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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ayatollah Khomeini invited Yasser Arafat to Tehran and handed him the keys of the Israeli embassy

Ayatollah Khomeini invited Yasser Arafat to Tehran and handed him the keys of the Israeli embassy to raise the Palestinian flag on its mast. Unlike Sunni Gulf Arabs, the Shiite Iranian government renders significant financial, military and political support to Sunni Palestinians. Ayatollah Al-Sistani has issued a final call to Iraqi politicians to pay attention to people's needs and to stop plundering Iraqi wealth. To US Gulf Arab Allies: Shiites of Iraq influence Iran and not vice versa. Most Iranian elites speak Arabic but few Iraqis speak persian. For the US Zombies and their Gulf Allies: 80% of Iraqi Arabs are Shiites. The majority of Non-Arabs e.g Kurds and Turkmen are Sunnis. Palestinians must feel guilty for attacking Iran and Hizbollah who are supporting their efforts to end the brutal Israeli occupation. The Sunni Gulf Arabs had a good relationship to Iran during the Shah when there was a large Israeli embassy with a huge MOSSAD presence. Unlike the Pro-Israeli Shah, the current Iranian government is vehemently anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian rights. The Sunni Gulf Arabs led by Saudi Wahhabis are flirting with the Israelis and forming security alliance with Israel against Shiites Iran. While ISIS is on the verge of defeat in Syria following Putin actions, the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to intervene militarily. No-US forces were deployed when ISIS was winning and threatening Baghdad. The US ground forces at this moment are there to divide Iraq. Erdogan plays a dirty role in Syria and Iraq. He is supported by Israel, NATO, US and Israel. Chicken will usually come home to roost. American-Financed Israeli Nazi Practices: Ten Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Israel shar.es/1hcC9U via @grtvnews According to Naom Chomsky, NATO is an American rapid intervention force: 'US exploiting NATO for global warfare' presstv.com//Detail/2016/0… A Very Appropriate Label: Israeli justice minister turns to police after professor calls her ‘neo-Nazi scum’ on FB rt.com/news/327407-is… View summary · Reply Retweet Like Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash 15h Jews=NAZIs have/had difficulty living France: Au revoir and shalom: Jews leave France in record numbers @CNNI cnn.it/1PovqfS View summary · Reply Retweet Like Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash 16h Nazi SS/IDF Rules of Engagement Were Observed: Israeli troops kill Palestinian girl presstv.com//Detail/2016/0… "A one-eyed man is king in the country of the blind Zombies":Trump opens up huge national lead presstv.com//Detail/2016/0… "The five remaining kings: one in Britain and four in a deck of cards" Is it time for the UK to become a republic? independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-n… The Highly-manipulated British Judicial System is unable to tell the world who killed Roberto Calvi found hanged in London on 18.06.1982.

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