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Monday, February 15, 2016

The “Gates of hell” will be open in the coming months in Syria

2 Replies CbKelJGWcAAroej There are three possible scenarios in Syria Participation of Arab troops in Syria is not excluded .. As in Berlin WWII, Syria might face Gharbistan and Sharqistan By Elijah J. Magnier (@ejmalrai) A high-ranking officer within the joint operations room in Damascus, which includes Russia, Iran and Syria and Hezbollah said, “ there are three possible scenarios in Syria: The first is the Arab ground troops would enter Syria from the Turkish borders, in the area under the so-called “Islamic State” group (ISIS) on the long bordering front from Jarablus to Al-Ra’ee. This can be possible and quickly achievable if a kind of an agreement is reached between Turkey and ISIS. After all, the Jihadist group has to face either the Turkish-Arab forces – that could allow a possible exit – or the Russian-Iranian-Hezbollah forces where there will be no exit”. “The second scenario is through the Jordanian borders East of Syria up to Raqqa. A longer road but would allow Saudi Arabia to bring its logistic and armoured support to push all the way to the ISIS-controlled land. In both scenarios, these troops, Arabs or Turkish-Arabs, would not clash or contact or even walk into the Russia-Damascus and allies military operational stage. The third scenario is that the Saudi are boosting the moral of the Jihadist by advertising a possible intervention so these don’t surrender easily and hold the ground for as long as possible”. The source said: “Any scenario is linked to the will of the United States to be engaged in a war in Syria. This is exactly what the Saudi officials said. The U.S. is sending the Awacs aircraft because any U.S direct intervention on the ground is totally excluded. This could be the U.S. contribution, along the diplomatic effort in Geneva. Never the less, we build our military reaction based on the strong possibility that the Arab ground troops are most likely to invade Syria. These forces, under the title of defeating ISIS, won’t reach Raqqa overnight. Logistic support and troops movement from Jordan into Syria require between 3 to 4 months to be completed. These forces, in this case, are expected to advance from Jordan, into al-Badiyah and continue up north toward Raqqa, the northern Syrian city, as a possible scenario. Any potential contact with the Syrian forces could lead to a larger war”. “We do not exclude the fact that Saudi Special Forces could act behind ISIS lines to guide airtrikes or carry small scale attacks. None the less, these forces cannot contribute to defeat ISIS but in directing specific targets. Any attack that could weaken ISIS is considered to our advantage. The U.S. led coalition can bomb ISIS any time but no ground troops would be welcome. Moreover, no jet is allowed to enter the Syrian space without prior coordination with Russia, otherwise it will be considered as a potential target. This is also another fact to consider. Therefore, no one is willing to see a large scale war, mainly President Obama who has avoided to be entangled in the Syrian war for the last two years”. Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev said, “all parties should sit down at the negotiating table instead of causing an outbreak of a new world war”, rumbling the drum of war in Syria. The Russian warning came after the confirmation of a spokesman for the Saudi Defense minister Ahmad Asiri “the Saudi Kingdom has announced the establishment of the new Islamist alliance to fight terrorism and is ready to carry out air and ground operations within the international coalition led by the United States in Syria.” “The aim of the Arab forces is to divide Syria is two parts: “Gharbistan” (western) and “Sharqistan”(Eastern) similar to what happened in Berlin after World War II. In the first part, the Syrian army will continue fighting al-Qaeda and its allies with the support of Russia. While in the second part, the Arabs would establish their forces to impose a political change and could destabilise the regime. In the meantime, the regime forces are at 60km from Raqqa, while, Turkey is at 180 km from ISIS main city. Therefore, if the idea to defeat ISIS is genuine, the U.S led coalition doesn’t need to intervene and walk all this distance from Turkey or Jordan to Raqqa. However, The race to Raqqa is declared, with the possibility or without the possibility of an Arab-Turkish intervention”. According to the source “the gates of hell will be open in the next 3 months in Syria against al-Qaeda and its allies and also against