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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ahmedinejad: Bush is a beggar with a dagger!

To Ahmedinejad: Bush is a beggar with a dagger! The beggars in Kirkuk north of Baghdad used to carry long daggers. Similarly, Bush has been arming Israel to bombard Iran while at the same time is begging Ahmedinejad for help to end the US-made bloody chaos in Iraq. The Americans are fools and never learn. True Arabs and Muslims never give in to intimidation. The Israelis have tried all types of kidnappings, torture and assassinations against Palestinians and failed to have peace. Another living example is the Iraqi resistance which remains defiant and is gaining strength by the day despite American atrocities. The Iranians and the Syrians will never buy anything from Bush while America continues its support for Israeli Nazi-type atrocities against Palestinians. Furthermore, Bush is currently waging a Zionist crusade against Arabs and Muslims manifested with uncivilised practices in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Guantanamo. With such credentials, Bush is asking the impossible.
Published: 14 November 2006 Anne Penketh, Independent Co.Uk The Iranians and Syrians must have been choking on their tea last night. After three years of being branded a part of the axis of evil and an outpost of tyranny and ordered not to meddle in Iraq, they are being invited to be part of the new Middle East. But not the one advocated three years ago by the neoconservatives who predicted that the fall of Saddam Hussein would give rise to a wave of democracy that would sweep Arab dictators from their pedestals. That dream was shattered for good last week by the American midterm elections which propelled the Democrats into the driving seat of Congress for the first time in 12 years. The new watchword is "recalibration". Do not expect any recognition in the coming days that the new policy of Tony Blair and the US is capitulation, or even a U-turn, as they go cap in hand to the leaders of Syria and Iran, accused of fomenting trouble in Iraq and supporting terrorist groups in the broader Middle East. Last night, Mr Blair's spokesman insisted that no "concessions" are being offered to Iran and Syria, and the Prime Minister stressed that the diplomatic overtures do not mark a policy shift. The two countries can either co-operate, or face isolation, Mr Blair said. But the midterm elections have made the search for an exit strategy even more urgent. The insurgents can smell the defeat of a superpower. So unless the US and Britain can persuade Iraq's neighbours that it is in their interests to help curb the insurgency, the coalition forces risk being dragged even deeper into a civil war. Why should Iran and Syria help the US and Britain at this stage? Because it is in their interests to do so - and retain important leverage in their own region. The Iranians have long felt slighted by the Americans, who rewarded them with the "axis of evil" speech after they helped the US in Afghanistan and in Iraq in the days that followed the overthrow of Saddam. The Syrians, too, say that they have acted on US requests to control the porous border with Iraq, and have deployed 10,000 troops there. But one thing has changed in the three years since the US and Britain invaded Iraq. And that is the rapport de force in the region, where Iran and Syria hold the upper hand after the Lebanon war. Mr Blair and Mr Bush - and Ehud Olmert of Israel - now have the role of lame ducks.
His language was either Syria and Iran stop supporting the terror in Iraq, or else! I though that Iran and Syria have already tested the "else" and would like to extract as much as possible from the discredited and besieged Bush and Blair. It is still Iraq that they are talking about. The Iraqis want to settle scores with the American and British criminals and their mercenaries, come what may be.
1. Syria caught and handed to the American all Saddam followers who escaped from Iraq. 2. Syria cooperated with the American in interrogating and torturing fundamentalists sent to them by the CIA. 3. Initially, Iran and Syria were happy to see their enemy Saddam being toppled and did not oppose the Americans in the invasion of Iraq. 4. Secular leaders like Najeebullah of Afghanistan and Saddam of Iraq were toppled by the Americans and were replaced with fundamentalists. What killed Bush is his Jewish agenda for the Middle East. He labelled Syria and Iran as the Axis of evil and promised to tackle them one at a time. As a result, the Iranians and the Syrians preferred to fight the American Marines in Baghdad, not in the streets of Damascus or Tehran.
Iran turned the plan of the ungrateful Americans, upside down. In the beginning it looked Iran is being cornered with American forces are in Afghanistan, Iraq and in the countries of the Arab Pigs of the Gulf. But Ahmedinejad, changed Dr Khatemi 's gear and went on the offensive making Herat in Afghanistan and Basra in Iraq Iranian terrirtories. As a result, the former enemies, the Taliban started to recive money and ammunition sor are the Iraqi resistance. If Bush continues his stupidity, Iran may satart to assist Al-Qaeda fighters throughout the world. Why the reluctance when Iran is accused by the Americans of helping terrorists. The stupidity of Bush is facing the tact and wisdom of Ahmedinejad. Dr Khatemi was a moderate, when Bush considered Iran as part of the Axis of evil; opening the way for the election of Ahmedinejad.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Suicide bomber kills 42 in Baghdad at Commando Site#1

