And it takes only a short-sighted decision from its governing body to ensure you lose that crown. "In a few days I am going to lose two World Champion titles - one by one," Anna Muzychuk says.  "Just because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia." Muyzchuk is the defending world champion in two disciplines of speed chess - rapid and blitz. In rapid, each players gets 15 minutes to complete all of their moves and in blitz it is just 10.  Muzychuk shows off her two titles - Rapid and Blitz World Championship medals (Getty) The 27-year-old Ukrainian had been looking forward to defending her championships won in Doha, Qatar in 2016 but this year's competition, hosted by a political rival, has already faced far more opposition than any chess competition ever should.  For Muzychuk and her sister Mariya, another chess pro, their refusal is on the grounds that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not treat women with anything even approaching equality - a country where the sisters would not be allowed outside unless escorted by a man. "[I decided] not to play by someone's rules, not to wear abaya, not to be accompanied getting outside, and altogether not to feel myself a secondary creature," she said in an emotional statement. "Exactly one year ago I won these two titles and was about the happiest person in the chess world but this time I feel really bad. I am ready to stand for my principles and skip the event, where in five days I was expected to earn more than I do in a dozen of events combined." Muzychuk will not get to re-live the high points (or low points) of last year's wins (Getty) And therein lies the problem. Saudi Arabia are understood to have paid in the region of US$1.5m to host the tournament, which will be called the King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships. That fee is four times what the host usually forks out and the prize money at this week's event is many multiples of what players would usually expect to receive - particularly championship contenders like Anna.  Women are, according to local reports, being allowed to wear dark blue or black formal trousers and high-necked blouses, avoiding Saudi rules of dress that require female residents and most visitors to wear loose-fitting, long robes known as abayas. Most Saudi women also cover their hair and face with veils though the tournament organisers insisted on Tuesday that they are not requiring competitors to wear abaya. But it is not just women who have had problems with the Saudi-hosted event.  The very fact that this country is hosting a world chess tournament for the first time is controversial domestically as it comes two years after the country's top cleric issued a religious edict against playing the board game. Saudi Arabia's top cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, said in early 2016 that chess is "forbidden" in Islam because it wastes time and can lead to rivalry among players. Similarly, top Iranian clerics have also decried the game, saying it can lead to gambling, which is banned in Islam.  Saudi Arabia's King Salman has had this year's championship named after him (Reuters) Then there are the political issues, with countries that are currently geo-political rivals of the Kingdom complaining they have not received visas to enter the country and compete. Israelis say Saudi Arabia ignored requests by Israeli players to obtain visas to participate in the tournament, perhaps unsurprising given that Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have diplomatic relations. But Qatar and Iran have reported similar grievances. While the top three male players are all travelling for the tournament, many will be missing and the women's competition is still reeling from Muzychuk's withdrawal on Tuesday. "All that other stuff is annoying, but the most upsetting thing is that almost nobody really cares," Muzychuk added in her Facebook post. "That is a really bitter feeling, still not the one to change my opinion and my principles. The same goes for my sister Mariya - and I am really happy that we share this point of view. And yes, for those few who care - we'll be back!" More about: Chess World Chess Championship Anna Muzychuk 22K Reuse content    by Taboola  Sponsored Links  Macaulay Culkin Finally Opens Up About What Happened At Neverland Ranch IcePop Rare Photos Not Suitable For History Books Definition Dental Implants Used to Be Expensive - Not Anymore Implants | Sponsored Links Ridiculous Photos Taken By Trail Cams NinjaJournalist The World at War: Test Your WWII Knowledge With This Quiz Zoo.com Don’t Buy Bitcoin Until You Read This (Free Report Reveals ‘Next Bitcoin’) Money Morning Australia 28 Hilarious Pics Taken at the Vet Two Red Dots 24 Of The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds WikiPuppet South Australia Residents Born 1947-1979 With No Life Insurance Must Read This Life Insurance | Search Links Comments Log in or register to comment 294 Comments SubscribeRSS 2 hours ago pingpong She would deserved more credit if she didn't mention money ReplyShare -1 5 hours ago Robert Don't blame her only an Idiot would go that S**t hole. ReplyShare +6 6 hours ago L Garou All your World Chess Championships are belong to us! signed, AlphaZero ReplyShare +1 6 hours ago ksenak Inbreeding within families in hundreds of generations have some genetic consequences in muslim world...  ReplyShare2 replies +5 2 hours ago Disband_MPS What? Are all 1.8 billion of us Muslims inbreeders? Is that why you can see our blue veins through are white skins, our hair is ginger and die overwhelmingly from neurological diseases? ReplyShare1 reply -2 1 hour ago CaptChaos068 Just look. The vast majority have the ethics, IQ, work skills and usefulness of a potato. Share -1 7 hours ago dclaudew Another venue, the Fort Benning Airborne School, was very dangerous in 1968. My solution was to stay indoors at night. No one from another race assaulted me during my 3 weeks there. Chess players might do the same, and just stay inside their hotel. ReplyShare1 reply -1 6 hours ago Colin You miss the point entirely. She is not going as a protest against Saudi attitudes towards women in general.  ReplyShare +6 7 hours ago IandMe I heard that Saudis  will lose sleep, and won't be eating because she doesn't go there ReplyShare2 replies -13 7 hours ago BabeŔuth All you can do is what you think is right. I support her in her stance. ReplyShare1 reply +12 2 hours ago Disband_MPS You support her because it is mightywhite of you massa. You tell those brown people whats what. Share -2 8 hours ago JonnyWild Obviously no backhanders in Saudi, nor opportunity to bet on herself. That's the real reason - you know the Ukrainians. They don't get out of bed unless there a backhander involved. ReplyShare3 replies -19 6 hours ago Colin Stupid boring generalisation by a stupid boring idiot. Bear in mind she is a lot brighter than you.  ReplyShare +8 4 hours ago hughwill Вернитесь в Москву, чтобы лизать путинскую задницу, Юрий ReplyShare +2 1 hour ago CaptChaos068 Ever been to Saudi, they are corruption specialists. As for nepotism, there's not much they could learn from anybody. ReplyShare 0 8 hours ago BabeŔuth Whose bright idea was it to give the event to Saudi?  ReplyShare1 reply +10 1 hour ago CaptChaos068 Some bloke handing a bag of cash to the organisers. ReplyShare 0 9 hours ago vinhn1 Well done to her. I hope this teaches King Salman a lesson: All that money can't buy your way out of sexism. ReplyShare +15 9 hours ago rockingham Well done Muzychuk it's a pity the others haven't followed you, other dress banns are on the wearing of a cross round the neck and on show it also applies to earrings that are crosses, Saudi Arabia is 99% Sunni muslim and their aim is to wipe out Christianity and Shiite muslims, so why do our politicians keep telling us they are good. ReplyShare4 replies +13 9 hours ago Badger1 "So why do our politicians keep telling us they are good?" Because our politicians are in league with the Saudis and others to turn Europe Islamic. Sorry if that sounds like a conspiracy theory. But before you vote me down, please say how else you would explain: - Letting trained ISIS fighters back to live among us - Failing to monitor (let alone close down) extremist mosques that turn out suicide bombers - Allowing continued mass Muslim immigration so that their numbers are doubling every 12 years, and with it the number of jihadi attacks - The politicians' poodle MSM howling down as a racist Nazi anyone who says Muslims becoming  a majority in western Europe later this century isn't such a good idea. They are not taking the most simple, obvious actions to protect indigenous Europeans and preserve European civilisation. And every single British politician except Anne Marie Waters sings from the same hymn sheet.  How else would you explain the observed facts? ReplyShare3 replies -4 8 hours ago BabeŔuth Our government is an equal opportunity destroyer of people, nations and communities in search of influence and profit. Share +3 26 minutes ago Badger1 And that explains why they are letting in trained ISIS fighters to live among us, does it? Share 0 24 minutes ago Badger1 So none of the cowards who voted me down will hazard their own explanation of why our leaders are intent on replacing western civilisation in Europe with Islam. Share 0 Show more comments If music gives you goosebumps, your brain might be special A giant skull-faced asteroid is coming back to Earth How much alcohol people drink around the world, mapped Mike Huckabee said Trump is like Churchill and people were not happy Spending 'quality time' with parents makes little difference to children, studies suggest    by Taboola  Promoted Links  Susan Boyle is So Skinny Now and Looks Gorgeous Journalistate [Gallery] The World's Most Gorgeous Female Billionaires Idolator No It's Not Photoshop, Look Closer - This Is Australia Parentz Talk The Surprising Truth About Cats Burst Daily At least 10 injured in explosion at St Petersburg supermarket US and Russia do not accept North Korea as a nuclear power, US State department says Video Liverpool agree world record deal with Southampton for Van Dijk Ten shoppers injured in St Petersburg supermarket explosion Lewis Hamilton wouldn't have reacted the same way to his niece Sponsored Features Explore a ski paradise in SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental Visit Innsbruck's sprawling slopes and enjoy its buzzing ambiance The new cricket ground bringing a brighter future to Rwanda Follow us: User Policies Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Code of Conduct Complaint Form Contact Us Contributors All Topics Archive Newsletters Jobs Subscriptions Advertising Guide Syndication Evening Standard Novaya Gazeta Install our Apps We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. 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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Oil trades above $65 on Libyan pipeline blast, Forties restart weighs

