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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kherson governor calls Hitler 'liberator' addressing veterans on Victory Day

"Hitler first of all put forward a slogan of liberating people from the communist yoke, and liberating people from the tyrant Stalin,” the governor of Ukraine’s Kherson region told the veterans on a Victory Day, sparking anger and outrage. = Comments: the ukrainians would have welcome anyone as liberator who would free them from the bolshevist tyrants who starved 10 millions of them to death in the holodomor 1932-33. A famine that occurred in the Ukraine from 1932–1933 in which 2.6 to 10 million people starved to death = Look at Ukraine right now, ruled by Nazi Kievan Junta both Hitler and Stalin were bad. Both are just different form of tyranny. Carlos Cedillo So why do Republicans allow their Party to be run by sons and grandsons of Nazi financier Prescott Bush? Lexanne Hamilton hitler never associated with churchill but stalin did. i agree Daniel Guevara Artemisia Gorgo LOL Weldone! ...and the communists celebrate "victory" day. What victory is that when Europe and America are turned into 3th World continents and the local population faces discrimination and extermination in their ancestors lands??? They are enslaved by the zionist capital. Russia is not in a better position but the zionists control the country also. Shame on you, zionist prostitutes. Mike Mcnamara Yuri Odarchenko should wear a muzzle while being tied to a tree and told there is water and food if he can dig up a WWII Russian burial ground. Too many bones in Germany and Russia/Ukraine when I think about it. 126 million Russians lost there lives and it would give me the creeps if I wanted to buy a house along with land in East Germany or Russia only to go gardening in the backyard and find some human bones. Andy Li Because stealing the USSR's Lebensraum and starving all the slavs totally is "liberation". Hitler sure speaks like an American politician. Now we know that the "democracy and freedom" nonsense are pages out of Hitler's playbook. ================== Lebensraum (German for "habitat" or literally "liferoom") was an important component of Nazi ideology in Germany. The Nazis supported territorial expansionism to gain Lebensraum ("living space") as being a law of nature for all healthy and vigorous peoples of superior races to displace people of inferior races; especially if the people of a superior race were facing overpopulation in their given territories.[1] == 1982 Slav (Hebrew: שְׂלָו, lit. Quail) was a Jewish village and an Israeli settlement in the Gush Katif settlement bloc, located in the south-west edge of the Gaza Strip, whose residents were evicted in Israel's unilateral disengagement plan of 2005. The settlement was named after the bird that the Israelites ate in the desert during the Exodus from Egypt. HistorySlav was founded as a paramilitary Nahal settlement in 1980. In 1982, with the signing of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty and subsequent withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula, Slav became a transit camp of former residents evicted from Sinai and temporary home to the Midreshet Hadarom girl's seminary. At the beginning of the 90's, the location was divided into a military base and a residential civilial area with several families. In 2001, a small group of people including staff and students of the nearby 'Otzem' pre-military preparatory school in Bnei Atzmon moved to settle the village and strengthen its numbers. The 12 families of Slav left their homes on August 21, 2005. The houses were destroyed and the area was later transferred to the Palestinians. = George P. Bush, fourth generation of family, to run for public office Tue, Mar 12 19:04 PM EDT By Jim Forsyth SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the grandson of former President George H.W. Bush, said on Tuesday he would run for the Republican nomination to be Texas Land Commissioner in 2014. In a video posted on Facebook, Bush, 36, said he was running for statewide office because he wanted to focus on education, energy, and protection of natural resources. "The Texas General Land Office touches all of the areas I just mentioned, energy policy, stewardship of our state, whether it is maintaining our coastline, natural resources, or managing the Alamo."
Alamo: A church built after 1744 as part of a Spanish mission in San Antonio, Texas, and converted to a fort in 1793. During the Texas Revolution against Mexican rule it was besieged (February 24 to March 6, 1836) by the Mexican army, who killed all 187 members of the Texas garrison. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Land Commissioner manages public lands, the state's beaches, and the Alamo, the San Antonio site of a battle between Texas settlers and the Mexican Army in 1836. Bush, who manages an investment firm in Fort Worth, would be the fourth generation of the Bush family in politics. His uncle is former President George W. Bush and his great grandfather was Prescott Bush, a U.S. Senator from Connecticut from 1952 to 1963. Mark Jones, a political analyst at Rice University in Houston, said Bush's decision was good for the Republican party. "He has all the advantages of the Bush name and the access that it provides, and he also has the unique advantage of being Hispanic," Jones said. His mother, Columba Bush, was born in Mexico. "He is the ideal person to help the Texas Republican party, which badly needs to reach out to Hispanic voters if it wants to maintain its majority in the state of Texas." Texas was 38 percent Hispanic in the 2010 population census. Hispanics are expected to account for 50 percent of the state's population by 2040, which has prompted some Democrats to predict that the staunchly Republican state could switch sides. Jones said he expects Bush to use the position, if he wins the election next year, to seek higher officer in the future. George P. Bush has been active in politics his entire life. He addressed the Republican National Convention, which nominated his grandfather in 1988, at the age of 12. He is active in several political action committees in Texas, which aim to recruit and fund Hispanic Republican candidates, and he is active in a foundation that aims to boost charter schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
In his announcement video, Bush praised lessons he had learned from his grandmother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, and said, "I am constantly reminded that as Texans, we are exceptional people."
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