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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ruling of Imam Zamaan (atfs)

In Sheikh Mohammad Mahdi Zayn al-Abedeen Najafi's book (Bayaan ul-A'immah), it states in volume 2, pages 461-462: According to many scholars, my ancestor, Sheikh Zayn al-Abedeen Najafi had many divine powers from Allah (swt) bestowed upon him due to his spirituality. This event is in regard to one of them, and it occurred during the lifetime of Sheikh Zayn al-Abedeen Najafi. The locals of Iran, Azerbaijan, and Gafgaaz had written to the Grand Maraje' in Najaf whom they follow, asking their verdict about the permissibility of using drums, striking one's head with a blade, role plays, and so on. It was agreed that one messenger would deliver the letters to each of their selected maraje' and would collect the sealed replies to bring back to Tehran. Once he had returned, these sealed replies would be read out publicly in a mosque called Shah Mosque, so that the followers of each marja' would learn their rulings. On his return, the messenger called everyone to the mosque, and began to read the replies. Some maraje' stated there is no necessity for these acts, whereas others stated they are permissible. In particular, they replied that striking one's head with a blade is permissible if no harm is caused. Then the letter of Sheikh Zayn al-Abedeen was read out, it stated: In the name of the Exalted. I was undecided on whether I should prohibit or permit these acts; therefore, I left for Masjid Sahla and I approached my esteemed Imam, Hujjat ibn al-Hassan (atfs). Addressing Him with this issue, He gave me in reply, a ruling that stated the permissibility of these acts, and therefore, in obedience to my esteemed Imam, I state likewise. Once this letter was read out, people said it was sufficient, and no other proofs were necessary.

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