December 26, 2017 / 5:34 PM / Updated 17 minutes ago Alex Lawler 3 Min Read LONDON (Reuters) - Oil traded above $65 a barrel on Tuesday, within sight of its highest since mid-2015, supported by an explosion on a crude pipeline in Libya and voluntary OPEC-led supply cuts. ExxonMobil’s Hebron oil platform is shown off the coast of Canada’s Newfoundland & Labrador, in this June 13, 2017 handout photo. Courtesy ExxonMobil Canada/Handout via REUTERS The move towards restart of a key North Sea pipeline, Forties, capped the rally. The pipeline is being tested after repairs and full flows should resume in early January, its operator said on Monday. Brent crude LCOc1, the international benchmark for oil prices, rose 10 cents to $65.35 a barrel at 1346 GMT. Prices hit $65.83 on Dec. 12, the highest since June 2015. U.S. crude CLc1 added 12 cents at $58.59. “The confirmation that Forties is coming back ....has the potential for capping Brent,” said Olivier Jakob, analyst at Petromatrix. Trading activity was thin due to the Christmas holiday in many countries. Oil turned positive following the explosion at the Libyan pipeline, which feeds the Es Sider terminal. It was not immediately clear what impact the blast will have on Libyan output, which has been recovering in recent months after being hampered for years by conflict and unrest. Brent has risen 17 percent in 2017. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, plus Russia and other non-members, have been withholding output since Jan. 1 to get rid of a glut. The producers have extended the supply cut agreement to cover all of 2018. Iraq’s oil minister said on Monday there would be a balance between supply and demand by the first quarter, leading to a boost in prices. Global oil inventories have decreased to an acceptable level, he added. That is earlier than predicted in OPEC’s latest official forecast, which calls for a balanced market by late 2018. [OPEC/M] While the OPEC action has lent support to prices all year, the unplanned shutdown of the Forties pipeline on Dec. 11 pushed Brent to its mid-2015 high. Forties plays an important role in the global market as it is the biggest of the five North Sea crude streams underpinning Brent, the benchmark for oil trading in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Rising production in the United States is offsetting some of the OPEC-led cuts. The U.S. rig count RIG-OL-USA-BHI, an early indicator of future output, held at 747 in the week to Dec. 22, according to the latest weekly report by Baker Hughes. Additional reporting by Henning Gloystein; Editing by Peter Graff and John Stonestreet

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Exclusive: ArcelorMittal tells Ilva it wants to change buying contract

Massimiliano Di Giorgio, Gavin Jones ROME (Reuters) - Steelmaker ArcelorMittal has told commissioners running Italy’s Ilva plant that it wants changes made to the contract in which it agreed to buy the company in order to protect it from legal challenges in Italy. FILE PHOTO: A logo is seen on the roof of the ArcelorMittal steelworks headquarters in Ostrava, Czech Republic, April 1, 2016. REUTERS/David W Cerny/File Photo ArcelorMittal, the world’s top steelmaker, reached a 1.8-billion-euro ($2.1 billion) deal to buy Ilva in June but the purchase has since stalled due to legal challenges and an EU anti-trust investigation. In the latest twist, the commissioners in charge of Ilva have written to Italy’s industry ministry saying ArcelorMittal has told them it now wants the purchase contract changed to safeguard it in case the legal challenges are successful. ArcelorMittal has asked for “modifications and additions” allowing for the deal to be suspended or dissolved if a court in southern Italy upholds the challenges, according to the commissioners’ letter, dated Dec. 21, which Reuters has seen. “We are assessing, with our consultants, whether these requests are compatible with the rules in force,” the letter says, adding that in any case the commissioners will take no steps without first informing the government. ArcelorMittal declined to comment to Reuters. EU antitrust authorities in November upgraded their own investigation into the company’s proposed takeover of Ilva, fearing it will lead to steel price hikes. European steel prices are up some 85 percent since Jan. 1, 2016. A few weeks after the anti-trust filing, the Puglia and Taranto local authorities filed an appeal against the Italian government’s approval of ArcelorMittal’s environmental plan for Ilva. They said the plan did not do enough to safeguard the environment and public health. Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni wrote to the governor of Puglia and mayor of Taranto on Friday, urging them to drop the lawsuits. Similar appeals had previously been made by Industry Minister Carlo Calendar, warning the challenges could scupper the deal with ArcelorMittal. Puglia’s governor Michele Emilio has so far refused to budge. Ilva, based in the city of Taranto in Italy’s southern heel, is Europe’s largest steel plant. It has been dogged by charges of corruption and environmental crime for years. In 2012, Italian authorities ruled emissions from the plant had caused deaths, tumors and respiratory diseases. About half the plant’s annual 11 million-tonne capacity was eventually mothballed. Editing by Andrew Roche

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dynacorp Energy Services and Energes Oilfield Solutions Combine to Form EnerCorp Sand Solutions

Member Center:Create Account|Log In Expert Connections Health Connections Pet of the Week Dynacorp Energy Services and Energes Oilfield Solutions Combine - KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC, 24/7, Telemundo - 30° Overcast Oklahoma City, OK FULL FORECAST Home News Weather Sports Video Medwatch Business Community What's On About Us Dynacorp Energy Services and Energes Oilfield Solutions Combine to Form EnerCorp Sand Solutions Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this page and would like it removed please contact pressreleases@franklyinc.com SOURCE Intervale Capital CALGARY, Alberta and HOUSTON, Dec. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynacorp Energy Services ("Dynacorp") and Energes Oilfield Solutions, LLC ("Energes") have come together to form EnerCorp Sand Solutions ("EnerCorp"), a leading provider of sand management products and technologies for the oil and gas industry. EnerCorp designs, manufactures, sells, rents and services patented and proprietary sand control solutions for onshore operators across North America. EnerCorp is a portfolio company of Intervale Capital, an energy services investment firm based in Houston, Texas. The combination strengthens the combined balance sheet of EnerCorp, while providing significant growth capital to support ongoing product development and strategic initiatives. EnerCorp's suite of products and services include patented and propriety sand separation technologies aimed at solving its customers' challenges with increased completion intensity and proppant loading, as well as standard flowback services. Justin Morin, EnerCorp's Chief Executive Officer, has more than 15 years of oilfield service experience managing manufactured products and services businesses, and has served as the Dynacorp CEO since 2013. He will be joined by James Pung, who will serve as President of the U.S. Operations of EnerCorp. Mr. Pung has spent more than 15 years focused on the flowback and well testing market, and served as the Energes CEO since 2014. Mr. Morin commented, "The relationship between Energes and Dynacorp allows us to move faster from engineering and new product development to the field. Our customers are focused on maximizing production more efficiently, safely, and without equipment failure due to sand erosion. EnerCorp will be uniquely positioned to provide a broad suite of products, services and technologies to our customers, as well as explore new innovations to optimize sand control across the entire well life cycle. We are excited about the large market opportunity ahead of us, and are very proud of all the employees that have come together during this process." Mr. Pung added, "The Energes and Dynacorp teams have been working together since 2016. There is great cultural alignment between these businesses and we expect a seamless combination of our respective strengths. Through effective collaboration, innovation, focused engineering and a commitment to strong service quality, we are focused on changing the landscape of the traditional flowback and early production flow period." Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP and Stikeman Elliott LLP provided structuring and legal advice in support of the transaction, and Duff & Phelps LLC served as an independent financial advisor. EnerCorp Sand Solutions (www.enercorpsandsolutions.com) About Dynacorp Energy Services (www.dynacorp.ca) Dynacorp is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of patented & proprietary sand filtration, sand cyclonic, and flowback equipment. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with a manufacturing facility in Grand Prairie, Alberta, and has deployed equipment across North America. About Energes Oilfield Solutions, LLC Prior to the transaction, Energes Oilfield Solutions was a wholly owned subsidiary of Energes, LLC. Energes is an oilfield services company providing a full suite of flowback, well testing and sand management services. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and serves the Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania markets. Post-transaction, Energes, LLC will continue to own and operate its professional safety services business. The safety services business offers training services, LEL and H2S gas monitoring systems, confined space rescue packages, shower trailers, and many more services from drilling to downstream segments. About Intervale Capital (www.intervalecapital.com) Founded in 2006, Intervale Capital is a specialized energy-focused investment firm. Intervale invests primarily in middle-market energy services and manufacturing companies. The firm has raised $1.3 billion of committed capital since its inception, and is currently investing from its third fund. Contact: Patrick Conroy Vice President Intervale Capital pconroy@intervalecapital.com View original content:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dynacorp-energy-services-and-energes-oilfield-solutions-combine-to-form-enercorp-sand-solutions-300574525.html ©2017 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved.   Sponsored Stories Military Tactics Quiz: Are You an Ace at Offense? HowStuffWorks Southern Characters at Home Garden and Gun How well do you really know Richard Hammond? Harper Collins Australia The only book on leadership you'll ever need Harper Collins Australia Ship Employees Reveal The Truth About Cruiselines theBrofessional.net Origin Energy sets science based target in line with Paris 2C goal AFR WIN The next generation of sound recording Qantas Travel Insider What are 'diblings', and what rights to they have in Australia? The Guardian Recommended by   Sponsored Content Should You Get Out Of Town This Christmas? First Choice Liquor [Gallery] No It's Not Photoshop, Look Closer - This Is Australia Coolimba Never go on a Road Trip without following these Safety Tips. www.ktas.com.au (Photos) This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look Closer - Abandoned Military Bases theBrofessional NCIS Fans Are Stunt: This is What Happened Back Stage? Coolimba We Recommend Trump threat to cut aid faces credibility test after UN vote Mass recall of French-made baby milk over salmonella fears AP FACT CHECK: Trump's 'middle-class miracle' favors wealthy Tie-breaker name drawing, 1 more recount coming in Virginia Servicemen and dancers team up to serve the community Recommended by Can't Find Something? 1401 SE 60th Street Lawton, OK 73501 (580) 355-7000 FCC Public File nbowers@kswo.com (580) 355-7000 EEO Report Closed Captioning Home News Weather Sports Video Medwatch Business Community What's On About Us Texas News Now ABC Episodes 7-Too Telemundo All content © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Raycom Media. All Rights Reserved. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adelaide City Council to buy and redevelop Le Cornu site in North Adelaide

