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Sunday, April 17, 2016

What we larned from Crystal Brook accident!: 4 Dead Several Injured in 2-Vehicle Crash on Augusta Highway

UPDATE 5.35pm: Police and emergency services are currently at the scene of a fatality south of Crystal Brook in the State’s mid north where four people have died. Just before 12.30pm on Sunday 17 April, a Subaru station wagon and a truck crashed head-on on the Augusta Highway about 2km south of Crystal Brook. Sadly, all four occupants in the Subaru, a 70-year-old man, a 59-year-old woman and two girls aged 5 and 10, who are all from the same family, died at the scene. The driver of the truck, has been taken to Port Pirie Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Two female passengers have also been taken to Port Pirie Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A fourth passenger from the truck has been taken to Crystal Brook Hospital in a critical condition and he has been airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Major Crash Investigators remain at the scene and the Augusta Highway will be closed for some time between Venning Road and Clements Road and diversions are in place. The deaths take the State’s road toll to 27 as compared to 24 for the same time last year. ================ Augusta Hwy closed south of Crystal Brook 5 minutes ago Meagan Dillon and Jade GailbergerThe Advertiser Subscriber Exclusive Icon Scene of an accident on Augusta Hwy near Crystal Brook, in which four people have died. Picture: Tom Huntley TWO young children and their grandparents, all from Adelaide, have died in a horrific head-on crash between a station wagon and a truck on the Augusta Hwy on Sunday. Police and emergency services were called to the crash 2km south of Crystal Brook about 12.30pm, where two girls, aged five and 10, from Daw Park, and their grandparents, a 70-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman from Colonel Light Gardens, died at the scene. The driver of the truck, a 52-year-old man from Wingfield, was trapped and suffered head and leg injuries. He was flown to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment. Three passengers, — two 42-year-old women, one from Wingfield and another from Largs North, and a 50-year-old man from Ingle Farm — were taken to Port Pirie Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Scene of an accident on Augusta Hwy near Crystal Brook, in which four people have died. Picture: Tom Huntley Superintendent Alby Quin, acting officer in charge of the Yorke-Mid North LSA, urged drivers to be careful as families head away for holidays and the Anzac Day long weekend. Other Stories Grant Hackett’s life in the farce lane Grant Hackett’s life in the farce lane Victims call for Health Minister to resign post Victims call for Health Minister to resign post Steel, ships bargaining chips as July election looms Steel, ships bargaining chips as July election looms Bid to end our traffic snarl-ups Bid to end our traffic snarl-ups Crucial learner driver training faces scrap heap Crucial learner driver training faces scrap heap 60 Mins: ‘It’s a nerve-racking time’ “There’s been a family that has been impacted today which will take a long time for them to get over,” he said. “We urge everyone to think about the impact and be considerate on the roads. Think about fatigue, speed and drink driving. Truck driver Neville Mugridge was one of the first people to come across the crash and described it as a sad scene. He said a woman was on her phone, clearly distraught, and asked him to use his truck’s radio to let other drivers know the road was closed. “A man asked me to go up and have a look at the truck to see if there was any dangerous goods on it,” he said. “I went up there to look — it didn’t have any dangerous goods. “I looked inside (the car) to see what was going on. The car was more or less underneath the truck. I saw the young girl in there, I couldn’t watch it. “It’s one of those things — it’s so sad to see, especially at the start of school holidays. I’ve got grand kids that are the same age.” Major Crash Investigators are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash, the Augusta Highway was closed for some time before being reopened at 11pm last night. The deaths take the State’s road toll to 27 as compared to 24 for the same time last year. In the 12 months to the end of March 102 people died on SA roads. ===============
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Four people - two grandparents and two children - have died in head-on crash near Crystal Brook @theTiser pic.twitter.com/OD6TG4YabK

