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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Detail Analysis of Ramadan 1429/2008, Moharram Moon Sighting 1434

According to Comic Calendar:
Ramadan is starting on Sep02/2008; Tuesday.

While according to Gregorian-Hijri Dates Converter Ramadan will be on Monday Sep01/2009=01 RamaDHaan 1429 A.H.

Tuesday 2 September 2008 Time Object (Link) Event
Observer Site Woodbridge, On, Canada

Moonrise at 6:21 AM in direction 77° East by north Map direction East by north
Moonset at 7:45 PM in direction 278° West by north Map direction West by north
Moon in south at 1:10 PM at altitude 54° above horizon

Fraction illuminated: 0.0% (at 6:46 PM)
New Moon Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 3:58 PM
First Quarter Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 10:04 AM


Moon phases

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Moon phases for UTC

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LunationNew MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonThird QuarterDuration
1052Jan 811:37 AMJan 157:46 PMJan 221:35 PMJan 305:03 AM29d 16h 07m
1053Feb 73:44 AMFeb 143:33 AMFeb 213:31 AMFeb 292:18 AM29d 13h 30m
1054Mar 75:14 PMMar 1410:46 AMMar 216:40 PMMar 299:47 PM29d 10h 41m
1055Apr 63:55 AMApr 126:32 PMApr 2010:26 AMApr 282:12 PM29d 8h 23m
1056May 512:18 PMMay 123:47 AMMay 202:12 AMMay 282:57 AM29d 7h 04m
1057Jun 37:23 PMJun 103:04 PMJun 185:31 PMJun 2612:10 PM29d 6h 56m
1058Jul 32:19 AMJul 104:35 AMJul 187:59 AMJul 256:42 PM29d 7h 54m
1059Aug 110:12 AMAug 88:20 PMAug 169:16 PMAug 2311:49 PM29d 9h 45m
1060Aug 307:58 PMSep 72:04 PMSep 159:13 AMSep 225:04 AM29d 12h 14m
1061Sep 298:12 AMOct 79:04 AMOct 148:02 PMOct 2111:55 AM29d 15h 02m
1062Oct 2811:14 PMNov 64:03 AMNov 136:18 AMNov 199:31 PM29d 17h 41m
1063Nov 274:55 PMDec 59:26 PMDec 124:38 PMDec 1910:30 AM29d 19h 28m
1064Dec 2712:23 PM      29d 19h 33m