Jade Gailberger, Paul Purcell, The Advertiser December 20, 2017 11:42am GALLERY: The saga of the former Le Cornu site The $200 million Le Cornu development abandoned Adelaide business icons gone ... but not forgotten THE Le Cornu site in North Adelaide is set to be purchased “significantly below its commercial value” by the City of Adelaide. In the latest development of the long-running Le Cornu saga, the council announced on Wednesday that the O’Connell St property — which has been vacant since 1989 — will be “redeveloped in a timely fashion and in a form appropriate to North Adelaide” once a settlement is reached. Specific development plans have not yet been disclosed but a settlement is expected to be reached in the first quarter of 2018. The council says it cannot reveal the purchase price as it needs to retain “commercial confidentiality” until the transaction is completed. But figures from the property sector based on land value and recent sales show the site is worth between $30-$45 million, without considering its development potential. Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the council was taking control of the site because of its strategic importance to the future of North Adelaide. “Today’s announcement is the first step in the council’s ambition to end the uncertainty over the future of this site that has existed for three decades,” Mr Haese said. “As soon as the contract is finalised, the council will release the purchase price and other financial details publicly.” A $200m plan to rejuvenate the site was abandoned by the current owners, the Makris Group, earlier this year — prompting the council to take matters into its own hands. The Makris Group said it had reached a conditional agreement with the council to sell the site for “significantly below its commercial value”. “Because of a recent opportunity I have made the decision to work collaboratively with the Adelaide Council to utilise the former Le Cornu site for open space and community use and to relieve the extreme parking issues and pressures in North Adelaide.” “As part of the process, the Adelaide City Council expressed its interest in purchasing the site, and while the price paid is below more recent offers to the Makris Group, I am pleased to be in a position to assist the site’s transfer to the community at a price the Council can afford.” Play Mute 0:00 / 1:28 Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Fullscreen Autoplay Adelaide’s Afternoon Newsbyte - 20/12/2017 0:52 Adelaide’s Lunchtime Newsbyte 20/12/17 0:57 7 News: Violent home invasion in Rostrevor 1:30 7 News: Driver flees multi-car crash on Main South Rd 0:31 Tourism ad pushes the great SA road trip 0:30 Ovingham apartment lights 0:17 Truckie's dash cam reveals near miss near Port Augusta 0:30 Dashcam footage of driver near miss with cops 0:58 Adelaide's Afternoon Newsbyte - 15.12.17 0:56 Spring Gully Foods free from administration 0:18 Paedophile vigilante sting at railway station in Adelaide 1:54 Adelaide’s Afternoon Newsbyte - 14/12/2017 0:46 Adelaide's Afternoon Newsbyte - 13.12.17 0:43 Tonsley train video 2:27 Adelaide’s Lunchtime Newsbyte 13/12/17 0:48 Police surround house after shooting reports Adelaide's north 2:53 7 News: STAR Group officers surround home in Salisbury Park 0:57 Adelaide's Afternoon Newsbyte - 12.12.17 0:51 The first flying racing car to take off in the South Australian desert next year 3:07 7 News: SA ash tornado 0:35 A previous plan for an Adelaide Sheraton hotel on old Le Cornu site Premier Jay Weatherill said the State Government would contribute $10m towards the development of the site. “It will create jobs in construction over the development phase, and once complete it will deliver both a cultural and economic boost to North Adelaide,” Mr Weatherill said. “Through community consultation we will see the site develop in line with what the community wants, after so many years of inactivity.” The North Adelaide community will be consulted “extensively” about formulating detailed plans, the council said. The Adelaide City Council’s purchase of the 7535m2 property adds to its $300m portfolio of commericial and retail real estate — which includes the Central Market Arcade. Daniel Gannon, the SA director of the Property Council of Australian, said the vacant site has defined North Adelaide for too long. “This site has been a beacon of inaction and community disappointment for the best part of 30 years, and business owners and landlords along this precinct have been punished as a result,” Mr Gannon said. “Environments such as O’Connell Street face a unique set of challenges, which is why it’s important to get the future composition of this site right.” “Ultimately that means a mixed-use development comprising retail, hospitality, commercial and residential, which is a no-brainer and the only way to proceed.” The saga of the former Le Cornu site An artist impression of the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old Le Cornu site in North Adelaide. Picture: Makris Group 1 of 13 An artist impression of the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old Le Cornu site in North Adelaide. Picture: Makris Group 2 of 13 An artist impression of the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old Le Cornu site in North Adelaide. Picture: Makris Group 3 of 13 An artist impression of the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old Le Cornu site in North Adelaide. Picture: Makris Group 4 of 13 An artist impression of the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old Le Cornu site in North Adelaide. Picture: Makris Group 5 of 13 An artist impression of the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old Le Cornu site in North Adelaide. Picture: Makris Group 6 of 13 Con Makris at the former Le Cornu after demolition began. 7 of 13 The vacant site at North Adelaide as it stands now. 8 of 13 An earlier artist’s impression of the new building on the site. 9 of 13 Another earlier artist’s impression of a proposed $40 million development at site, in 1989, 10 of 13 Want to see more? ( 3 more photos in collection ) Continue to full gallery The Makris Group in July abandoned plans for the $200m residential, retail and hotel development on the block. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– The group had been granted a one-year extension by the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission in 2016 to refine its design and “streamline construction programming”. However, The Advertiser understands development plans were abandoned in the past three months, ahead of its June 30 deadline. At the time, a spokesman for the Makris Group said it was now working on other plans, but he said he was not sure how advanced they were. “The owner of the 88 O’Connell Street site, Makris Group, is working with consultants to develop a new development plan for its prominent North Adelaide landholding,” he said in a statement. “The group has withdrawn an application to extend its development approval for a previous proposal as it explores a more viable development solution for the site, which is bounded by O’Connell, Archer, Centenary and Tynte Streets, North Adelaide.” Oldest | Top Comments Kasey 33 minutes ago I hear the first suggestion has been already received at the ACC  from an A.Moran: "It should be heritage listed and stay vacant" :D FlagShare LikeReply Rod 33 minutes ago One could think that the Council blocked all attempts so they could purchase it cheap and on sell it, been done plenty of times before by Councils in Australia FlagShare LikeReply BOB 38 minutes ago Makris was never going to build anything , he's been holding of waiting for the price of the land to rise . Those last plans which the ACC approved were a shocker , a 13 storey building resembling a wheat silo under a flight path didn't exactly set the world on fire , his original plans , a more suttle approach were abandoned because of the ACC ! FlagShare LikeReply BOB 48 minutes ago If the ACC is involved in any way with the redevelopment it will be a disaster, their record of stuff ups speaks for it self . I believe something along the lines of the original low rise apartment plans maybe with a central piazza surrounded by boutique type shops and restaurants, but let's keep the council out of the development . Mr X has come back to save SA maybe he's got an idea ! FlagShare LikeReply David 2 hours ago This site has had countless approvals from the council and special projects status from the government. Objections about approval came from commercial property interests. And now rate/tax payers money is being used, which surely cannot be in the public interest. What would have been a strategic partnership between state and local government are laws that require owners of blighted and undeveloped sites to ensure they do not blight all their neighbours. That would have cost us nothing and been nothing less than good neighbourliness. What next? Let's identify all the blighted long underdeveloped sites in metro Adelaide. FlagShare 2LikeReply sam 2 hours ago I had a feeling that Weatherill and Rau were involved, it's got their grubby hands all over it, they have once again used OUR MONEY (other peoples money that is) to big note themselves and will probably claim it as another Labor Legacy. My bet is that the development of the site is already a 'DONE DEAL' and passed and there will be 'NO OBJECTIONS' allowed under the new John Rau's law. I have a felling that this incompetent big spending dictatorship have NOT finished with the people in this State just yet. Towards the end it will be shred, burn and destroy from this mob whilst at the same time it will be SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.  Once the developers get their greedy hands on the site it will be goodbye to the big splendid heritage listed homes in North Adelaide, this development is just the foot in the door. FlagShare 1LikeReply Ted 14 minutes ago @sam I wonder what you were actually "feeling"!  if you have any proof how about divulging it. FlagShare LikeReply Roger 3 hours ago New TAFE building? FlagShare LikeReply mark 3 hours ago build a new hospital .... one that works FlagShare 2LikeReply Adrian 3 hours ago And the embarrassment over this site continues - and in true style Jay makes ina virtue of it. FlagShare 2LikeReply Mike 4 hours ago Won't be surprised if they sell it to overpaying Chinese investors once the Council obtains it. FlagShare 2LikeReply Barrie 3 hours ago @Mike  Unlikely they are too smart for that stunt.  FlagShare LikeReply Roger 4 hours ago The really burning question is what does our Premier in waiting Mr X think of it?  FlagShare 2LikeReply milton 4 hours ago Multifunction polis,monorail factory? FlagShare 3LikeReply Roger 4 hours ago “Through community consultation we will see the site develop in line with what the community wants, after so many years of inactivity.” Roll on the new taxpayer/ratepayer slush-funded Community Garden for North Adelaide residents then eh chaps?  FlagShare 1LikeReply Kasey 4 hours ago Well this shouldn't take too long then. ACC has a history of making quick and decisive action and then hardly ever getting it wrong. Frome Street Bikeway has struggled to be completed and left alone because of the handful of rabid anti-cycling councillors persuing a personal vendetta in the face of numerous council reports giving it a firm tick but I cant think of too many rabid anti-development councillors :-/ so I guess here we go for the LeCornu site finally!!  FlagShare 3LikeReply sam 2 hours ago @Kasey  on your bike lad. FlagShare LikeReply Paul 5 hours ago Buying the site "significantly below it's commercial value"... Now there's a bit of spin right there. And so can you disclose the price to us Jay so we can have a point of view as to whether we think it is below it's commercial value..?? Didn't think so.........we are not allowed to ask how you spend our money.  FlagShare 5LikeReply Eric 5 hours ago @Paul Makris is having a fire sale, most of is assets would be rated as junk. FlagShare LikeReply Paul 5 hours ago @Paul Bit like the new generator, commercial confidentiality. We only get told what this Govt wants to tell us. Who the hell do they think employs them? FlagShare 3LikeReply Tony 5 hours ago @Paul Very unlikely Con Makris would sell anything below market value. More rubbish being spun right there. FlagShare 11LikeReply Tony 5 hours ago @Eric @Paul Eric, how would you know that? FlagShare 1LikeReply Paul 4 hours ago @Eric LeCornu site is hardly junk Eric. I would love to buy some real estate from you...:) FlagShare 3LikeReply Des 4 hours ago @Paul council not government ! FlagShare 1LikeReply Paul 3 hours ago You might find the controller and bankroller is Jay et al.. FlagShare 2LikeReply Paul 5 hours ago Will Jay Weatherill be chipping money from the Emergency Services Levy..??? Oh, that's right, that was our money...!!! Desal Plant, wind turbines, car manufacturing.....what will Jay and Turbo decide on...?? FlagShare 5LikeReply Peter 5 hours ago This is getting to be too much as I read another bit of election news. I only listened to the video for 17 seconds as no way could I have lasted 24:59! FlagShare 4LikeReply peter 6 hours ago Just the site for a wind turbine tower on each corner and the permanent site for Jay’s diesel power station back up in the middle. Infill car park with drive-in theatre type charging stations dotted in between. And pedestrian pathways with solar over panel roofs. Detailed design sketches following. FlagShare 1LikeReply Barrie 6 hours ago Back in 1987 NSW Premier Barrie Unsworth sacked Sydney City Council  for going beyond their brief of collecting rubbish.  