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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Orthodox Jews' Prayer "May the Nazarens (Christians) perish in an instant. May they be bolted out of the book of the living (Pg 69:29).

The US foreign policy is like a Cart driven by Four Horses (CIA, Pentagon, AIPAC and John Kerry) pulling in as many different directions! AIPAC targeting vulnerable Democrats over Iran agreement: Analyst ptv.io/1vMx . Americans continue to support Israeli terrorists: Israeli settlers torch Palestinian homes, burn baby to death ptv.io/1vNj A number of Iraqi Sunni politicians with contacts to Saudi Arabia and Turkey are trying in vain to frustrate Iraq efforts to defeat ISIS. In the absence of International Law (UN), Israel and Turkey have been attacking their neighbours and killing the people with impunity. Unlike Iran, Israel belongs to the club of Untouchables operating outside International law with US support. During the cold war the CIA encouraged Saudi preachers to attack Liberal, Secular, Leftist and Communist ideologies and to spread Wahhabism. Corruption Leads to Treason: In order to loot Iraq, US handed power to corrupt people (Allawi, Maliki, Hashimi, Chalabi, Barzani, Talibani). Qubban Talibani, who is married to a Jew and attend the annual meetings of AIPAC; stated that Iraq ceased to exist as a united country! Usraeli agent Kurdish Autocratic War lord, Massoud Al-Barzani, supports Turkish attack on his own people just because they are leftists! Besides the sacrifices, the Shiites leadership has been witnessing the corruption and the theft of Iraqi wealth by US-installed politicians. The Shiites majority of Iraq (60%) had been marginalised by 450 years of Turkish rule, persecuted by Saddam and killed by ISIS car bombs! The biggest profiteers from Iraq corruption are the untouchable US collaborators: Barzani, Talibani, Allawi, Chalabi, Mehdi, Mutlaq, Maliki. The US embassy has helped corrupt Iraqis and other criminals to escape justice by flying them away from the green Zone to the US Via Jordan. Remember Saigon: There will not be enough helicopters to fly CIA and MOSSAD agents from the roof top of US embassy in Baghdad to Erbil! Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish Mafias of the US-installed Green Zone Republic swallow most of Iraq Oil Revenues. The US embassy must be closed. Bye Bye Cowboy Savages: After the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square of Baghdad, millions of Iraqis will march on the Green Zone Republic! Besides Guantanamo, Obama should close the infamous US embassy in Baghdad before it is taken down brick by brick by angry Iraqis. It was just and timely for Al-Sistani to have intervened to stop ISIS and the corrupt politicians using foreign powers to dividing Iraq. The armed Popular Mobilisation Force is the only power that can unite Iraq, close foreign military bases and to stop corruption. USraelis, Turks, Saudis, Jordanians and Barzani Clan fear the Millions of Iraqi Youth rushing to join the armed Popular Mobilisation Force. Saudi and Jordanian warplanes drop weapons and supplies to ISIS West of Al-Anbar as part of the US plan to have a Sunni Arab Province! Following the defeat of ISIS, the armed Popular Mobilisation Force will be joined by all Iraqi Nationalists to give Iraq back to the people. Shiite-led Mobilisation Force in Iraq may become a real Moral Revolution. It is already feared by corrupt politicians who betrayed Iraq. Iraqi, Jordanian and Saudi Sunni Arabs have always collaborated with and served the UK and USraeli interests in the Middle East. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been implementing UK and US policies in the Middle East including an unlimited support for Israel. US police the Streets of Baghdad but not those of LA: Los Angeles gangs bet on who can kill 100 people in 100 days dailym.ai/1VMwBpW . C4-loaded truck exploded in Baghdad today was a reply to Ibadi's reforms by Bush-established dirty-work squads which Obama didn't dismantle. "Shiite-led Iraqi Mobilisation is the only force that is capable of defeating ISIS", Independent.co.uk, 23.07.2015. The Iraqis hope that the Mobilisation Force will be able to Reducing Corruption, Unifying the Country and to Closing down the US Embassy. Iraq has the largest US embassy on earth, with 1000 'Diplomats', it houses conspirators, dirty-work experts, death squads and MOSSAD agents. Iraq 'll never see peace and the people 'll never enjoy life until the US embassy is closed down and all Americans are expelled. With so many restrictions put on Iraq in order to use the US-supplied F-16, it makes it imperative for Iraq to look for another supplier. The US-supplied F-16s to Iraq which are piloted by Kurdish pilots will be under US and Barzani control and be used to defend kurdish areas! The Americans are worried that the Shiite-led Popular Mobilisation Force will succeed in defeating ISIS and their plans to dividing Iraq! Optimism: No nation on earth can correctly identify and expose its corrupt politicians like the Iraqis. Justice is expected very soon. Having a determined leadership with