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Saturday, April 16, 2016

5 things to remember when buying a vacant block

5 things to remember when buying a vacant block brand-title logo realestate.com.au Found the perfect patch of land, but not sure where to start or how to set it up? Check out these top tips for setting up your rural retreat. ... Full post... 5 things to remember when buying a vacant block Ashlin Moore for Jeepby Ashlin Moore for Jeep 15 APR 2016 BuildingBuyingFeaturedVideo SHARE Share on Facebook41 Tweet this post Pin this post0 Share this post Share this post0 Email this post Bought a vacant block of land? Here’s some ideas of what you can do with it. It’s the great Aussie dream – a vacant block of land away from the city that’s your own private retreat. With more and more Australians seeking a tree change, buying a vacant block in a regional or rural area is becoming increasingly popular. But what do you do once you’ve found the perfect patch of land, and how do go about creating your rural retreat? Here are five tips to help transform your patch of dirt. 1. Land use Before you sign on the dotted line, do your research about surrounding properties and the zoning that applies. Local planning scheme regulations should state the rules for land use on surrounding properties and which industries can legitimately operate ‘next door’. It’s important to understand what impact that may have on your property and whether it could potentially disrupt your plans for a quiet retreat. You should also be aware of your land management responsibilities – such as weed and pest control. Jeeo_Ruralland_550 2. Water What water sources are available at the property? Is the property connected to a township water supply? Does it have a bore or a dam? Do you need to collect rainwater for use on the property? Identifying a source of potable water is essential, as it could help determine whereabouts on the property you build your home, and will inform your budget as to what infrastructure you need to put in place to move water around the property. Identifying a source of potable water is essential. 3. Utilities Part of making the move away from the city is to disconnect a little, but when it comes to the basics, you’ll still need a source of power. Make sure you determine what the options are for your utilities – electricity, gas, internet and phone connections etc – and include connection costs in your budget. Also consider the possibility to stay ‘off-grid’ and explore options for solar power installation at your property. It may be a better option, especially if you intend to use the property more as a ‘weekender’ than a full-time base. 4. Housing type Building a property is a big, but exciting, undertaking so it’s important to ensure you’re well prepared. The first step is to ensure your budget can cover the cost of building the home you want. You should include a buffer for incidentals and take into account that it may be more expensive to source and/or deliver materials in certain areas. When planning your home it’s important to think about what you’ll be using it for – is it for a permanent move to the country or are you building a ‘weekender’? Ensure you build a home that works within the environment and suits your requirements. Remember that local council areas will have different rules and regulations for building property, depending on the location. Be sure to check with the local authorities to ensure your plans meet requirements. Jeep_land_550 5. Security It’s important to feel safe wherever you live, and if your new property is a little ‘off the beaten track’ then you should consider what type of security you need. This is especially important if you don’t intend to live there full time. Take some time to understand your surroundings and put in place a plan to keep the property secure for when you’re there and when you’re not. See how you could win your own slice of Australian land to build your dream home. Start exploring at Jeep Grand Land. Follow us on Twitter for more news, tips and inspiration. Become our mate on Facebook and explore our Pinterest boards. Like this article or found it helpful? Share it! Tags: buildingbuyingfeaturedvideo Ashlin Moore for Jeep About Ashlin Moore for Jeep Ashlin is the Senior Advertising Manager at Fiat Chrysler where she looks after iconic automotive brands Jeep, Fiat, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo. Ashlin has marketing and agency experience working across TV and digital media. On the weekends Ash likes to get away from her busy lifestyle to go camping and is a lover of all things outdoors. When she’s not working on the latest Jeep campaign, or travelling around the world you can find her at her local café’ drinking a large cappuccino. ProfileWebsiteGoogle+FacebookTwitter

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