by Ammar Karim 3 minutes ago
BAGHDAD (AFP) - Two suicide bombers have targeted a key police commando base in western Baghdad, killing 35 young men waiting to join the force, as other bombs also exploded in and around the Iraqi capital.

The pair blew themselves up as potential recruits gathered at the Iraqi National Police base in Qadissiyah neighbourhood, according to security officials who said the toll was expected to rise.
At least 60 more were wounded in the morning attack Sunday.
Insurgents regularly target fledgling security forces, often bombing recruitment drives as the government and US forces continue trying to boost their capability.
By QAIS AL-BASHIR, Associated Press Writer 11 minutes ago
BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a police recruiting center in Baghdad early Sunday, killing at least 33 people and wounding 56, police said.

Crowds of recruits were gathering outside the center in western Baghdad's Nissur Square when the bomber detonated explosives strapped to his body, police Lt. Maitham Abdul-Razaq said.
He said the death toll was expected to rise because many of the injuries were extremely serious.
The attack was one of several on Sunday in the capital, where sectarian violence kills scores each week. Just south of the city, police were searching for gunmen who killed 10 Shiite travelers and kidnapped about 50 others Saturday night along a notoriously dangerous stretch of highway.
Reuters news agency reports that mortar rounds were fired at the police recruiting centre, in the Qadissiya neighbourhood, shortly after the bombers struck.
انفجار مفخخة قرب مركز للتجنيد وسقوط العشرات ( اضافة اولى )بغداد - واع - امن - اراس الناصريالحاقا بخبرنا ( انفجار مفخخة قرب مركز للتجنيد وسقوط العشرات ) , لازالت سيارات الاسعاف تحاول نقل عشرات الجرحى لمستشفى اليرموك القريب من محل انفجار المفخخة ( مركز للتجنيد قرب ساحة النسور ) .هذا وتفيد التقارير الاولى ان سبب الانفجار تفجير يرتدي حزاما ناسفا نفسه داخل مركز للتطوع تابع لمغاوير الداخلية وان اعداد كبيرة من الراغبين بالتطوع على الداخلية ومنتسبي الداخلية قد سقطوا .مصادر وزارة الداخلية تؤكد ان الحادث يوصف بانه من اكبر الحوادث
تفجير مركز تجنيد ساحة النسور ... متابعةبغداد - واع - امن - من اراس الناصريتضاربت الاخبار عن سبب حادث تفجير مركز التجنيد في ساحة النسور بالقادسية , حيث تشير المصادر الامنية ان السبب هو احتمال تفجير ( 2 ) من الانتحاريين نفسيهما بواسطة الحزامين الناسفين وسط حشود المتطوعين .ولكن مصادر اخرى رجحت ان يكون سبب الانفجار هو سقوط قنابر هاون على المركز .ومهما يكون السبب فان الحصيلة ارتفعت الان الى ( 33 ) قتيلا وعشرات الجرحى .وعلى صعيد متصل اكد مصادر الداخلية انفجار عبوتين ناسفتين على دوريتين للشرطة العراقية على طريق محمد القاسم السريع شرقي بغداد ادى لاصابة اربعة من منتسبي الدورتين مع اغلاق المنطقة من قبل الجهات الامنية .
Blasts Kill Dozens of Iraqi Police Recruits
Maliki to Reshuffle Cabinet
By Sudarsan RaghavanWashington Post Foreign ServiceMonday, November 13, 2006; Page A01
BAGHDAD, Nov. 12 -- Two suicide bombers detonated explosives Sunday as a crowd of men gathered in front of a police recruiting center in central Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 56 in one of the deadliest suicide attacks in Iraq this year.
The blasts, coming hours before Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced plans for a major cabinet shake-up, delivered the latest blow to U.S. and Iraqi efforts to strengthen the country's fledgling security forces. Such efforts are a key element of the U.S. strategy to draw down troop strength and contain the sectarian violence that is pushing the country toward civil war.