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21h13m08s Iridium 43Iridium 43 Flare at nightFlare from solar panels Magnitude=-2.4mag
Azimuth=154.1° SSE altitude= 33.9° in constellation Capricornus
Flare angle=0.99°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=79.911° W Latitude=+43.763° (WGS84) Distance=25.1 km Azimuth=264.9° W
Satellite above: longitude=75.1° W latitude=+36.0° height above Earth=781.2 km distance to satellite=1272.2 km
Altitude of sun=-14.8°
21h56m57s Iridium 39Iridium 39 Flare at nightFlare from MMA2 (Left antenna) Magnitude= 0.1mag
Azimuth=356.7° N altitude= 10.5° in constellation Lynx
Flare angle=1.26°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=78.294° W Latitude=+42.618° (WGS84) Distance=167.2 km Azimuth=140.3° SE
Satellite above: longitude=81.4° W latitude=+64.0° height above Earth=787.0 km distance to satellite=2500.6 km
Altitude of sun=-21.7°
22h02m03s Iridium 75Iridium 75 Flare at nightFlare from MMA1 (Right antenna) Magnitude= 0.2mag
Azimuth= 83.2° E altitude= 44.9° in constellation Pegasus
Flare angle=1.84°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=80.217° W Latitude=+43.784° (WGS84) Distance=49.5 km Azimuth=270.3° W
Satellite above: longitude=71.3° W latitude=+44.2° height above Earth=783.9 km distance to satellite=1055.7 km
Altitude of sun=-22.4°
22h07m13s Iridium 80Iridium 80 Flare at nightFlare from MMA2 (Left antenna) Magnitude=-3.4mag
Azimuth=356.1° N altitude= 5.4° in constellation Lynx
Flare angle=0.36°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=80.319° W Latitude=+43.951° (WGS84) Distance=60.5 km Azimuth=288.1° WNW
Satellite above: longitude=83.6° W latitude=+64.9° height above Earth=787.2 km distance to satellite=2610.9 km
Altitude of sun=-23.1°
22h48m12s Iridium 20Iridium 20 Flare at nightFlare from MMA1 (Right antenna) Magnitude=-2.5mag
Azimuth= 34.2° NE altitude= 5.4° in constellation Auriga
Flare angle=0.49°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=79.059° W Latitude=+43.605° (WGS84) Distance=47.7 km Azimuth=114.4° ESE
Satellite above: longitude=54.1° W latitude=+59.3° height above Earth=787.0 km distance to satellite=2689.9 km
Altitude of sun=-28.7°
22h58m00s Iridium 49Iridium 49 Flare at nightFlare from MMA1 (Right antenna) Magnitude= 0.3mag
Azimuth= 38.1° NE altitude= 8.1° in constellation Auriga
Flare angle=1.27°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=81.121° W Latitude=+43.959° (WGS84) Distance=123.4 km Azimuth=279.7° W
Satellite above: longitude=56.4° W latitude=+59.5° height above Earth=786.9 km distance to satellite=2598.2 km
Altitude of sun=-29.8°
23h00m29s Iridium 11Iridium 11 Flare at nightFlare from MMA1 (Right antenna) Magnitude=-3.6mag
Azimuth= 40.0° NE altitude= 7.3° in constellation Perseus
Flare angle=0.37°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=80.010° W Latitude=+43.920° (WGS84) Distance=36.2 km Azimuth=294.9° WNW
Satellite above: longitude=56.3° W latitude=+57.5° height above Earth=718.4 km distance to satellite=2442.2 km
Altitude of sun=-30.1°
This is a spare satellite or its status is unknown. Brightness estimate may be unreliable and flare time accurate to a few seconds.

Wednesday 3 September 2008 Time Object (Link) Event
5h19m20s Iridium 6Iridium 6 Flare at nightFlare from solar panels Magnitude=-1.9mag
Azimuth=212.2° SSW altitude= 31.7° in constellation Cetus
Flare angle=1.37°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=80.064° W Latitude=+43.821° (WGS84) Distance=37.4 km Azimuth=276.5° W
Satellite above: longitude=85.5° W latitude=+36.1° height above Earth=782.4 km distance to satellite=1307.3 km
Altitude of sun=-15.4°
6h42m02s Lacrosse 4 Lacrosse 4 Daytime flareFlare from SAR antenna Magnitude=-0.3mag
Azimuth= 95.0° E altitude= 43.7° in constellation Gemini
Flare angle=0.63°
to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=79.452° W Latitude=+43.843° (WGS84) Distance=13.6 km Azimuth= 60.7° ENE
Satellite above: longitude=72.1° W latitude=+43.1° height above Earth=686.6 km distance to satellite=943.9 km
Altitude of sun=-0.6°
This is an experimental flare prediction. Brightness estimate may be unreliable. Please report a successful observation (Object/site coordinates/date/measured time/accuracy/magnitude). =================== Place Longitude Latitude Timezone Adelaide 138° 36′ E 34° 56′ S Moharram New Year Moon as per Adelaide, SA Sp First Moharram will be on Friday Nov16th, Ashoora will be on Nov 25th/ 2012 New Moon Birth Date Sun Moon at Sunset Moon Lag BEST Code + Set Az Age Alt Az DAZ Mag El Set Time TIME year mth day h m d mth day h m o h m o o o o h m m h m 2012 Nov 14 07 38 Wed 0 Wed Nov 14 18 58 247 11 20 4 250 -3 -4.1 7 19 26 28 19 11 F 1 Thur Nov 15 18 59 246 35 21 17 256 -10 -5.7 21 20 34 95 19 41 A 14 Nov 2012 6:00 AM 8:26 PM 112° 246° 1:11 PM 73.1° 357,462 0.1% New Moon at 8:38 AM 15 Nov 2012 6:56 AM 9:34 PM 115° 244° 2:14 PM 74.8° 357,856 2.3% =======================