fighters on the Fronts, the Shiite-led Mobilisation Force will ignore US conspiracies and defeat ISIS. Head of Iraq corruption is in US embassy while the tail is in the Green Zone. AL-Sistani must go for the head while Ibadi handles the tail. Mission Impossible: US embassy in Baghdad will frustrate Al-Sistani-ordered reform program as it will involve US allies and collaborators. There may be a repeat of July 1958 revolution when frustrated Iraqis Killed King Faisal II, his British-installed ministers and aides. The Turks are not trusted in fighting ISIS. Their warplanes will destroy Syrian army positions, by 'Friendly Fire' while targeting ISIS's. Turkey Joins Israel and Saudi Arabia as the sponsor of violence, death and destruction in the Middle East. US-led NATO supports Turkey in attacking the anti-USraeli Kurdish PKK bases in North Iraq; using ISIS as a cover. Attack ISIS and PKK pays! The Kurds are between ISIS attacks and Turkish Bombs! Erdogan joins the US-led coalition hoping to toppling Al-Assad and destroying the PKK! Insulting the Intelligence of People: While arming Islamists before sending them to Syria, Erdogan accuses Assad of supporting terrorists! Inside Turkey, the 'attacks' on ISIS supporters means targeting the Kurdish Leftist organisations that, in-reality, are fighting ISIS. Iraqi Sovereignty Under US Occupation: Turkish War planes destroy targets inside Iraq with the blessing of the US and its Kurdish agents! Turks would have never dared to bombard North Iraq and to violate its sovereignty without a green light from Obama! Barzani business associates are selling stolen Iraqi oil to Israel on behalf of ISIS at a discount price! Turkey is helping ISIS by fighting its vehement enemy the PKK. Kurdish Barzani made a secret deal with ISIS to limit the activities of PKK. Following the latest Turkish onslaught in North Iraq, Barzani has no option but to mend fences with Baghdad and to send MOSSAD agents home. NATO shouldn't be fighting Erdogan's wars. Erdogan believed that, Like Saudi Arabia, supporting and exporting ISIS to Syria and Iraq will keep its terror attacks away from Turkey! How can Turkey claim self defence when in fact its was its airforce that attacked Iraq and Syria? Foreign Minister Zareef's refusal to visit Irbil confirms, that Iran may stop all dealings with the Pro-Israeli Kurds of Northern Iraq. By attacking Leftist Kurdish PKK, Erdogan with US blessing, is opening the old Turkish wounds that kept bleeding for decades! Erdogan is in deep trouble: 20% of the Turkish population is Kurdish while there are more Alawaiytes/Shiites in Turkey than in Syria! @N_Neandertalien @USAwatchdog33 Putting Air in Coalition Punctured Tyres. The US Bombs while NATO member, Turkey, sends supplies to ISIS!!! If the Israelis are reluctant to fight the Syrians, the Jordanians will do it on their behalf using recently donated Israeli Helicopters! It was reported that Bibi Netanyahu and Moshe Arens were the handlers of Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard while still working for the US Navy. Israel PM Shamir handed Jonathan Pollard Navy Communication Codes to the USSR which resulted in capturing or liquidating scores of US spies. All spies on US are disgraced except Israelis like Jonathan Pollard, who gave Navy Communication codes to Israel that ended up in the CCCP! @ShababLibya Despite all the shortcomings, Qaddafi made a unified and prosperous country with heavy investment on health and education. Arab Suicide attackers in Iraq: Palestine: 1201 Saudi Arabia: 300 Yemen: 250 Syria: 200 Egypt: 90 Tunisia: 44 Libya: 40 Source Min. Interior . What a Jihad! Islamist Suicide Attackers are queuing to get a chance to die killing other Muslims! Insulting the Intelligence of People: Netanyahu accuses the settlers of carrying out terrorist attacks while his IDF protects them! Orthodox Jews' Prayer "May the Nazarens (Christians) perish in an instant. May they be bolted out of the book of the living (Pg 69:29). Bearded Orthodox Jews and Islamists are very similar when dealing with homosexuals. One drops them from high buildings the other stabs them! ===================== After the defeat of ISIS, the Shiite-led Mobilisation Force will move to clear out the 'Green Zone' of USraeli agents and dirty-work squads. The imminent defeat of the Bearded Islamic Barbarians in Iraq and Syria will send shivers through the bones of USraeli collaborators in M.E. The Shiite-led Mobilisation Force is a real armed, MAO-Style, revolution against ISIS and the corruption of USraeli groomed agents in Iraq. A Perfect "Constructive Chaos": Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Yemenis and Turks are killing each other More expected to join the mayhem later! Using Iran as a pretext, the Saudis are coordinating policies with the Israelis in supporting Islamists in Syria and in the war on Yemen. During Caliph Al-Mamoun reign (AD 813-833) scientists were encouraged to come to Baghdad. Since 1963, Iraq has been losing them in thousands.Our present leaders encourage Arab Brains to leave for Europe! Pro-USraeli British Political Establishment stinks of