FlagShare 1LikeReply Eric 5 hours ago @Barrie Gee Barrie, I don't think Unsworth is a great example for some one doing something right? FlagShare LikeReply Helen 6 hours ago What a joke! Another political stunt by this shonky labor party. Oh...there must be an election around the corner FlagShare 5LikeReply Anthony 6 hours ago Council as the owner will do a development that breaks every known Development regulation, and the residnets wont get a word in. The hyporcrisy will overflow O'Connel St, all the way to the Torrens. FlagShare 3LikeReply Greg 6 hours ago Well done Adelaide city council, refuse to accept applications time after time after time. Oh thats not acceptable, oh thats not good enough and then you swoop in and buy it for a killing as the owners know they wont get it through anyway. FlagShare 4LikeReply Captain 5 hours ago @Greg The council has approved several development proposals for that site over the years. The state government has approved more than one proposal since it overrode the council after Makris made big donations to Labor. FlagShare 1LikeReply Eric 5 hours ago @Greg Gee! Where have guys like you and Kevin been? The Council had nothing to do with this development!! Didn't you know that all development applications above $20 million bypass councils and go straight to the Development Commission? The Makris development got the go ahead but Makris is broke and no one will loan him any money! Now, do you understand?  FlagShare LikeReply PJ 6 hours ago About bloody time. FlagShare LikeReply Peter 5 hours ago @PJ Time for what? FlagShare 1LikeReply Paul 2 hours ago @Peter @PJ A change of government hopefully... FlagShare LikeReply Kevin 6 hours ago Sounds very shady to me. Refuse the owner development, buy it on the cheap and put up what??????? FlagShare 4LikeReply Captain 5 hours ago @Kevin Several development proposals have received approval for that site over the years both before Makris bought it and after. Makris paid off the state government to override the ACC so he could exceed height limits and even then still failed to follow through multiple times. What he did manage to do though, was significantly increase the value of the land by getting the height limits increased. FlagShare LikeReply Eric 5 hours ago @Kevin Apologise to the Council Kevin. You now know the truth, admit that you are wrong. FlagShare LikeReply ROGER 7 hours ago Just make it into a parkland. FlagShare 1LikeReply Barrie 6 hours ago @ROGER  But we already have hundreds of acres that hardly anyone uses including linear park . FlagShare 3LikeReply Rodga 6 hours ago Spot on as usual Barrie. As I was passing today and avoiding all the dog walkers, pedestrian, cyclists and walkers I thought all this park land amd linear park doing nothing but provide amenity, cooling and oxygen is just wasted space. What it needs is a decent recycling centre or maybe a solar farm or maybe just a heap of multistorey dogboxes for students and millennials. I really don't know what Colonel Light was thinking. FlagShare LikeReply wayne 6 hours ago @Barrie @ROGER i use the parks and see many different people also using them, and then theres the local climate benefits lower summer temps, reduced wind speeds, reduced flooding risk through better infiltration, and then there is non human organisims that use. park lands are in use even when no one is not physically there.  FlagShare LikeReply Paul 5 hours ago @ROGER Or an expensive car park. Like I saw recently when I went past Victoria Park during I believe some sort of motor racing expo. Price to park there? $17!!! So what they keep telling us is the parklands are for the people, but then charge $17 to just park your car there. Get real! FlagShare 1LikeReply Tony 5 hours ago @Rodga Not sure which parklands you use Rodga but ALL those people must use them at strange times. Apart from people heading through them (East Parklands) to get to work, I would have never seen more than 10 - 15 people in them on a normal working day. FlagShare 1LikeReply Barrie 3 hours ago @wayne @Barrie @ROGER  We walk though the linear most late afternoons and through MacKinnon Parade parklands lucky if we ever see anyone else.  FlagShare LikeReply David 7 hours ago So the Adelaide Council thinks its going to buy the LeCornu site on the cheap. What I have learnt in life is that nothing is free or cheap. Lets see how favourably the Makris Group will be treated on any future developments. Just Saying! FlagShare 3LikeReply Barrie 6 hours ago @David  My mail over $36m is not cheap,nor is it a commercial price with the ACC clueless on what to do with the land ,we have just seen $30m+ wasted in Victoria Sq.  there is no demand for more shops in O'Connell St over 15 vacant (including Nth Adelaide Village) today is the ACC blind,most traders are struggling . Maybe time for ACC to take stock, their role--collecting rubbish,cleaning streets and maintaining public parklands. The deal smells fishy in the upcoming marginal seat of Adelaide on the line. FlagShare 1LikeReply Rodga 6 hours ago But I thought you thought Parklands aren't used by anyone, why do they need maintenance. FlagShare LikeReply Captain 5 hours ago @Barrie @David If they build a few hundred apartments and a few hundred hotel rooms on it there'll be demand for more shops. FlagShare LikeReply Barrie 3 hours ago @Captain @Barrie @David  Too many vacant shops now in O'Connell St ,not Understand ACC knocked off a Private Developer bidding for the site at over $36m,now investors in ACC need to compete with ACC and well as State Govt handfeeding our taxpayers FUNDED GRANTS  for prime project sites, who are subsidizing their actions with ratepayers borrowings long term debt., what is the ACC doing in the development business any way ,they collect rubbish, clean streets, and maintain parklands that hardly anyone every use . FlagShare 3LikeReply Neville 7 hours ago Must be an election with the the two noddies in front of cameras splurging our taxes yet again. Private investment shunted out due to heavy state and local government development controls, and a failing retail economy as consumers get hit with the highest energy costs in the world. No business confidence, so government takes over, with what plans and return of investment (of taxpayer dollars) exactly? A few shrubs and it will make a lovely dump for homeless hire bikes . . .  FlagShare 6LikeReply Eric 7 hours ago So Makris has finally admitted that he is broke and having a fire sale? The Gilles Plains shopping centre will be next, he'll have to just about give that one away.  FlagShare 1LikeReply David 7 hours ago @Eric Not broke but realised doing Business in SA isn't worth it. I believe they are concentrating interstate. FlagShare 8LikeReply Eric 5 hours ago @David His rust bucket of a boat needs a lot of work. FlagShare LikeReply Bango 7 hours ago With Jay there it can only mean one thing. Future site for the diesel generators FlagShare 6LikeReply Barrie 7 hours ago @Bango  Or Crows new HQ. FlagShare 1LikeReply Kevin 7 hours ago Is this not a massive conflict of interest? The council has frustrated any development option or plan on that site for many years. Then they buy the land on the cheap from a frustrated developer. Smells a bit! I wonder if that also impacts on rate values? Not likely. FlagShare 5LikeReply Eric 7 hours ago @Kevin Please get your facts right Kevin! The Council has had nothing to do with this! Minister Rau and the Development Commission took control away from Council and actually approved the Makris Group's plans completely! Makris can not raise the funds to start the job! They have been the only sticking point all long, not the Council. I think you owe the Council an apology. FlagShare 3LikeReply Kevin 7 hours ago @Eric @Kevin The council and the state put so many conditions and rules in place as to frustrate and kill any private option. But I suppose they will be removed now. I am sure that the all wise government sectors will make a mess of it and waste millions. As to any apology that would come if the rate values all are reduced to reflect the so called bargain basement sale.   FlagShare 1LikeReply Eric 7 hours ago @Kevin @Eric There were no conditions! The Development Commission gave the Makris Group everything they wanted! This media promoted that fact very well. Makris got everything he wanted, he just hasn't got the money! So, you owe the Council an apology, please.  FlagShare 1LikeReply Barrie 7 hours ago @Kevin  The land was not cheap my mail over $36m ,ACC has no viable commercial plan at this cost nor the experience in commercial development ,some experience in building poor quality apartments competing against private investors sold at loss under pervious Lord Mayor who gave a us the mess in Victoria Sq.  FlagShare 1LikeReply Peter 6 hours ago @Eric @Kevin The facts of Kevin are the facts Eric! I think you owe Kevin an apology. FlagShare LikeReply Alan 7 hours ago build a tunnel. FlagShare 1LikeReply Mandy 4 hours ago @Alan  Or park bench. FlagShare LikeReply Mary Rosslyn 7 hours ago Why not do something different...It could be turned into a World-renowned tourist attraction if done properly like Sovereign Hill. Imagine horse drawn carts, blacksmiths and the like working, build colonial-era buildings with functioning hotels, banks, bakeries etc with staff all wearing the clothes of the era.  FlagShare LikeReply Neville 7 hours ago @Mary Rosslyn The way things are going in South Australia you're probably on to something lol . . . FlagShare 1LikeReply Elizabeth 8 hours ago Make Anne Moran the Project Manager. That way she can go to the media and disagree with herself! FlagShare 4LikeReply Eric 7 hours ago @Elizabeth Moran has been a Counsellor for a very, very long time, why? FlagShare 1LikeReply Edward 8 hours ago Why should the South Australian government contribute one cent to this project? North Adelaide isn't an impoverished area and the Adelaide City Council isn't broke. Perhaps the ACC could do away with rate subsidies that apply in the North Adelaide area. Where is our people's Labor Government? Totally disgusting. FlagShare 9LikeReply Paul 5 hours ago @Edward They are behind in the polls in North Adelaide.. FlagShare LikeReply Jessy 8 hours ago So, more public development for Adelaide, as beautiful as the hideous Victoria Square 'upgrade'. Life's great when you spend other people's money. FlagShare 7LikeReply BOB 8 hours ago What a fiasco after all these years. Can you imagine this happening in Melbourne or Sydney ? FlagShare LikeReply Charles 8 hours ago @ BOB, I certainly can imagine it happening, especially if it was in the hands of Makris. FlagShare 1LikeReply asa 8 hours ago I must say you took your time Adelaide City Council, apart from that it diefinately needs cafes, shops and maybe a small mall and open air eating area . FlagShare 2LikeReply Barrie 7 hours ago @asa  15 vacant shops in O'Connell St today ,economics for more vacant shops do not look good. FlagShare 1LikeReply Eric 7 hours ago @Barrie @asa Shops? What are they? FlagShare LikeReply Neil 6 hours ago @asa The heyday of shopping malls and physical shops has long past. FlagShare LikeReply Captain 5 hours ago @Barrie @asa Add a few hundred apartments and a few hundred hotel rooms and watch that change. FlagShare LikeReply Barrie 4 hours ago @Eric @Barrie @asa  Well old chap go for a drive you might discover 3 vacant shops/space directly opposite the site bought by ACC overnight  ,walk along the street more vacant shops, go talk to tenants in Nth Adelaide Village check how many intend to remain beyond the existing leases and come back to me.  FlagShare LikeReply Arty 8 hours ago So, with a piece on super-prime real estate no-one was willing to offer anything ideologically perfect enough. The council can now turn it into a cultural centre for some minority group or other. Maybe a monument to environmental friendliness and social inclusion. Adelaide is FAILING economically despite the window dressing. At some point its citizens will get that fact, but probably not until they are totally broke. Commerce is what we need, but we're doing everything possible to drive it away. FlagShare 4LikeReply Charles 8 hours ago @ Arty, once again your spray contains little to no substance. FlagShare 1LikeReply Steve 8 hours ago @Charles ,Arty's comments the most likely outcome, do you really trust Adelaide City Council to get it right Charles? FlagShare 1LikeReply Arty 8 hours ago @Charles Your cheap insult contained even less.  