ISIS. As agreed in Geneva between Russia and the United States, any cease-fire shall not include Jihadists and their allies. If Syrian opposition groups do not disengage from al-Qaeda, they will be considered legitimate targets because they become united as one group and will be dealt with accordingly”. Al-Qaeda in Syria, known as Jabhat al-Nusra, is part of Jaish al-fateh, a coalition of many Syrian groups operating in northern Syria. Al-Qaeda and Jihadist movements are sending reinforcement to northern Aleppo in the last 48 hours, but used to maintain a strong presence around Nubbl and Zahraa, the two cities that Russia and its allies brock the siege imposed for over three and a half years. Al-Qaeda fighters pulled back toward the north of Aleppo fighting in Tal-Rifaat and others toward the south of Zahraa where they are fighting in Andan and Hay’yan. According to the source, human and signal intelligence confirmed that “Saudi Arabia has asked Syrian opposition associated and not-associated with al-Qaeda not to waive any proposition in the Geneva negotiations and not to hand over any city in Syria without fighting. Time is crucial and Saudi Arabia will continue its military support to the opposition, waiting for a new U.S. to be elected. The battle is expected to be more intense where everybody is holding the ground which indicates that the war is still far form being over” Original article published here: http://www.alraimedia.com/ar/article/special-reports/2016/02/14/657188/nr/syria ======================== 12:00pm February 16, 2016 Real estate agency says photos obscuring water tank have not been digitally altered 9NEWS By 9NEWS Spot the difference. A real estate agency has been accused of editing a photo with photoshop (left) so a large water tour was not visible in promotional images of a house for sale. (Supplied) Spot the difference. A real estate agency has been accused of editing a photo with photoshop (left) so a large water tour was not visible in promotional images of a house for sale. (Supplied) FTBA A real estate agency accused of editing out a large water tower from a photo of a property for sale in Sydney’s south has denied they digitally manipulated the image. During an open inspection at the property in Sydney’s south on the weekend, an interested couple was shocked to discover the tower’s proximity to 31A Penshurst Avenue in Penshurst. The photos of the property they had viewed before the inspection had not revealed the tower. “We’ve been looking for a place for almost a year now, and have encountered all manner of tactics that real estate agents and auctioneers use in order to manipulate people into spending exorbitant amounts of money on properties,” prospective buyer Molly Smith told the Australian Women’s Weekly. The house in Penshurst is sat in front of a large water tank. (Supplied) The house in Penshurst is sat in front of a large water tank. (Supplied) Mrs Smith said she and her husband were shocked at the “deceptive tactics”, after glossy online photos of the property appeared to be manipulated to “delete” the nearby Penshurst water tower, the highest point in the area. “They might not have taken the photos but it’s pretty easy to see that it absolutely does not reflect the state of the property,” Mrs Smith said. Ray White spokeswoman Lisa Pennell said the photos in question had not been digitally altered but shot at a low angle. She also said they were taken by a former agency, and were used at the homeowner’s request. “They have clearly not been photo-shopped, just taken at a different angle,” she told 9news.com.au. The picture from the real estate website (which has now been removed) is clearly missing the water tank. (Supplied) The picture from the real estate website (which has now been removed) is clearly missing the water tank. (Supplied) A letter from the current homeowner to the real estate agency, obtained by 9NEWS, also denied the accusation. “It would appear from our own investigations that the photos have not been photo-shopped and are instead taken from an angle from which the house obscures the water tank completely”. An advertisement for the home when it was previously for sale also does not feature any photographs that show the water tower. The three-bedroom home, currently marketed as “the most affordable home in the St George area – must be sold” on the Domain website, will go to auction if it is not sold. © ninemsn 2016 Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/02/16/08/56/real-estate-agency-slammed-after-photos-of-property-leave-out-huge-water-tower#4G8RR0DjcR2PXuCQ.99

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