Coke, Alcoholism, Pedophilia, Prostitution, Nepotism; Coverups and mis-use of funds! The Social Media are giving thousands of Americans a chance to exposing the Zionist control of the US Media, Wall Street and Politics. ================ Nahrain.com: After communicating in Arabic with ISIS in Haweeja, Helicopters landed and flew the 'Emir' and aides carrying cash! Saudi Arabia will be against Israel if Netanyahu converts from Judaism to a Shiite Muslim replacing the Yamulka with Omama (White Turban). Is Obama a Shiite Muslim from Kenya? That explains why he signed the Iranian Deal with 5+1 opposed by Sunni Saudi Arabia and Jewish Israel. Saudi Arabia and Israel fear normalization of US-Iran ties, not nuclear agreement: Activist ptv.io/1v4S "E' Tu Brutus": Israeli envoy calls on US Congress to reject Iran agreement ptv.io/1v3p The UK labour party is like a Leftist Hen that wanted to walk like a Conservative Pigeon. In the 'City', Humanitarian issues make no Money. The Saudi Kings and Princes aren't interested in the traditional forms of Arab/Muslim solidarity but in maintaining privileges and wealth. King Salman needs Bandar Bin Sultan: A Prince of Kickbacks, a friend of Bush, Kissinger and Israel, a mentor of ISIS and an enemy of Iran. The Americans XX: The US supports and protects the Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom despite sharing the same ideology with Al-Qaeda and with ISIS. In bombing impoverished Yemen and in siding with Israel against Iranian Nuclear Deal with the 5+1, the Saudis have gone dangerously too far. Insulting the Intelligence of People: The Saudi warplanes bomb civilian targets in Yemen and accuse the Houthis of killing civilians! Insulting the Intelligence of People: Israeli MOSSAD assassinate people across the world and Netanyahu accuses Hizbollah of terrorism! Netanyahu-led unit destroyed 10 civilian aircraft at Beirut Airport and US veto exonerated him! Netanyahu accuses Iran of supporting anti-Shiite and pro-Wahhabi ISIS! Saudis join the US-led anti-ISIS coalition while 60% of Saudis supports ISIS Wahhabi ideology! The Saudi King, guardian of the Holy Shrines, spend his holiday not in a Muslim country but in France! Israel qualifies as a Sunni State while it cooperates with Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Al-Nusrat Front against Shiites Hizballah and Iran. "Revolution, only Solution": Russell Brand triggers disgust after branding the Queen a 'Kraut Nazi' dailym.ai/1Jztcld via @MailOnline ==================== Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash 5h US General wants Iraq to be divided along ethnic lines! How about dividing the US into CHICANOSTAN, NEGROSTAN, KUKLUXISTAN and SHLOMOSTAN? View details · Reply Retweet Unfavorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash 14h For the lack of running horses the US is saddling a Geriatric Israeli Dog, Bernie Sanders, and a Fat Wheeler Dealer, Donald Trumps As AIPAC wanted the Republicans to win the next election, it asked Israeli citizen, Bernie Sanders to divert Jewish votes away from Clinton. US wants Iraq divided with ISIS-controlled areas be handed to Sunni Arab administration which will eventually be part of the 'Great Israel'. But As was expected, Al-Sistani Popular Mobilisation will go beyond ISIS to liberating Iraq from USraeli influence and corrupt collaborators. Making Iraq stands on its feet again will send shivers through the bones of the USraelis and their Saudi and Jordanian agents. Arabs Need Genuine National Leaders: Unfortunately, Nasser, Gheddafi, Assad and Saddam had served US-UK interests directly or indirectly. ======================= Kurdish warlord Barazni refusal to go triggers a crisis in North Iraq. Anti-corruption Reform Virus is creeping up from Baghdad to Erbil. Kurdish warlord Barazni's refusal to leave office triggers a crisis in North Iraq. The anti-corruption virus is creeping up from Baghdad. Iraq War Fiasco continues to cast shadows on UK and US politics. UK Labour Corbyn wants to apologise while US Jeb Bush talks like an idiot. Profits of the Oil Cartels and the US arm industries are down. US hopes that Israel attacks Iran and the South bombards the Korean North! Plan B: US Generals recommended to Israel to keep some F-35 at Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, with Saudi Markings if war ever to break up with Iran. Before delivering F-35 to Israel, the Americans must read Ehud Barak's latest revelations. According to Ehud Brak, Israel contemplated hitting Iran with a hydrogen bomb. No-one can count how many were killed as they will find none! Iran may regret signing the Nuclear deal with the 5+1. Saddam accepted to disarm, after which Iraq was 'illegally' invaded and destroyed. Nuclear Iran is a must to deter Israel from launching a thermonuclear attack to pulverise the nation. The Greater Israel MarkII: The new borders are not limited to the area from the Nile to the Euphrates, but to include US, UK and Australia! @TheMurdochTimes If Cameron had the guts he should chase the Israeli Nuclear Elephants and not the Iranian Uranium Enrichment Fleas. To all Muslims: Kindly use the word ISIS for ISRAELI ISLAMIC