Friday, August 29, 2008

Loyalists of Iraq's Sadr sign blood oaths to continue fighting

by Karim Talbi 20 minutes ago

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Dozens of Shiite radicals scrambled on Friday to sign blood oaths to continue their fight against US forces in Iraq despite an order from their leader Moqtada al-Sadr for them to lay down their arms.

Children as young as 10 were among those seen cutting their thumbs with scalpels and putting a bloodied fingerprint to a document circulated by members of the Sadr movement in the cleric's eastern Baghdad bastion of Sadr City.

All vowed to fight on, despite orders by Sadr on Thursday to his 60,000-strong Mahdi Army militia to suspend their armed operations indefinitely.

The order followed two six-month periods in which he had ordered his followers to hold their fire.

"I will follow the orders of Moqtada al-Sadr but I prefer to fight," said Adnan Habib, a 22-year-old labourer who attended Friday prayers in Sadr City.

"I want to sacrifice my soul, my family, for Sadr. I want to resist the occupier," said Habib, who was among those signing blood oaths.

Another Sadr supporter, Ali Abdel, a 19-year-old high school student, said he had been wanting to join the ranks of the Mahdi Army since the death of his mother in an attack targeting a police patrol a year ago.

"My entire family has signed to fight, including my father. If my mother was alive, she would also have signed."

When asked if he knows how to fight, Ali replied with a broad smile: "Which Iraqi does not know how to use a weapon?"

A Sadr official, who asked not to be named, said Sadrists had begun signing oaths in blood 16 days ago and would continue doing so until the end of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan, due to start next week.

"This morning hundreds signed the pledge," the official said. "Blood is most valuable and so we want to show our loyalty to Moqtada with it."

The cleric's latest order came at a time when Washington and Baghdad are negotiating a crucial security agreement to decide the future of US forces in Iraq.

"The Mahdi Army suspension will be valid indefinitely and anyone who does not follow this order will not be considered a member of this group," Sadr said in a statement issued by his office in the Shiite shrine city of Najaf.

Sadr said he wants to create a special unit of fighters who would continue the armed resistance against coalition forces, while the Mahdi Army in general would be transformed into a cultural and social organisation.

Falah Hassan Shanshal, a lawmaker from the Sadr bloc in parliament, said the cleric wanted to serve society.

"The philosophy of Moqtada al-Sadr is the same as that of his father Mohammed. Like his father, he wants to serve society and build society," Shanshal told AFP.

He said the movement would organise literacy drives for young men and women although it did accept that most "young men want to resist" the US occupation of Iraq.

Many young Sadr loyalists told AFP they did not see any role for themselves except as fighters.

"I prefer to resist by force using arms, this is the only thing I am capable of doing," said Mohammed Mussa, a baker for the past 18 years.

The militia, created after the 2003 US-led invasion to fight invading American troops, became the most active and feared armed Shiite group in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, accused of operating death squads blamed for the killings of thousands.

In 2006, at the height of Iraq's communal bloodletting, a Pentagon report said the Mahdi Army was the greatest threat to the country's security, even greater than Al-Qaeda.

Sadr ordered a six-month freeze of Mahdi Army activities in August last year after allegations his fighters had been involved in clashes with security forces in the shrine city of Karbala.

He extended the freeze for a further six months in February and on Thursday ordered an indefinite suspension of the militia's activities.

Sadr led two uprisings against US-led forces in 2004 and had repeatedly vowed to fight on until US troops leave Iraq.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


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