FlagShare 2LikeReply John 8 hours ago Why is everyone whinging about the State Government below? They have tried to take this site off Makris for decades yet were held back by ACC many times and now have nothing to do with the purchase - it is the ACC.  Now we can see why the ACC was so reluctant for the Government to fix the mess, they wanted it. FlagShare LikeReply Captain 8 hours ago @John  You're all back to front on that. The state government has the power of compulsory acquisition and a lot more money available to it than the ACC so could have stepped in at any time. The ACC approved a number of developments on that site over the years before the state government overrode the ACC by granting the site "major project status" after Makris made donations to the Labor party. (Con Makris is on record saying "that's just how business is done in this state"). People are whinging about the state government because it's interfered with the development of this site over the years and used it to score political points. They're also whinging because Weatherill appeared at the press conference when he had no need to as it's the ACC that's buying the site. FlagShare LikeReply Ian 7 hours ago @Captain @John Well you know there is no show without Punch between now and next March! FlagShare 1LikeReply Lyall 6 hours ago @Captain @John If you read the report you will find that the State Govt is contributing $10,000,000 toward purchase price being paid. FlagShare LikeReply Captain 5 hours ago @Lyall @Captain @John When I made my comment that wasn't in the article. The Advertiser has always engaged in the practice of modifying the content of articles without disclosing the changes, a behaviour I consider to be dishonest and shameful. FlagShare LikeReply Samuel 8 hours ago Best use would be underground car park, with park on top and tram stop. Simple way to rejuvenate the area as well as meet local and state needs. FlagShare 2LikeReply Brent 8 hours ago @Samuel Car parks are real hot spots for rejuvenation and vibrancy.. FlagShare 2LikeReply Samuel 8 hours ago @Brent @Samuel They are when people can park there and take a tram to various locations around the city.  FlagShare 2LikeReply Neil 8 hours ago @Samuel @Brent You mean like the hotspot at the Entertainment Centre Tram Stop? Wasn't that there first? FlagShare LikeReply Samuel 8 hours ago Not sure what you mean by that @Brent  FlagShare LikeReply John 8 hours ago The ACC owning it could be worse than the Makris group!! We'll end up with a temporary mall that is put up just for March and pulled down again.  FlagShare LikeReply Michael 9 hours ago They could always build the worlds most expensive hospital on it......Oh it's been done! FlagShare 2LikeReply John 8 hours ago @Michael And thank god it was.  FlagShare 3LikeReply Charles 9 hours ago Well overdue. FlagShare LikeReply Charles 9 hours ago Long overdue, better in the hands of government than with (a) Con. FlagShare 2LikeReply Christine 8 hours ago @Charles Did you mean he is buying it for  'J ' ?    I have to say I am pleased I am not a ratepayer in Adelaide, it really is time to sit down and define exactly what a government and a council are responsible for, then have an outsiders inspection to see they have done all their duties of care and maintenance needed  before spending money on jobs that are not in their remit. Look at the empty housing trust places needing care and the number of homeless we have. FlagShare 1LikeReply wayne 9 hours ago The Makris Group has done nothing for years....About time they were moved on..Con Makris got his publicity.Anything will be better than looking at a vacant block.  FlagShare 2LikeReply Tony 5 hours ago @wayne Why should a land owner have to do anything with a property they own? FlagShare LikeReply Bango 9 hours ago That was kind of underwhelming.... FlagShare 4LikeReply Sam C 9 hours ago 'Development will be put in the hands of the local community.'   Now that is funny. That essentially means that the site will remain as it is for another few decades.   Laughable. FlagShare 5LikeReply Richard 8 hours ago Maybe it'll end up a nice lawned area with some shrubbery and park benches. FlagShare LikeReply Tom 9 hours ago Just waiting for another half-arsed development now... FlagShare 1LikeReply Nathan 9 hours ago Goody more 'luxury' apartments, which are just apartments with a word slapped in front of it FlagShare LikeReply Julie 9 hours ago This is great news and all parties should be congratulated. North Adelaide was always meant to be the epitome of Colonel Light's vision of a progressive and prosperous city and this action will take back control of a frustrating saga. Now for Port Adelaide.. FlagShare 2LikeReply John 8 hours ago @Julie North Adelaide was meant to be progressive? Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Just checked the emergency services website - Brace yourselves everyone - imminent and severe spin warning in the North Adelaide Region . FlagShare 10LikeReply Brenton 9 hours ago will be “redeveloped in a timely fashion fashion and in a form appropriate to North Adelaide” once a settlement is reached. Specific development plans have not yet been disclosed but a settlement is expected to be reached in the first quarter of 2018. Sounds like ANOTHER thought bubble........ FlagShare 3LikeReply Kasey 9 hours ago @Brenton so there's now a formal plan to come up with a plan. but we'll let you know what it is before the next election of course!  FlagShare 6LikeReply Richard 9 hours ago Whilst something needed to happen the council and State Government in a joint development??? Massively expensive white elephant coming up FlagShare 3LikeReply Navylad53 9 hours ago JUST where is Jay getting all this $$$$ to spend on these dreams ???? FlagShare 1LikeReply John 8 hours ago @Navylad53 COUNCIL is not the GOVERNMENT.  FlagShare 1LikeReply Neil 8 hours ago @John @Navylad53 I'll let the Local Government Association know! FlagShare LikeReply Ian 7 hours ago @John @Navylad53 State Government are putting in $10million towards development. Or the tax payer is. FlagShare 1LikeReply Kasey 9 hours ago Shows you the contempt Jay and his cronies have for the electorate..as if we'd believe anything regarding development of this eyesore site after all this time and all the failed proposals over the past 2+ decades? Jay seems to think we're all idiots I guess?  FlagShare 4LikeReply Mark 9 hours ago @Kasey Jay has a lot to answer for in this state, but to blame him in this instance is ridiculous. Almost every proposal on this site was approved, you are letting the owners off far too lightly if you are just going to take the easy path and blame the government. FlagShare 5LikeReply The other Wayne 9 hours ago @Kasey This has nothing to do with the current government or previous governments. Every proposed development for this site has been scuttled by the North Adelaide council and the North Adelaide residents association. There the ones to blame. FlagShare 8LikeReply Kasey 9 hours ago @The other Wayne I'm hearing that the ACC have bought the site. If this is true I'll bet you dollars to donuts they wont be building a carpark or a highrise on the site!  FlagShare LikeReply Mark 9 hours ago @Kasey @The other Wayne Why exactly would you want to put a car park on this site anyway? FlagShare LikeReply Kasey 9 hours ago @Mark at the very least an underground carpark should be a part of any mixed use development on the site. FlagShare 3LikeReply Mark 9 hours ago @Kasey Sorry thought you were suggesting a car park ought to be built on the site which would be a disaster. Agree any proposed development should have a mix of car parking. FlagShare 1LikeReply John 8 hours ago @Kasey COUNCIL. Not the SA Government. FlagShare LikeReply John 8 hours ago @Mark @Kasey @The other Wayne To park all the cars, I reckon.  FlagShare LikeReply Captain 5 hours ago @The other Wayne @Kasey If approving six or seven development proposals for that site over the last few decades is "scuttling" then I guess you're right. FlagShare LikeReply The other Wayne 9 hours ago The only way to get our city revitalised and moving forward is to remove councils from these locations and allow the state government to administer them, then there won't be a problem.  FlagShare LikeReply Chris 9 hours ago Election coming. Wait for more orchestrated spin announcements from the spin dept. All diatribe, spin and smoke and mirrors. FlagShare 11LikeReply The other Wayne 9 hours ago There it is, this is so much better than a Christmas present. Another new announcement for the old Lecornu site. This farce now brings so much joy,. I can't wait for the next announcement. I got one Jay, why not announce this will be the next site for the new Soccer stadium. That's sure to rock the socks of the North Adelaide Residents association. FlagShare 4LikeReply Chris 9 hours ago @The other Wayne How about a real nice announcement? Jay Weatherill announces his retirement. FlagShare 11LikeReply The other Wayne 9 hours ago @Chris @The other Wayne The problem is who you put in their place, Steven Farcical and his band of old crocs. What a joke. FlagShare 2LikeReply Carolyn 9 hours ago That’s nice. Now could you flick on that million dollar battery to get us some power here? Been out a while now. FlagShare 1LikeReply Navylad53 9 hours ago @Carolyn Weren't there suburbs blacked out last night, what happened to the Back up there? FlagShare LikeReply John 8 hours ago @Navylad53 @Carolyn Yeah. A battery can't transmit power across broken power lines people!! There will still be outages due to breakdowns.  Come on....  FlagShare LikeReply David 9 hours ago An oval and clubrooms for the Adelaide Crows would be the best use. FlagShare 1LikeReply John 9 hours ago @David cracking idea FlagShare 1LikeReply John 8 hours ago @David They have both, in the Swamps. Where they belong.  FlagShare LikeReply Jerry 10 hours ago The government and local council are a disgrace. This empty eyesore should never have been vacant for 30 years.Whilst every other capital city in this country advances in leaps and bounds Adelaide is left behind with at least 20 years to try and even catch up. Build something on the site and get on with it. Sadly the SA Governments vision statement should be "Adelaide the city of no future, jobs, growth and opportunity". FlagShare 1LikeReply craig 10 hours ago White elephant in such a magnificent suburb. Would never have been allowed to go on for so long in ANY other capital city FlagShare 3LikeReply Bazza 9 hours ago Actually there are multiple sites like this in EVERY other capital city... FlagShare 6LikeReply Joseph 10 hours ago Must be close to election time.  The question is why wan't anything done years ago? FlagShare 6LikeReply Nathan 8 hours ago @Joseph Because it was owned by a private developer with an active development application. FlagShare LikeReply Patrick 10 hours ago Iv got inside information that is extremely credible, This is the site of the new MULTI FUNCTION POLIC FlagShare 1LikeReply Julia 10 hours ago Jay will stand in a place of no construction activity, no conceivable danger or vehicle traffic, far from even a passing forklift, in a high vis jacket, possibly even a hard hat, and joy of joys, perhaps even safety goggles, look equal parts grave and upbeat, and say something of no consequence whatsoever. FlagShare 3LikeReply Roger 10 hours ago Underground multi level car park with a pedestrian link underground to the North Adelaide Village with a green space / park at ground level with a tram terminus. oo sorry Jay, thought it was Wednesday. FlagShare LikeReply craig 10 hours ago I thought exactly the same thing..it will be grass and tram terminus FlagShare 1LikeReply Robbo 10 hours ago CUT!!!! "OK reset and let's do Take 15". "We'll get this comedy finished if it kills me". FlagShare 7LikeReply craig 10 hours ago 🤣🤣 FlagShare LikeReply Anne 10 hours ago Have they printed a special new folder to hold for this announcement? FlagShare 13LikeReply craig 10 hours ago I have been a state labor supporter for several years and for several reasons..but when i see Jay and Tom holding those folders i cringe...its really not a good look. A Premier should stand (or walk) tall...without props. Looks embarrassing in my humble opinion FlagShare 1LikeReply vroom@the_track 9 hours ago @craig Don't be rational when commenting on politics, it goes against social media trends. FlagShare 1LikeReply Barrie 10 hours ago Private sector now has to compete with Govt agencies . FlagShare 5LikeReply David 10 hours ago Not ANOTHER Weatherill announcement!!!! FlagShare 7LikeReply Tim 10 hours ago Announcement number 22 - why is Weatherill there?  More spin from a tired State Government? FlagShare 13LikeReply Sam C 10 hours ago With the state Labor government and the ACC involved, we can only expect another announcement followed by the eventual  collapse of the proposal. Par for the course with this lot. FlagShare 10LikeReply Andrzej 10 hours ago i'll believe it when it is FINALLY built.....