STATE and Not DAESH. ISIS' main objective is to serve USraeli interests. Like Bin Laden, Al-Baghdad, ISIS leader, may be protected and cared for by the intelligence services of an US-Friendly country. Although claiming to be a Christian Country with 80% go to Church every Sunday, the US is behind all current wars on conflicts in the world! US Legislators are on the payroll of the Weapon Industry, Oil Cartels, Jewish-led Wall Street and had stopped representing the people. After leaving office, most US politicians, are given jobs in 'friendly' industries, e.g. Rumsfeld, Schultz, Haig, Kissinger, Carlucci ..etc. IN USA, before a President Enters the Whitehouse, he Owes Too Much to Too Many Power Centres and has to Pay Back the Debts while in office! US Democracy: In order for a politician to win in the US is to look like a Hollywood Star and with at least one US$billion in his coffer. The Americans are conspiring to weaken the EU: After dumping former USSR countries now they are flooding the EU with refugees! AIPAC must accuse China of anti-Semitism since it caused to emptying the coffers of Jews at Wall Street and decreasing donations to Israel. =========== Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 14 British Conservative Party Leaders are used to seeing a Labour Party playing by the USraeli rules. But not with Jeremy Cobern as its leader! View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 14 Jeremy Corbyn Will be a Palestinian voice inside the British Parliament which has been historically dominated by Friends of Israel Club. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 14 Jeremy Corbyn is a real threat to agents of the Weapon Industries and the Financial Vultures in power. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 14 Jeremy Crobyn will try his best to put a Human face on the British Foreign Policy. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 14 Jeremy Crobyn: Bad news for Netanyahu; as he will highlight the need to dismantle the Israel Nuclear Arsenal as it is protected by the US. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 11 On the 14th anniversary of 9/11 one wishes Obama to permit the publication of the 28 pages deleted from the 9/11 commission's report. View details · Reply Retweet Unfavorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 11 Jeremy Corbyn can defeat Cameron, if he accepts increasing the UK spending not on Hospitals, Schools and Roads but on buying more US arms!! View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 11 Passing Iran Nuclear Deal in the US senate and the vote in the UN to raise the Palestinian flag are nasty defeats for Likudist Netanyahu. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 11 Caliph Al-Mamoun AD813-AD833, encouraged 'scientist' to come to Baghdad. Our present leaders encourage Arab Brains to leave for Europe! View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 9 The US plan to rally Al-Qaeda and Its Allies to declare an Afghanistan-style Jihad to killing Al-Assad similar to the hanging Dr Najeebullah View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 7 The Saudi-led coalition fell deep in a Yemeni pit and continues digging. Invaders of Afghanistan and Yemen have paid a heavy price. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 7 ISIS fighters know anti-ISIS coalition Warplanes aren't serious in their attacks and continue their open air parades and execution parties. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 7 The killing in Syria is being carried out not only by the Syrian regime forces as Western Media insinuate but also by the bearded Islamists. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 7 Qataris, Saudis, UK, US, Jordan and Turkey helped to Recruit, Train and Arm Islamists before sending them to destroy and kill in Syria. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 7 Gulf Arab States (Pigs of the Gulf) are ready to spend US$ billions on destroying the homes of Other Arabs but not to assist Arab refugees!! View details · Reply Unretweet Unfavorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 7 A Christian 'Kafir,, like German Angela Merkel, goes out of her way to help Arab refugees but not the Wahabi Muslims of Saudi Arabia! View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 4 The Syrian Refugees 'll be readily accepted in the UK if they claim to be Jews. David Cameron will be the first to offer them citizenship. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 4 Eisenhower ordered the Israelis out of Sinai in 1956. Obama can order the Israelis to implement 39 UNSC resolutions they are in breach off. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 4 The most Significant Obama Legacy is having the guts to dismantle Israel massive arsenal of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Adnan Darwash Adnan Darwash @AdnanDarwash Sep 2 The most effective way for Obama to punish US legislators opposing Iranian Deal is to insist on Israel to dismantle its Nuclear arsenal. View details · Reply Retweet Favorite Load older Tweets

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