— Meagan Dillon (@MeaganDillon7) April 17, 2016
13.5.2 Speed Limit Reviews MOVED Cr Paparella SECONDED Cr Wilson OM117/11 1. That Council NOT support the suggestion made by the Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure to introduce a 50kph speed limit zone to replace the existing 60kph speed limit zones on both the northern and southern access roads to Crystal Brook, being the Goyder Highway and Gadd Avenue respectively. ^ Road Asset Management Section, DPTI (October 2013). "DPTI Maintained Road, South Australia" (PDF). Government of South Australia. Archived (PDF) from the original on 17 July 2014. Retrieved 17 July 2014. RAC pushes optional 30km/h speed zones Kent Acott - The West Australian on April 18, 2016, 1:00 am RAC pushes optional 30km/h speed zones  RAC pushes optional 30km/h speed zones  Share  Tweet  Email       The RAC has called for a trial of “self-enforcing” 30km/h speed zones on suburban streets in a bid to create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists. Its its budget submission presented to the State Government, the RAC said a “renewed and improved” commitment to reducing deaths and serious injuries on WA roads needed to be a priority for 2016-17. In 2014, WA recorded more than one road fatality every two days, including 17 pedestrians. “As a State, we need to ensure we do everything we can to bring WA's road fatality rate down,” the submission said. “The introduction of self-enforcing 30km/h zones has ... proven effective, both nationally and internationally, in helping to create safer and more pedestrian-friendly environments.” Self-enforcing speed zones are common in European cities. Streets are designed so drivers naturally slow down because they expect to see pedestrians and cyclists. This could be done with narrower car lanes, wider bicycle and foot paths and more street trees. The RAC submission said the 2016-2017 Budget was an opportunity for the State Government to commit to essential programs and projects that help keep road users safe. “It is evident that to meet the challenges ahead, and to offset the escalating economic and social costs brought on by road trauma and congestion, we must step up — rather than scale back — our investment in infrastructure and initiatives,” it said. “It is clear there is no single solution to fix congestion and a suite of measures will be needed — sustained and widespread investment in public transport, better cycling infrastructure, targeted investment in the operation of our road network and the evolution of a more compact, consolidated and connected city. “Good cities need effective public transport. “By 2031, Perth’s public transport system will be required to carry more than twice as many people as it did in 2011. “However, there is a significant gap between the community’s growing appetite for public transport and the capacity of the existing funding approaches to deliver this infrastructure.” The submission said that shared-use mobility options, such as car sharing and legal ride sharing, could supplement existing transport networks and provide improved travel choices and reduce the number of vehicles on our roads. It said the State Government should investigate changes to the Perth Parking Policy that would allow the levy to be waived for the provision of dedicated car-sharing bays. ================== Having the one way dual overtaking lanes can confuse people, when one direction has two lanes one for overtaking, which then blends back to one lane each way, I've had to flash vehicles coming at me on the wrong side presumably still thinking they were on the overtaking lane. - Why does the dual carriageway finish at Port Wakefield. We have so many people unemployed so labour is not a problem, steel guard rails that would help Whyalla, while we put up with single lane country roads we will still have head on accidents. because this government is in so much debt they can't afford to fix/improve roads. And even if they had the money they won't spend it on rural roads because that's not where most of the votes come from. -- I dont blame roads... i blame drivers and their cars or trucks. People speed... are inattentive and impatient. I've had a fuel tanker lose it back wheels on the verge in gravel and swing it back onto thr road heading straight for me over the line.... thats inattentive driving from the truckie... got to be so aware and careful =========== Family killed in 'horrific' crash between station wagon and truck on SA's Highway One By Daniel Keane, staff Updated yesterday at 10:35pm Debris litters Highway One after a serious crash Photo: The scene of a serious crash on Highway One near Crystal Brook in SA's mid north. (ABC News: Carmen Brown) Map: Crystal Brook 5523 Two young girls and two adults from the same family are dead following a crash between their station wagon and a truck in South Australia's mid-north. Key points: •Man airlifted to hospital with serious head and leg injuries •Another man and two women taken to hospital with no obvious injuries •Reports of another four people involved in the crash The girls were aged five and 10, while the man was aged 70 and the woman aged 69, police said. It is believed the adults were the children's grandparents, although police have not confirmed that. The crash happened about 12:30pm south of the town of Crystal Brook on Augusta Highway, part of National Highway One, near the intersection with Heaslip Road. A passenger in the truck was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with critical injuries. Three other people who were travelling in the truck were taken to Port Pirie Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The car had been towing a caravan and the crash left debris, including luggage and suitcases, strewn across the highway. Arriving truck driver describes 'horrific' scene Truck driver Neville Mugridge was one of the first to arrive at the scene and described what he witnessed as "horrific". "I came across the bridge and onto the straight and I could see there was carnage everywhere. I stopped the truck and jumped out," he said. "It was a pretty big mess. There was a truck on the side. A car was more or less caught underneath the front of it. A caravan was all over, spread all over the road." He said he jumped out to help and could see a woman who was "pretty frantic". "She wanted me to go up and have a look and see if they had dangerous goods on the trailer or on the truck," Mr Mugridge said. "That's what they were worried about — catching alight or chemical spills." Mr Mugridge said the truck was towing vehicles on its way back from drag racing in Whyalla. "There were four in the truck and I don't know how many were in the car. I could see a young girl in there. It didn't look good." Police said cars were being directed down side roads, with heavy vehicles being forced to divert to other major roads. Major crash investigators are at the scene and police have asked motorists to avoid the area. "This is another example of where people need to pay attention on the road," Chief Inspector Alby Quinn said. "We're on school holidays now. We are coming into a long weekend and I just ask people to pay attention." Topics: disasters-and-accidents, road, crystal-brook-5523, sa

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