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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BRIEF-Shamaran Petroleum Says Taqa Atrush BV Has Received $10.7 Mln As Payment Towards Sept 2017 Crude Oil Deliveries From Atrush License Reuters Staff Dec 19 (Reuters) - Shamaran Petroleum Corp: * SHAMARAN PETROLEUM - TAQA ATRUSH BV HAS RECEIVED $10.7 MILLION AS PAYMENT TOWARDS SEPT 2017 CRUDE OIL DELIVERIES FROM ATRUSH LICENSE Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

Amtrak safety record under scrutiny even before deadly derailment

Amtrak engineer remarked on train speed 6 seconds before crash: NTSB http://reut.rs/2BRkVha Reuters) - Six seconds before an Amtrak train derailed off a bridge and onto a highway near Seattle, the engineer remarked that the train was speeding, U.S. investigators said on Friday. FILE PHOTO: The scene where an Amtrak passenger train derailed on a bridge over interstate highway I-5 in DuPont, Washington, December 18, 2017. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola The engineer then applied the brakes but apparently not the emergency brake, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in a statement after retrieving and reviewing data from the data recorder and inward- and outward-facing cameras. Sponsored Monday’s crash south of Seattle killed three people and sent about 100 others to hospitals. All 12 cars and one of the two engines jumped the tracks at a curve, sending some cars tumbling from a bridge onto an interstate highway. The board previously said the train was going about 80 miles per hour (129 km per hour) in a 30-mph zone. On Friday it said the final recorded speed of the locomotive was 78 mph. ADVERTISING The train’s video cameras were damaged in the crash but investigators were able to download the contents with the manufacturer’s help at the NTSB lab in Washington, the board said in a statement. “About six seconds prior to the derailment, the engineer made a comment regarding an over speed condition,” the board said. “The engineer’s actions were consistent with the application of the locomotive’s brakes just before the recording ended. It did not appear the engineer placed the brake handle in emergency-braking mode,” the board said. The cameras did not show the crew using any personal electronic devices, the board said. Such use is of interest since a Southern California Metrolink commuter train crashed into a freight train in 2008, killing 25 people and injuring 111 others. The board determined the engineer was distracted by text messaging. Amtrak President Richard Anderson on Friday urged faster national rollout of another safety measure, Positive Train Control (PTC), that can automatically slow speeding trains and might have prevented the Washington accident. PTC must be installed on all U.S. trains and tracks by the end of 2018. It was not operational on the track, owned by the Sound Transit commuter rail, where the Amtrak train derailed. “It is imperative that the rail industry urgently work together to get PTC activated on the national network as soon as possible, and certainly by the December 2018 federal deadline, if not before,” Anderson said in a statement. About half of Amtrak’s locomotives and two-thirds of its track had PTC as of June, U.S. data show. Reporting by Daniel Trotta in New York; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe and Susan Thomas =================== The Latest: Train's emergency brake automatically activated The Latest: Train's emergency brake automatically activated The Associated Press December 19, 2017 06:50 PM UPDATED 5 MINUTES AGO DUPONT, Wash. The Latest on an Amtrak train derailment in Washington state (all times local): 3:50 p.m. U.S. investigators say preliminary information indicates that the emergency brake on the Amtrak train that derailed in Washington state went off automatically. National Transportation Safety Board member Bella Dinh-Zarr told reporters Tuesday that the brake was not manually activated by the engineer. She says they're reviewing the event data recorder from the lead locomotive after having already retrieved the device from the rear engine, which showed the train was going 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. Dinh-Zarr confirmed two people were in the cab: the engineer and a conductor who was training. Federal officials also say the conductor had been qualified to operate the train in the area in the last couple of weeks, but the NTSB is looking into the process. ___ 2 p.m. Critical safety technology designed to automatically slow or stop trains that are going too fast was not working on a section of track outside of Seattle where an Amtrak train derailed, killing three people. Sound Transit said Tuesday that the company was on schedule to have positive train control installed and operational in the spring, ahead of a December 2018 federal deadline. The system would be able to take over control of a train when an engineer is distracted or incapacitated. Sound Transit spokesman Geoff Patrick said the "vast majority" of equipment needed had been installed but not fully operational along the tracks and trains in the 14.5-mile (23.3-kilometer) section of line where the derailment occurred. ___ 11:30 a.m. A relative says a rail advocate is one of the three people killed in the deadly Amtrak derailment in Washington state. Rachel Topper said Tuesday that she has been notified of the death of her uncle Jim Hamre in Monday's crash. Topper said the family has no further comment. In a Facebook post, she said they were heartbroken and that Hamre will be missed by many. Lloyd Flem, executive director of rail advocacy organization All Aboard Washington, says Hamre retired a few years ago as a civil engineer at the Washington Transportation Department. He says Hamre lived with his mother in Puyallup. Another rail advocate, Zack Willhoite, also died when the train plunged off an overpass and onto Interstate 5 south of Seattle on Monday. The train was making its first run on faster route. ___ 11:25 a.m. Authorities say they're starting to move train cars that derailed outside Seattle and hurtled onto a highway below, killing three people. Capt. Dan Hall with the Washington State Patrol says the cars will be loaded onto trucks starting Tuesday and taken to a secure facility as the National Transportation Safety Board investigates. State Transportation Department spokesman Travis Phelps says Interstate 5 will be closed through Tuesday night and could be shut down for several days as officials finish the investigation at the scene. He says the next step is assessing the overpass and the road below. The Amtrak train derailed during its inaugural run along a new faster route. U.S. investigators say they haven't determined a cause of the crash but revealed that the train was traveling 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. ___ 10:35 a.m. A U.S. official says investigators are examining whether an Amtrak engineer was distracted when a speeding train derailed, killing three people and sending several rail cars flying off an overpass. The official said Tuesday that in addition to the engineer, there was another employee training in the train's cab Monday. The official says investigators are looking into whether the engineer lost "situational awareness." The official wasn't authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Audio dispatch in which a crew member discusses injuries to the engineer mentions a second person in the front of the train, who was also hurt. ___ 9:14 a.m. A victim in the deadly Amtrak derailment in Washington state has been identified as an employee of a local transit agency and a rail advocate. Pierce Transit released a statement saying that Zack Willhoite, a customer service support specialist, was killed in Monday's derailment. Authorities say three people died and dozens were injured when the train plunged off an overpass over Interstate 5 south of Seattle. The train was making its inaugural run. Pierce Transit says Willhoite was "admired by his colleagues." Lloyd Flem, executive director of All Aboard Washington, says Willhoite was a rail advocate and it was a given that he would be on the trip. Federal investigators say they haven't determined a cause of the derailment but revealed that the train was travelling 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. ___ 8:35 a.m. Crews have removed train cars involved in a deadly Amtrak derailment from a railway overpass in Washington state. Authorities say there are three confirmed deaths. Dozens were injured. The train cars were loaded Tuesday onto flatbed trucks and drive away on Interstate 5. Authorities say a total of 13 train cars jumped the tracks early Monday south of Seattle. The Amtrak train careened off the overpass above Interstate 5 during its inaugural run along a new bypass route. The train carried 85 passengers and crew members. Federal investigators say they haven't determined a cause of the derailment but revealed late Monday that the train was travelling 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. Investigators are on the scene. A worker walks along a damaged train car atop a flat bed trailer taken from the scene of Monday's fatal Amtrak train crash onto Interstate 5 Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017, in DuPont, Wash. The Amtrak train that plunged off an overpass south of Seattle was hurtling 50 mph over the speed limit when it jumped the track, federal investigators said. Elaine Thompson AP Photo Read more here: http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/business/national-business/article190558744.html#storylink=cpy http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/business/national-business/article190558744.html ================ David Shepardson, Daniel Trotta 5 Min Read (Reuters) - The fatal derailment of an Amtrak train south of Seattle on Monday is likely to intensify scrutiny of the national passenger railroad company’s safety record, which was already under the microscope following a series of fatal incidents. The scene where an Amtrak passenger train derailed on a bridge over interstate highway I-5 in DuPont, Washington, U.S. December 18, 2017. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said late on Monday that a data recorder retrieved from the rear locomotive showed the train was traveling at 80 miles (130 km) an hour in a 30-mile-per hour zone when it jumped the tracks. Sponsored The NTSB said it was too soon to say if that contributed to the crash, which killed at least three people, and it could take months for the board’s investigators to reach a conclusion. Amtrak’s co-chief executive, Richard Anderson, told reporters earlier on Monday he would not speculate on the cause of the crash, and that safety was the firm’s top priority. But he acknowledged that positive train control (PTC), a system that automatically slows trains if they are going too fast, had not been installed on that stretch of track. Just last month, the NTSB chairman issued a scathing critique of Amtrak’s culture, saying a future breakdown was likely, and the board made nine safety recommendations. “Amtrak’s safety culture is failing and is primed to fail again, until and unless Amtrak changes the way it practices safety management,” Robert Sumwalt said on Nov. 14. Sumwalt’s statement was made in conjunction with the NTSB’s findings into a fatal Amtrak accident in April 2016 in Pennsylvania, which it said was caused by “deficient safety management across many levels of Amtrak and the resultant lack of a clear, consistent and accepted vision for safety.” In that crash an Amtrak train struck a backhoe tractor on railroad tracks in Chester, Pennsylvania, killing two maintenance workers and injuring 41. It occurred a few miles south of the site of a May 2015 derailment in which eight people were killed and more than 200 injured. Sumwalt told a hearing the board’s investigation “revealed more than two dozen unsafe conditions and not all of these were rule-breaking by frontline employees.” Amtrak named former Delta Air Lines Chief Executive Officer Anderson as co-CEO last summer. Anderson also told reporters on Monday that Amtrak took NTSB recommendations from investigations “very seriously” and was continuing to make investments that the board recommended. Amtrak said in a memo to employees in November seen by Reuters that it had been “transforming our safety culture” since the Pennsylvania incident and had made numerous reforms, including to communication, training, safety efforts and creating a team that conducts safety audits. It also expanded drug and alcohol testing. SLOW ROLLOUT OF SAFETY SYSTEM On Monday, a U.S. congressman from Washington state called attention to the slow rollout of PTC. “We don’t know that it could have saved lives ... but it is a disappointment to me that we’re not further along in the implementation of installing PTC,” Representative Denny Heck, a Democrat, told CNN. Congress had mandated the implementation of PTC nationwide by the end of 2015, then extended that deadline until the end of 2018 when its installation became more complex than anticipated. “There is a money issue because while Congress mandated the implementation of PTC on the railroads they didn’t give any money for it, so it is self-funded,” said Allan Zarembski, director of the Railroad Engineering and Safety Program at the University of Delaware. Zarembski cautioned against assigning blame for Monday’s accident, noting that Amtrak does not own the track where the accident occurred. Related Video It is owned by the Seattle-area Sound Transit agency. “The railways generally are very safe,” he said. “I‘m very reluctant to point the finger and say the railroads are a major problem here.” A spokesman for Sound Transit, Geoff Patrick, said the track had recently been upgraded to handle passenger trains from its prior use for slow-moving freight trains. He said Sound Transit was part of the incident response and was working with the NTSB in its investigation. Reporting by David Shepardson in Washington and Daniel Trotta in New York; Additional reporting by Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento, California and Keith Coffman in Denver, Colorado; Editing by Leslie Adler and John Stonestreet

