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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

RT 10 hrs · 'The US might arrive at some agreements with us, but we should never hold a positive view over the enemy

Sasan Abdipour America is oil pipeline friends ! Like · Reply · 10 hrs Sardor Usmanov As usual west underestimates East. Iran is not Iraq or Libya. Western people don't know how Rome empire had been collapsed by hand of Persian army. Do not mess with Iran, sense more than 15 centuries they've been cultivating and manufacturing their weapons and tactics. U.S government and CIA know it very well, so no need keep singing how is strong your nuclear weapons Unlike · Reply · 51 · 9 hrs Hide 33 Replies PaulJames Mccartney No the west does not, nothing to fear with your outdated tactics. When you fought Iraq you just threw numbers at them. Get fucked.. Like · 4 · 9 hrs Sardor Usmanov Keep watching TV PaulJames Mccartney Like · 10 · 9 hrs Agha Saad Ahmed Khan Exactly! these yanky bastards have become too accustomed to the cake walk in smaller countries, already divided into tribal factions. They would be fucked several different ways in Iran for sure, and would Russia ever tolerate a strong ally on its sout...See More Like · 6 · 9 hrs PaulJames Mccartney I'm not an American , and NATO is much stronger and has more money to fight a war against those countries. If not your country would be turned to glass.. Like · 1 · 9 hrs Adrian Paul Dude, we've been messing with you since before you were born and made lots of money too. Here's a little history: You have received a YouTube video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVsB07CcSNw Confessions of an economic hitman I'm uploading this in connection... YOUTUBE.COM Like · 1 · 9 hrs Marc Vansaw The Persians defeated the Roman Empire? What are you smoking? Like · 14 · 9 hrs Sardor Usmanov Marc Vansaw I am not smoking dude. I said what happened in history. If Iran weak country, why US or Gayrope can't fight with Iran? They attacked Afghan still can't implement their "democracy". They know how to bomb from the sky, but sheeting on their p...See More Like · 5 · 9 hrs Marc Vansaw The USA doesn't want to attack Iran but 1v1 the USA would smash Iran into the stone age and you know it. USA doesn't want Iran to get nuclear weapons because of anti-American anti-Israel rhetoric and the fact that Iran is a theocracy run by Islamic nut...See More Like · 4 · 8 hrs · Edited Asad Khan Iran is a sleeping dragon. Stop poking it! Like · 2 · 8 hrs Sardor Usmanov Marc, everybody think their own benefit, isn't? If Russia or China use Iran for their purpose so Iran uses them for own profit. But US became biggest threat in the whole world. I am not talking about civilians but government. For them war is a big mach...See More Like · 5 · 8 hrs Chris O'Sullivan People act like Iran is this innocent victim being bullied. You have to remember that Iran has made threats to wipe it's neighbors off the face of the Earth. That's not something a peaceful country would do. Like · 3 · 8 hrs · Edited Sepehr Kermanshah You can argue all day but you cant do shit to Iran. And we never fought Iraq, we fought saddam. And the only country we want to remove off the planet is israel lol Like · 4 · 8 hrs Jared Adam Christianity, inbred rulers and not keeping promises is what destroyed the Roman Empire.. Like the Greeks though they smashed all Arab Empires after they tried to impose their beliefs on them. Like · 2 · 8 hrs Mark Drexler Gorion Kho Let me tell you this, if US want to invade iran they had been crushed long time ago, but the US just can't wage war without a good reason, even they are a superpower, international pressure is still powerful above any country else. Like · 3 · 7 hrs · Edited Mike Akef Persian empire was not Islamic republic and they had never been supporting any terrorists in the history do not compare them, Islamic republic in Iran is dealing with the USA since 1979 and this regime is the best for the USA in the region as Jimmy Car...See More Like · 2 · 6 hrs Strom Talley There are too many countries that have nukes. There is no sleeping dragon, there is no super power, there is no threat. One fired nuke is death to the world. Either Iran is prepared to cease to exist, or it isn't.... Like · 1 · 6 hrs Joey 'Kaiser' Elie Dib The Persians could barely get through 300 Spartans. Like · 1 · 4 hrs Artin Rad Joey kaiser It looks u watch to many shit movei lol 300 gay man how could stop Persian army Like · 5 · 3 hrs Cindy Hellevoet Agha Saad Ahmed Khan Keep dreaming you fruitloop Like · 2 hrs Mark Drexler Gorion Kho Stop Persian army? When Alexander the Great razed down the Persia? Like · 2 · 2 hrs David Roger Kumsangliana Iran will never create a nuclear weapon, Israel will bomb them good before it is finish....just like they do to Iraq Like · 2 hrs Aabed Shahriari before alexander the great , persian fuck romans and greece already Like · 1 hr Sardor Usmanov David, whole the world knows that Israhell army are cowards knows to throw bombs, by the way US implements same tactics, but both of them hide they dump heads like ostrich under the ground to send their military and fight eye to eye. But nothing is forever, soon israhell gonna f..k them selves and US will be helping to do that Like · 2 · 1 hr Aabed Shahriari https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman%E2%80%93Persian_Wars Roman–Persian Wars - Wikipedia, the free... EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Like · 56 mins Aabed Shahriari you should study history you morons Like · 1 · 56 mins Richard Dick Balwane The West is soon falling, all the signs are showing. People who have researched widely should be able to see this! Like · 55 mins Mark Drexler Gorion Kho Oops no, they didnt able to go through the Europe because its the athens only got fucked by Persia cause it's near, remember Greece is not united that time. They were called Polis "City State" like Macedonia, Sparta and Athens, but when Philip the Mace...See More Like · 51 mins · Edited Aabed Shahriari marc , what an idiot you are , Iran was alone when iraq attacked Iran and all the west and east and tiny arabs country backed saddam , we fucked all of them Like · 54 mins Mark Drexler Gorion Kho You should be the one who needs to study history moron, Persia is not an Islamic country by that time, do you even know when Islam was born? Like · 49 mins · Edited Richard Dick Balwane if Persians adopted Islam, it didn't change who they were. Islam should have made them tougher. Like · 48 mins Aabed Shahriari so you say you know my history better than myself? Like · 47 mins Aabed Shahriari roman conquered Persia? what a joke Like · 45 mins Aabed Shahriari you most be so high my friend Like · 39 mins

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