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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Democratic US Military Coup In Iraq

By hook or crook the Americans want their man in Iraq, Dr Azad Allaw, to take over the country. By his admittance, Dr Allawi has been working for years as an agent for MI-6 and CIA. The CIA has established an Iraqi inteligence agency headed by Dr Allawi which has been carrying out dirty works on CIA behalf. In all his current negotiations to form a government Dr Allawi insisted on having the security and defence ministries under his control. If things do not go the American way, Dr Allawi is expected to take over the country supported by US-paid mercenaries.Right now, his house in Baghdad is protected by double high-concrete walls and guarded by US marines.

The problem is how to place the electrodes before losing your balls. I wish they US military show you what we see on the ground in Iraq. The poor US soldiers body parts had to be collected in Jalawala recently. The Americans have been paying dearly for marching on Baghdad to Israeli drums. Keep going and repeat the same on Tehran. The USraeli bubble is about to burst when they attack Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. The American soldiers will be mauled in Iraq and in Afghanistan, because of Obama support for Israeli designs. I wrote it will be a hot summer. Try to study carefully what I have wrote.
Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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