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Canadian billionaire couple die in suspicious way, bodies found ‘hanging side by side next to pool'

    Keep up with the news by installing RT’s extension for Chrome. Never miss a story with this clean and simple app that delivers the latest headlines to you.   facebook twitter youtube google-plus instagram soundcloud coub vkontakte Applications RSS العربيةESPРУСDEFR ИНОТВRTДRUPTLY RTQuestion more live 00:17 GMT, Dec 17, 2017 News America UK Russian politics Business Sport Op-Edge In vision In motion RT360 Shows More HomeWorld News Canadian billionaire couple die in suspicious way, bodies found ‘hanging side by side next to pool' Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 20:51 Get short URL Honey and Barry Sherman © Reuters AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook 491 Share to Twitter Share to Reddit Share to StumbleUpon Share to Google+ Share to Tumblr The owner of the Canadian pharmaceutical giant Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife were found dead at their home under suspicious circumstances. Reports say their bodies were “hanging side by side” next to their pool. The bodies of Bernard Sherman, 75, also known as Barry, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found around Friday noon in their mansion in the North York district of Toronto by the police, who arrived in answer to a 911 call. Read more Shkreli’s bros: Drug company raises everyday vitamin price by 800 percent Police did not say who made the call, while the National Post reported that the bodies were initially discovered by a real estate agent, who came to the couple’s luxury mansion, which is currently up for sale. The paper also said that the bodies were “found hanging side by side next to their indoor pool,” something that other Canadian outlets later repeated, citing police sources. Local media also said police were looking into whether it was a murder-suicide. Meanwhile, none of these facts have been confirmed by police, who have remained tight-lipped about the case. A police detective, Brandon Price, described the deaths only as “suspicious.” However, he also said that the police are not treating the case as homicide. The detective added that the police were still trying to “determine if there is foul play involved or not,” as reported by CBC. Later on Friday, police also issued a statement, in which it particularly pointed out that they are not looking for any suspect. Police also said that there appeared to be no “forced entry” or any intrusion into the couple’s house. “Forensics need to be done and post-mortems on the bodies, but at this stage it appears there was no forced entry and no evidence of anybody else in the house,” a police source told the National Post. Sherman was a successful businessman and one of the richest people in Canada. His wealth amounted to about $3 billion, according to Forbes magazine, which lists Sherman as the 12th richest Canadian businessman. Apotex, which was founded and owned by Sherman, is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. It sells 260 types of generic drugs in more than 115 countries, while its medicines are used to fill over 89 million prescriptions a year in Canada alone, Forbes reports, adding that the company’s revenues account for $ 1.5 billion. It also produces non-prescription drugs, disposable plastics and fine chemicals for medical use. Read more Drug companies threaten NHS because it’s trying to use cheaper treatment Sherman had the image of someone with a happy family life. He and his wife recently welcomed a new grandchild, according to the Canadian Globe and Mail. The couple also had four children. The family was also known for its philanthropy. The Shermans made numerous multimillion-dollar donations to hospitals, schools and charities and had buildings named in their honor. They also had close ties to the Jewish community as they donated roughly $50 million to the United Jewish Appeal - a Jewish philanthropic umbrella organization that later changed its name to the Jewish Federations of North America. However, Sherman was also involved in several scandals. In October, his company Apotex was hit with a lawsuit filed by 45 US states and the District of Columbia. The states’ attorneys accused Apotex, along with 17 other companies and their subsidiaries, of price-fixing. The states said the companies divided customers for their drugs among themselves, agreeing that each company would have a certain percentage of the market. The companies also agreed on price increases in advance, the states added. The price of such drugs as doxycycline hyclate skyrocketed from $20 to $1,849 in less than in a year in 2014. A total of 15 medicines were listed in the lawsuit. For years, the family has been plagued by another scandal. In 2007, three of his cousins and the widow of the fourth filed a lawsuit against Sherman arguing that he owed them $1 billion in damages and a 20 percent stake in Apotex. Sherman acquired the company named Empire Laboratories – the predecessor of Apotex – from his uncle after the death of the latter. His uncle’s children then claimed that he should have paid them royalties over a 15-year period as well as give them a right to obtain employment through the company and a 5 percent stake in its shares. The initial cousins’ lawsuit was dismissed by a court in 2015. It was, however, reinstated in 2016 but, in September, an Ontario court once again ruled in favor of Sherman and his cousins then appealed the decision. AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook 491 Share to Twitter Share to Reddit Share to StumbleUpon Share to Google+ Share to Tumblr Реклама 58 Reporting what the mainstream media won’t: Follow RT’s Twitter account 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli sent to jail after offering $5k for Clinton's hair in cloning joke ‘Antibiotic apocalypse’: Drug-resistant gene spread across globe within 2 years    Sponsored Links  More From the Web This Place Is Forbidden And Most Protected Place On Earth HistoryInOrbit.com Ivana Trump follows up her controversial remarks about Melania Yahoo7 The secret to save significantly on your mortgage Hashching.com.au More From RT.com 'Corpse Bride': Internet slams woman who had '50 surgeries' to look like Angelina Jolie… or did s… Always prepared? US army convoy sticks in mud in Poland, asks locals for help (VIDEOS) Media goes berserk over ‘frontline prostitutes’ considered by Aussie army captain to combat … by Taboola Popular In the Community Sponsored Sponsored Muslims may lose Mecca if they fail to hold on to Jerusalem – Erdogan whatislove 6h Any city that's in Saudi Arabia is already lost to Israel. ‘Known limitations’ hold Trump back from doing what he’d like to – Putin Allan Quatermain 2d Putin has stated the situation very well. he hasn't named the deep state but his inference is clear. Saudi women get green light to drive trucks, motorbikes Transform_Earth 4h But they must wear a thick black tent on their head. Canadian billionaire couple die in suspicious way, bodies found ‘hanging side by side next to pool' GoldController 3h went against some jewish agenda probably As Yemen burns, Time readers vote Saudi Crown Prince person of the year GreenWrench 5 Dec The American people are the dumbest and most ignorant of all modern civilized countries . Critical thinking skills are nil . Far-right Freedom Party enters Austrian govt as anti-migrant sentiment creeps across Europe FMsM 19h Austrians are tired of migrants having sexual emergency in swimming pool and molest children. ‘Face facts’: Netanyahu lambastes pan-Muslim declaration on East Jerusalem BlueSnow 2d The fact is Israel is a criminal parasitic state. NATO's broken promises: Time to admit West bears serious responsibility for tension in E. Europe OliveCherries 1d That's why nobody must believe a word that comes out of Banksters United buttholes. All lies. Crypto-crackdown: EU agrees on new rules to curb bitcoin anonymity PurpleFlower 13h Taxation is a failed conceptAll our taxes go to the ruling class instead of maintaining infrastructure $21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor BlueCarrot 8h Well somone is going to get killed Holocaust must be central to migrant integration courses – German justice minister BlueBucket 1d Which version of Holocaust, 1.4, 2.4 or 3.6? what about start telling the truth and rewriting the history books? Santa's burqa? Austrian police make St Nicholas remove full-face beard OliveAnchor 1h What if the beard was real? Trump’s Jerusalem Capital Move w/ America’s Rabbi & Palestine’s Ambassador to UK (E558) CyanBox 5m the entire narative of the rabbi was to “ decieve “ deveate from truth or fact, imply , other then truth,, history of actions determined the facts,, the rabbis intent was to hide the truth, but facts of history and aggressions are the “ true facts “ the pal person was far more credable,,, best wishes to him, he represented truth and facts,, as history has verified ‘EU is killing Europe’: Far-right leaders call for end to ‘disastrous’ union OliveDog 48m I like Le Pen. She is a charismatic leader. Macron is a lame Rothschild puppet. She speaks the truth when everyone else is too scared to talk about what is happening. 14yo blood cancer patient gang-raped by 3 men, including passerby who offered to help RedHammer 5d Knew it was in India just by reading the title... Where to watch Schedule Promoted Links  Recommended Neighbourhood features that boost your property value Lendi US F-22 was hampering Russian Su-25 jets from providing cover for aid convoy – MoD You Don't Have To Travel Far To Get Quality Family Time On Holidays Royal Caribbean International China echos call to make East Jerusalem capital of independent Palestine 80% of Men Can't Pass the Mustang vs. Corvette Quiz - Can You? HowStuffWorks.com Witch hunters target 6yo ‘sorceress’ 4 years after her mother was burned alive    by Taboola  Lawsuit accuses big pharma firms of funding terrorist organizations in Iraq Modern day slavery? 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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Non-implementation of PSC law costs Nigeria N7trn

