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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Who Is Almahdi Very important ‪#Pls read & share Click on the image & Zoom in Who Is Almahdi Sunday 17th April: NATO warplanes instead bombed the area of Al-Hira, 50 km (30 miles) southwest of the capital Tripoli and also hit the city of Sirte, Libyan state television said. Bursts of anti-aircraft fire were heard in Tripoli on Sunday evening. Abbas0 Abbas0 Member Advanced Members 782 posts Religion:Muslim Shia Posted 17 July 2012 - 11:57 PM For all those who doubted the destruction of Syria. Those who's hearts will beat a billion times when Damascus fully collapses. The little movement is already declaring to us the reality. The reality the prophet told us about. A sedition in Sham then another sedition in Damascus and that is Sufyani. Latest topics today http://arabnews.com/...iberate-capital http://www.jpost.com....aspx?id=277850 Let me brief it up too many links. - Iraq tells its citizens in Syria to return home. - Syrian revels declare Free Damascus Movement - Jordan wants to secure risks of chemical weapons spill over from Syria - Assad my give chemical weapons to Hez or Iran to use on Jordan - Assad may use chemical weapons or has already on Syrians - France says last week close friend of Bashar who defected is in France. Wonder why... The truth is, the Syrians are honestly not realizing what's coming to them. This is a serious thing happening in Syria we can't just say nothing is happening. Now Iranian commanders are saying everything good to go and almost on the go to close the river just waiting on the Sayed`s go. Who knows whats to happen that makes us wonder why the hadith says Khorassani(man from Iran), Sufyani(man from Syria) and Yemeni(man from Yemen or maybe not but Yemeni ancestry) come out like race horses racing towards Sham(same day) each declaring separate movements. What`s to happen? “After that there will be a terrible earthquake in Shaam, which will be a blessing for the believers but a punishment for disbelievers. A hundred thousand will die because of it. When this happens, you will see an army mounted on red horses coming from the west, waving a yellow flag and entering Shaam. When this happens, you will see a village of Shaam, named Kharashna sink into the earth. When this happens, you will witness the rising of (Sufyani) the son of Hind, the liver-eater from the Dry Valley.” When Rome and Turks attack you; when armies are prepared and that leader of yours who hoards wealth passes away. He is succeeded by an honest person, but within a few years of his allegiance, he is dismissed from where he was appointed. Turks and Rome confront each other and battles rage everywhere. A caller will call out from the war shelters of Damascus: Perdition is near for humans. The western portion of the Masjid of Damascus caves in and its boundary walls collapse. Three groups will set out from Damascus to seize power.One would be led by a person on a pie bald horse, another on a red horse and a man from the descendants of Abu Sufyan who would bring all the people to Damascus and expel the people of the west to Egypt.When they enter Damascus, it would be the sign for the uprising of Sufyani and before that a person would stage an uprising and call the peopleto Aale Muhammad (a.s.). The Turks would camp in Hira and the Romans would camp at Palestine and Abdullah would march forward till both the armies come face to face at Qurqisa river and a severe battle would ensue. When the king of the west marches, he would kill the men and captivate the women. Then he would return to Qubs till Sufyani enters the peninsula. Then Yamani would move and take over whatever the people had gathered." INTERESTING PARTS: Three groups set out FROM Damascus. When "they" enter Damascus (They here are the people of the west, people of the west could literally mean America) and Sufyani will boot them to Egypt, but when an intervention happens in Syria that's Sufyani's biggest sign. Allahu yallam koolashey. He provided us with hadiths like these for reasons. To use our brains at times like these to see if this stuff starts to happen soon in Syria, we already know whats coming. The reason why Sufyani is going to target us(shias) is because we are going to be the first to recognize him. We will point a finger at him right away so in return he will rage war on the Shias close to him. That is why Yemani and Khorassani come. Because it becomes a battlefield. World War 3. Then Dajjal (the real figure) comes. Edited by Abbas0, 17 July 2012 - 11:59 PM.

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