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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Clever War Tactics

US-dominated Europe shouldn't complain about refugees and must blame themselves for destroying their homes in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.US-led West helps Arabs to win Competitions: Somalia and Iraq win the Corruption Cup while South Sudan and Libya win the Failed State Medal! Most Americans are inherently violent and have no remorse about killing people of other nations or each other. No law can change this! If all Muslims are bad because of ISIS barbarity then all US Whites are evil for the killing of African Americans! Civilized America: US cities become war-zones most weekends, with higher gun death tolls in 2 days than countries like England in a year! The African Americans need to be more aggressive in order to assert their humanity and dignity. "An Eye for an Eye" attitude must be adopted. It's puzzling! Some White Americans look down on the American Africans and consider them as sub humans pests who deserve to be killed! After the failure of US democracy and a half-black US president to protect hapless African Americans, it is high time for a revolution. It Happens only in USA: Gang Members and Mafia Outfits aren't considered as terrorists because they terrorise people n' not anti-government! It Happens only in USA: Billions are made in Hollywood while 150,000 Gang Members commit crimes in derelict streets of nearby Los Angeles. It happens only in USA: The racist KU Klux Klan (KKK) hold their cross-burning rallies with hood- wearing members including Police officers! Americans Deserve What They Get: Deranged Jeb Bush, Fraudster Trump or Muscle man Arnold Schwarzenger for President in November! I need action Not tear Or prayer I am the US Nigger Live in Fear Obama & God can't stop a killer Before any nation Free your Nigger Netanyahu started to effectively assist Islamists living inside Israel to join ISIS on a one-way Visa in order to get rid of extremists. Palestinians are shrewed businessmen. Misha'al in Qatar, while Hamas tells the Saudis to pump money in Gaza if they want to keep away Iran! A Litmus Test for a true Muslim or Arab: Is the work toward ending the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the liberation of Jerusalem. Islamists declare Jihad not to liberate Holy Jerusalem or Close Kafir American Bases in the Gulf Arab States, but to kill Arabs and Muslims! There are bearded Islamists in Gaza too: A call for US air exclusion zone not over Gaza but over Syria to protect the bearded Islamists! The Ungrateful King Abdullah of Jordan sells goods to Iraq, accepts cheap Oil and stabs the country in the back with USraeli-Saudi knives! US and Saudi Arabia are pushing King Abdullah II of Jordan to arm Iraqi tribes and send special forces to assist fragmenting the country! The Iraqi people must move fast and arrest all pro-ISIS sympathisers inside the Green Zone disregarding US protestations or immunity.AFTER BEING RELUCTANT TO HURT ISIS, THE US TELLS IRAQI AIRFORCE TO LEAVE THE AIR AND ABORT MISSIONS BECAUSE 'ALLIES PLANES ARE IN THE AIR.'! Many Sunni Arabs who received money from Saudi Arabia to undermine the security and safety of Iraqi people may be tried for treason. Documents leaked by Wiki leaks confirm Saudis bribing Iraqi Sunni Arabs to facilitate the Takeover of Mosul, Tikrit and Ramadi by ISIS. Democrats believe that G.W.Bush was responsible the appearance of ISIS, while Republicans blame Obama. One must say that both are rght. Real Dangers: It wasn't Saddam's Anthrax Vials shown by Colin Powell that threatened the world but the Pentagon's as was recently exposed! Unreliable US Ally: The delay in delivering quality US weapons to Iraq, under Israeli pressure, forces the Iraqis to seek help from Iran. Most Iraqi families has at least one machine gun. ISIS has no chance of winning a fight and depends mainly on car bombs or suicide attacks. Clever War Tactics: The US bribed Saddam Top Military Brass with a US$1000,000 each and carried them to Kuwait before the invasion of 2003. Clever War Tactics: The US used the UN to disarm Iraq and to locate every military unit before the US invasion of the country in 2003. Clever War Tactics: Late Jordanian King Hussein prevented the Palestinians from owning weapons before the Israeli West Bank invasion in1967! Really Bad for USA: Most Iraqi Parliamentarians sincerely believe that USA is unhappy with the current successes in the fight against ISIS. The harder ISIS fighters push spearheaded by suicide attackers the more ground they lose in Iraq to Shiites-led Popular Mobilisation Force! As long as Turkey continues its support for ISIS, the Syrian Kurds' aim of establishing a Barzani-Type state has to wait. No conspiracy here: Turkey and US draw red lines for all forces involved in the fight against ISIS in Syria or in Iraq. Does Obama and his Jewish advisors really know what they want from Bashar Al-Assad or if they care what will happen to Syria if he leaves? US weapons on both sides in the conflict: US-made weapons sold to Qatar go to ISIS Via Turkey to be destroyed by US-made Arms sold to Iraq! After a deep Sleep The Nation of Sheep 'll elect a Crook or a Creep Bush promised a Rack Full of Weapon Clinton wants Lewinsky's back. To the Arab Good Luck Russian Emir Vladimir 'll Act To stop the Insane USraeli Skunks, To Finish the Ukraine And Keep Iraq & Syria Intact US tries to Isolate Putin, but Russia becomes a Mecca for visitors including the Greek Prime Minister, Iraqi Ibadi and the Saudi King's Son! Putin is a Shiite! He stands in support of Iran and Bashar Al-Assad. He has rushed supplying Iraq with Attack Helicopters to Chase ISIS. US installs CIA agents in former CCCP republics (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russian: Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик), asks NATO to deploy forces on Russian borders and blames Putin for defending his country! One wonders why Crafty Putin accepted Bandar Bin Sultan to recruit thousands of Chechens. May be it was to get rid of the Islamic fanatics! If Arabs want to avoid Harassment from US-sponsored UN nuclear inspection dogs they need Israeli approval for any nuclear activity. Real Dangers: It isn't Iran's peaceful Uranium Enrichment Program that threatens the world but the massive Stockpile of Israeli NUKES. CIA delays or corrupts investigations: 1. Malaysian Flight 017 2.Chilcot's Report on Iraq War 3.Iraqi Parliament Report on the fall of Mosul

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