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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Regional Youth Traineeship Program - Circular 30.10

Regional Youth Traineeship Program - Circular 30.10 To Chief Executive Officer Community Services Staff Corporate Services Staff Customer Service - Reception Staff Economic Development and Tourism Staff Emergency and Risk Management Staff Employee Relations - Human Resources Environment Staff Environmental Health Staff Finance and Accounting Staff Governance Officers Information - Engineering Staff Information -Technology Staff Librarian - Information Staff Marketing and Public Relations Staff Parks and Recreation Staff Planning - Building Staff Policy and Strategic Planning Staff Procurement Staff Recycling - Waste Management Sustainability Officers Date 23 July 2015 Contact Vicky Newton Email: victoria.newton@lga.sa.gov.au Response Required No Summary The LGA is pleased to partner with Regions SA in bringing forward the Regional Youth Traineeship program that was announced by the Minister for Regional Development, Hon Geoff Brock as part of the State Government’s $10M Jobs Accelerator Fund at the recent RDA Far North Roadshow held in Port Augusta. Round One Expressions of Interest will close Friday 28 August 2015. Further details can be found in this Circular. Minister for Regional Development, Hon Geoff Brock announced that the two year $2M program would assist young people (17-24) to enter the workforce through traineeships in Local Government. The program will provide a wage subsidy of up to $14,500 per Trainee annually, for up to two years and seeks to fill 57 positions across each SA Regional Council, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY), Gerard Community Council, Maralinga Tjarutja, Nipapanha (Nepabunna) Community Council, Outback Communities Authority and Yalata Community Council. The LGA will work to assist Councils and Trainees with all aspects of the Traineeship process for the two year program period. Given the very recent announcement of this program, the LGA has now entered into a strategic recruitment process and anticipates a mid-August program commencement date. It is recognised that some Councils may seek to commence a Traineeship position before mid-August, and while the LGA will be limited in its capacity to assist the process, Councils that wish to follow this process should make contact with Andrew Haste, LGA Director Member Services via phone 8224 2073 or email andrew.haste@lga.sa.gov.au to discuss your plans. The Local Government Association of SA is delivering the Regional Youth Traineeship Program through the State Government’s $10 million Jobs Accelerator Fund ===== Parking fines to fund Vic market renewal By Karen Sweeney July 30, 2015, 11:02 am  Share      MELBOURNE, July 30 AAP - Fees and fines added $5 million more than expected to Melbourne City Council coffers in the last financial year. The council raised about $80 million from parking, including half from fines, in 2014-15, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says. The council is "squirrelling away" the surplus funds to pay for the Queen Victoria Market renewal project, he says. Motorists have been more compliant, paying parking fees since electronic parking sensors were installed in bays across the city, helping boost income from fees. "We think ... parking revenue for us has about peaked and it will probably now start to decline," Mr Doyle told 3AW radio. Mr Doyle was accused of hiding the figures, which were revealed by councillor Stephen Mayne during a council meeting this week. But Mr Doyle said he was upset Mr Mayne had revealed unaudited figures from a confidential council briefing. "I do get cranky when people break confidentiality," he said. "I'm not trying to hide it but confidential means confidential and there's a reason for that." Mr Doyle said more than half the additional revenue, $2.6 million, was the result of delays in removing on-street parking along Victoria Parade to make way for a bus lane.

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