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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Questions on our identity still need answers: Intizar Hussain: "Wo Jo Kho Gaye"

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(Earth is rising over the Moon's Surface), Source: https://www.facebook.com/RealEstateSA5000/photos/a.899877783394135.1073741829.899009183480995/920077631374150/?l=734b9eef72 Intizar Hussain was born on December 7, 1923 in Dibai, Bulandshahr, India, and migrated to Pakistan in 1947. He gained a master's degree in Urdu. He wanted to do Master's in English literature also but could not do so.[4] He writes short stories and novels in Urdu, and also columns for newspapers in English. Some of his Urdu columns are archived at Urdu-Columns.com. He has received many awards in Pakistan, India and the Middle East, and has also been nominated for the Man Booker International Prize in 2013.[5] The Seventh Door and Leaves are among his books translated into English. He has translated works from English to Urdu. His writings include "Basti", "Hindustan Se Aakhri Khat", "Agay Samander hai", "Shehr-e-Afsos", "Jataka Tales", "Janam Kahanian" and "Wo Jo Kho Gaye". He received the Lifetime Achievement award at the Lahore Literary Festival in 2012. Intizar Hussain has been included in finalists of Man Booker International prize 2013.On 20 September 2014 Hussain was awarded French civil award Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.[6] On February 2, 2016 he died at a private hospital at Lahore.[7] Intizar Hussain is renowned Pakistan Urdu fiction writer. He is recognised as a living legend in Pakistan. Intizar Hussain was born in India before partition Uttar Pradesh, on 21st December 1925. He emigrated to Pakistan in 1947 and lives in Lahore. Intizar Hussain has been included in finalists of man Booker international prize 2013. on 20 September 2014 Hussain was awarded French Civil award Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Here are some excerpts of his interview with Zamarrud Mughal at Rekhta Studio. website: http://rekhta.org facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rekhtaforum twitter: https://twitter.com/Rekhta youtube: https://www.youtube.com/rekhtashayari KARACHI: Was Pakistan unavoidable or a tragedy? Intizar Hussain says people cannot make these decisions. The course of history makes such decisions and that is what happened to the people of the Subcontinent when the Partition took place. The Urdu fiction writer was speaking on the first day of the fifth Karachi Literature Festival being held at the Beach Luxury Hotel on Friday. Hussain was addressing the audience at the launch of the silver jubilee edition of his book ‘Basti aur Uskay Baad’. After he read some parts of the book, he added that the country was created under idealism. “History works like a municipality bulldozer that is on an anti-encroachment drive,” he drew an interesting parallel. “It does not differentiate between the legal kiosks erected with permission and those which are illegal ones. They destroy and carry away all of them.” The Muslims of South Asia thought that they are a nation that has a common culture, Hussain pointed out, adding that several basic questions about the history and culture of the Muslims in the Subcontinent started surfacing and were discussed in detail soon after the country was established. These answers are, however, unanswered even to this day. Given this uncertainty about the country’s culture, Hussain referred to an analogy people use. “Now we say if we have any culture, that is Kalabagh Dam.” Hussain recalled that his novel was written in the backdrop of events that were unfolding in the form of political turmoil in former East Pakistan during the early 1970s. He had felt at the time that the 1947-like situation was taking place again. The moderator, Asif Farrukhi, quipped the novel relates to the present-day Pakistan as well. The writer admitted he did not know he was writing a novel when he started. He was just trying to imagine what was happening at Qayyum’s shop, which was a hub in his hometown’s life when the turmoil started. Eventually, Hussain felt that he could write a story and it turned out to be a novel. 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