— 14th December 2017 From Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved the amendment of Section 15 of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) law, which none implementation has cost the nation an estimated $21billion (about N7.602trillion) in revenue to International Oil Companies (IOCs). When the Act is amended, close to $2 billion (about N700 billion) extra revenue will be earned for the federation. The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, disclosed this to State House Correspondents at the end of the over five-hour Council meeting presided over by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Kachikwu explained that Nigeria has in the last 20 years lost a total of $21billion (about N7.602trillion) in revenue to International Oil Companies for its failure to implement the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) law. The Minister said council gave approval for his ministry to begin the process of reviewing section 15 of the Act which has cost the nation trillions of Naria. According to him, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources is to collaborate with the office of the Attorney General of the Federation in amending the section of the Act. The PSC is an agreement put in place in 1993 in response to the funding problem faced by the old Joint Venture (JV) arrangement as well as the desire of the Nigerian government to open up the sector for more foreign participation. It governs the understanding between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and all new participants in the new inland deep and ultra deep-water acreages. As provided in the Act, the contractor bears all cost of exploration and production without such cost being reimburseable if no find is made in the acreage. It also provides that cost is recoverable with crude oil in the event of commercial find, with provisions made for Tax Oil, cost Oil and Profit Oil after which the balance after deduction of Tax Oil and Cost oil which is to be shared between the NNPC and the contractor in an agreed proportion. Kachikwu explained that there was a provision in 1993 that once the price of crude exceeds $20 a barrel, “the government will take steps to ensure that that premium element is then distributed at an agreed premium level for the federal government. But over the last 20 years, nothing really was done. From 1993 to now, cumulatively, we have lost a total of $21 billion just because government did not act”. The minister added: “we did not exercise it. In 2013 there was a notice to oil companies that we were going to do this but we didn’t follow through in terms of going to council to get approval. “One of the things we’ve worked on very hard over the last 20 years is to get that amendment because once we do, the net effect for us is close to $2 billion extra revenue for the federation.”

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

B.C. to proceed with Site C hydroelectric dam

Open this photo in gallery: THE GLOBE AND MAIL JUSTINE HUNTER AND IAN BAILEY VICTORIA AND VANCOUVER PUBLISHED DECEMBER 11, 2017 UPDATED 9 HOURS AGO Construction of the most expensive public-infrastructure project in British Columbia's history, the Site C dam, will continue, dashing the hopes of environmentalists and some Indigenous communities that the new minority NDP government would stop construction. "This is not a project we would have started," Premier John Horgan told reporters on Monday, ending months of speculation and review by announcing his intent to finish the partly built project. "We do it with a heavy heart." Despite the government's intent, the project still faces legal hurdles, with two First Nations announcing plans to proceed with court action. Before the provincial election last May, the governing Liberals pushed to get construction, in their words, "past the point of no return," but in their impatience to get shovels in the ground, they exempted the project from an independent regulatory review. It was only after the New Democrats gained power in July that the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) was allowed to review the project, but its findings were inconclusive. With the cabinet and caucus deeply divided, it came down to a financial argument: With $2-billion worth of work already completed, the dam was too far along to stop. PLAY VIDEO 1:29 John Horgan says completing Site C dam is ‘best solution’ for B.C. (THE CANADIAN PRESS) Mr. Horgan acknowledged his party, caucus and cabinet are torn apart over the project because of its negative impact on the environment, on agricultural land and on First Nations. His friends and his family are among those British Columbians who are "very, very disappointed," he added. But he said to cancel the project would have made it difficult to finance new capital expenditures for needed services including schools, roads and hospitals. The government also concluded that hydro rates would have climbed faster if the project was written off. At a background briefing earlier in the day, government officials said that the project's budget has increased again, to $10.7-billion, but the project will be subject to additional oversight to try to ensure there will be no further delays or cost overruns. However, already two First Nations have served notice that they are heading to court over the project, saying it infringes on their treaty rights. If successful, those lawsuits could drive the costs even higher. Mr. Horgan, who had been pressured by the NDP's trade union allies to continue the project, said the rest of it will be built with new hiring requirements designed to increase the number of apprentices and First Nations workers. And, in response to the loss of agricultural land, he pledged that some of the revenues generated by the dam, once it is in service, will be used to support farming. With 1,100 megawatts of capacity, the Site C dam will provide enough energy to power the equivalent of about 450,000 homes a year. But it will flood 55 square kilometres of river valley and an environmental review concluded it will have negative effects on wildlife, agricultural land and First Nations' communities. Ken Boon, a landowner whose family homestead, now expropriated, is to be flooded by the project, said Mr. Horgan's announcement was "quite shocking." Mr. Boon said he still holds out hope that a First Nations legal challenge can block the completion. "I don't think the fight against Site C is over," he said. "I am sure the Liberal Party must be giddy with the fact that John Horgan is going to bring the project past the point of no return and complete it for them. Who would have thought that?" Site C will be the third dam on the Peace River and has been on the drawing board for 40 years. Three years ago this month, then-premier Christy Clark stood in the B.C. Legislature's grand library rotunda to announce her government had approved the construction of the Site C dam. The BCUC review, delivered in November, offered no easy out for Mr. Horgan's government. The commission estimated that the dam was over budget and that BC Hydro had overestimated the need for new energy but, in balance, the alternatives did not come out clearly ahead. With the decision to proceed, Mr. Horgan said he remains committed to reconciliation with First Nations, though he will find that effort much more difficult now. National Chief Perry Bellegarde of the Assembly of First Nations said the decision to continue with the dam is "completely contrary" to reconciliation. Within hours of the announcement, the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations announced they are heading to court to argue the project infringes on their members' rights to hunt, trap and fish, and that the flooding of the valley will swallow ancestral graves. Mr. Horgan however said B.C. will use the power generated by Site C to help the province – and the rest of the country – move away from fossil fuels by increasing reliance on clean electricity. The BC Green Party, which is holding up the minority government in the Legislature, condemned the decision. "We don't accept, and find troublesome, the justification that has been made for Site C," party Leader Andrew Weaver said. However, his party promised not to walk away from its agreement to prop up the NDP over this project. BC Hydro's president and CEO Chris O'Riley would not return calls but issued a statement applauding the government's decision.