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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

One Tree Hill and Kersbrook Intersection work begins

Intersection work begins General 6 hours ago dec02_5719 WORK has begun to fix a well-known black-spot intersection between One Tree Hill and Kersbrook. The $3.8 million safety upgrade, which includes a roundabout, new lighting and lowered speeds, is expected to reduce the number of crashes in the area. According to Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo, between 2010 and 2014 there have been 12 reported crashes at this intersection, including two fatalities. “Previous analysis identified that many of the crashes at this intersection were because vehicles were failing to give way,” Mr Piccolo said. “The aim is to minimise the risk of vehicles failing to stop at the intersection and, therefore, reducing the number of right-angle crashes and rear-end crashes. “Other improvements will include new road lighting, advance signage on all approaches to the roundabout and reducing the speed limit to 80 kilometres per hour.”

Zoomed Satellite image of OTH-Kersbrook Intersection, a blackspot which will be converted to a rounabout, thanks to Tony Piccolo.

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