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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Opinion of Strand high-rises split on science

Opinion of Strand high-rises split on science Anthony Templeton • Townsville Bulletin • November 06, 2013 12:00AM The Save Our Strand committee is concerned over the future of The Strand . Picture: Megan Taylor TOWNSVILLE City Council conducted 13 scientific studies before presenting its draft City Plan for public consultation but concerned residents worry the science is being used to justify the desires of developers instead of protecting the atmosphere of The Strand. Planning and Development Committee chairman Cr Tony Parsons said research from dozens of scientists, engineers, social demographers, ecologists, heritage experts and urban planners had been used by the council to underpin the recommendations in the draft plan.
"It was important for council to rigorously test the findings of these studies and it is for this reason that we have had these documents peer reviewed," he said. "The future plan for our city needs to appropriately balance the competing interests of the community, business and the environment while maintaining and enhancing the lifestyle attractions of living in Townsville," he said. "We realised the importance of investing time and resources in a broad range of technical and community studies to underpin the development of the draft City Plan." Cr Parsons said extensive preparation and community consultation were undertaken in the development of the draft City Plan to ensure it reflected community needs and priorities. "We are confident in the key policy directions of the draft City Plan because it is based on an extensive range of background data documented in earlier planning studies," he said. Data from studies identifying the availability and future demand of land supply, effects of natural disasters, heritage and cultural precincts, open space and recreation areas and landslide hazards was used to underpin recommendations in the draft City Plan.
However, Save Our Strand committee spokeswoman Anne Atkinson said the council needed to protect the experience of visiting The Strand for future generations. "There has to be more than just scientific data that goes into this (draft) City Plan because the council needs to protect The Strand for the public 30 and 40 years from now," she said. "The changes (in the draft City Plan) won't cause massive changes straight away but in a two or three decades there will be a wall of buildings obscuring the view of Castle Hill from the beach. "There should be a definitive height limit, and three storeys seems about right." Mrs Atkinson said the future plans for development on The Strand needed to be protect the atmosphere of the area, instead of just being based solely on data. "What we have on The Strand is really unique compared with almost every other beachfront in Australia," she said. "What we have right now is really precious and we need to do everything possible to keep it the way it is." Ads By Google Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. QLD_CP_NEWS_SOT_27JUN14 Sacked security guard HMAS Townsville 2011 Lavarack Gunman Plan for funds to help new stadium Undated : generic fishing rod and tackle box QLD_CP_NEWS_AFP_18NOV14 Rear Admiral Robyn Walker AM, Commander Joint Health Command, appears before a Senate Estimates Committee hearing at Parliame... End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.       Have your say Skip to:Read commentsAdd comments Add your comment on this story Comments Form Enter your comment here * 1200 characters left Your details Name (as it will appear on the site) * Email Address * Location (optional) Post Options Remember my details Email me if my comment is published Submit Comments on this story Read all 24 comments Warren BUTTERWORTH of TOWNSVILLE Posted at 6:50 PM November 06, 2013 Re comment by "Billy Knows of Townsville", so what if the LNP are receiving funding from developers/businesses. Where does the ALP get their funding? From the Unions and it works out the more you pay, the more say you have on what the ALP do. Don't call the kettle black. It's about time that each & every candidate was given a sum of money for the campaign and there should be no outside support. If they can't manage the budget for their campaign, they could manage the massive budget of the State/Federal Government. Johnny Posted at 3:45 PM November 06, 2013 No high rises! Go to the Gold Coast if you want big buildings. Ramble of Tsv. Posted at 2:54 PM November 06, 2013 Plenty of room for High Rise in places other than the Strand foreshore. Plenty of space South and SoutWest of Castle Hill, City centre, and even Rocky Springs comes to mind even. 5 stories seems a reasonable limit anyway. A developers party only means people are getting ripped off. Additionally, anywhere within the historical beach-line footprint ought not be developed in the first place; and there is no point making a larger problem within those areas already built on. A wonder the climate scaremongers have not pulled that rabbit out of the basket. Michael of Townsville Posted at 2:26 PM November 06, 2013 Height restrictions are good thing but i think it should be 10stores hight 5 is to low only to protect views of rich people on the hill. Jenny Stirling of Townsville Posted at 1:55 PM November 06, 2013 Everyone I have ever heard comment in how great the Strand is comments on how good itnis that itnhas no high rise. It is that simple. I have no problems with medium density housing in various parts of the city depending on arguments for and against by local residents. However the Strand is 'different' because the values embedded in it are not commercial first and foremost. And it needs to stay different for it to keep its appeal to the very people it was designed to serve. Us. Candace of Townsville Posted at 1:39 PM November 06, 2013 A wall of buildings? Perhaps those making a song and dance should actually read the draft city plan. The 5 storey height limit is for a very small part of the strand and in my opinion 5 storey is pretty far from being 'highrise'. AUSSIE BURKA of Mundingburra Posted at 1:33 PM November 06, 2013 it does not matter who you vote for,in the long run you lose,you go to university to expand & better your " career " why should politics be different........?

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