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Monday, October 19, 2015

(Ayatollah Burujardi (ra) ) has been arrested?

Do you know why he (Ayatollah Burujardi (ra) ) has been arrested? Scholars who commit a crime must be arrested too. It doesn't mean just because they are a ''scholar'' they have the right to do everything they want. That's not how it works in Iran. Authentic shia books aren't banned, the biggest shia schools are in Qom. It's weird that people outside of Iran think we "ban" shia books. As I said, a scholar will be imprisoned if he doesn't respect the law. A scholar isn't masoom, even our leader Khamenei has his duty to obey the law. Maybe it's better for people outside of Iran, to visit Iran for a longer period of time. It seems like you're not informed well at all abroad. Because we have some idiots in our government who don't listen to our leader. These days our leader is very lonely. Negotiation with the US is forbidden but we saw Zarif shake the hand of Obama, disgusting. Maybe next elections we can vote for a decent president and Zarif can get another job outside of politics. No, the place where I have been born, grown up in, and still live in.. Is not the country foreigners think to know. But Iranians are used to that. Just never thought that shia's abroad thought like this about Iran. Saudi, there's a good reason why your #Yemen cronies frantically applying for asylum despite war not over & no clear winner yet. ------------- https://mobile.twitter.com/AdnanDarwash?p=i Because of Israel NAZI-style atrocities, the Jews are becoming the most hated people on earth. If Syria and Iraq ever to recover from the on-going USraeli onslaught they will be able to form a formidable front with Iran and Hizbollah Panicking Israelis after losing few people: ‘I hope for war. We don’t want peace’: Unrest in East Jerusalem independent.co.uk/news/world/mid… Grand Children of German Jews abused at Auschwitz are Abusing Palestinians, NAZI-style, complete with SS (IDF) and Gestapo (Shin Beit). Senator John McCain became a hero for being POW. Similarly, Jews profited not from fighting NAZI Germany but for being inmates at Auschwitz! Israelis, young and Old, must have realised by now that Arabs will never be led like sheep to Israeli Gas Chambers or concentration camps. Young Israelis must wonder why their Grand parents didn't stab German SS or Gestapo members with kitchen knives, on their way to Auschwitz! Like many brave Germans during WWII, Jews should vehemently oppose Israeli NAZI-style atrocities as they are a disgrace to Jews and Judaism. Claire Short said that too: Blair promised UK support to US in Iraq 1 year before invasion – report — RT UK rt.com/uk/319029-blai… Rewarding Israel for its breach of 39 UN resolutions and for its NUKES: US pledges more military support for Israel ptv.io/20Y6 It's becoming clearer by the day that the Israelis and their US Jewish lobby (AIPAC) are behind all current wars and violence in the world. The main aim of USraeli-led coalition in Syria isn't to topple Al-Assad but to weaken Hizbollah; the only remaining strong enemy of Israel. The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria will be a severe blow to Usraeli-Saudi and Qatari hopes of using ISIS to weaken Iran and Hzballah. Irony: The US is asking Toyota about its Vehicles used by ISIS but never investigate why so many US-made weapons and C-rations got to ISIS? Completely disregarding US advice: Iraqi forces tighten noose on Daesh in Baiji, Hawijah, Ramadi ptv.io/20Xf It seems that the US-led coalition will try its level best to prevent Syrian forces from defeating ISIS forces in and around Halab. Was exposing the Volks Wagen Diesel Engine Scandal part of US conspirator's effort to de-stablise Germany, the strongest member of the EU? US conspirators are succeeding in their efforts to de-stablise Europe. Strong Germany is under pressure politically and economically. Nothing good will come out of any Person or Group recruited by CIA, financed by Saudis , helped by Jordan & Turkey and armed by the USraelis In 1989, the US dumped people of former USSR countries on Europe. Now the US is dumping refugees from US-destroyed Libya, Iraq and Syria.

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