Nov. 12 -- Two suicide bombers detonated explosives Sunday as a crowd of men gathered in front of a police recruiting center in central Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 56 in one of the deadliest suicide attacks in Iraq this year.At Baghdad's Yarmouk Hospital, young men with bandaged limbs lay in small beds, writhing in pain. Some said they had come from as far away as the southern city of Basra to join the police force because they were unemployed and needed to feed their families.
"We were all sitting down waiting for instructions from the loudspeaker. Suddenly, there was a huge amount of fire and dust," said Ali Mutashir, 35, limping slowly across the cream-colored floor, his tan shirt splattered with dried blood. "We fled toward a side street. Then came another blast of fire. It threw me against a wall."
The bombers detonated explosives belts almost simultaneously around 9:30 a.m., Interior Ministry officials said. Some witnesses said two mortar shells fell minutes after the bombings, as they were fleeing the scene.
The officials said they expected the death toll to rise because many of the wounded were in critical condition. As of late Sunday, there were differing accounts of the toll, with one Interior Ministry official saying that as many as 42 people had been killed.
The attack comes as the Bush administration and the Iraqi government prepare for a shift in U.S. policy in Iraq in the wake of the Democratic takeover of both houses of Congress in elections last week. U.S. military commanders and the Iraq Study Group, headed by former secretary of state James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, a former congressman, plan to recommend alternative ways of dealing with Iraq as pressure mounts to withdraw U.S. troops.
Faced with his own pressures, Maliki called for a sweeping reorganization of his cabinet in a closed session with Iraqi lawmakers Sunday, echoing a similar statement he made earlier this month. His office said in a statement that Maliki had "called for a complete ministerial reshuffle in accordance with the current situation," but it provided no details of the shake-up, which had been rumored for weeks.
Maliki's six-month-old government is under pressure from the United States, its main patron, to stop sectarian strife, disarm militias that have infiltrated government ministries and root out widespread graft by government officials. The prime minister also faces growing criticism from Iraqis frustrated with the government's failure to provide basic services, employment and security.
Maliki's efforts have so far been ineffective, as he struggles to balance the needs of his diverse political allies inside the government -- some of whom operate the militias he is trying to disband -- against the demands of a politically weakened Bush administration.
On Sunday, Maliki had in effect acknowledged that his government was weak, said Hasan Suneid, a lawmaker and close aide of the prime minister's. Maliki told lawmakers in the closed session that he had been forced to accept ministers chosen by political blocs and that some were incompetent, said Suneid, who attended the meeting. Maliki asked the blocs to nominate new people for his cabinet, based more on their qualifications than on their political loyalties.
"From the first day, Maliki knew that his cabinet is not in a shape that can face all the challenges of the country," Suneid said. "But now he's seeing he cannot keep silent about some ministries. A new cabinet needs to rise. . . . Personally, I am expecting a reshuffling of more than half the cabinet."
Sunday's bombing was the bloodiest assault on a police recruitment center since January, when a suicide bomber killed 70 police recruits in the western city of Ramadi. Sunni Arab insurgents frequently target police, to deter recruitment and also because national police are widely believed to be infiltrated by Shiite militias keen on protecting the interests of their sect.
Less than a half-hour after the suicide attacks, two bombs targeting a national police patrol exploded on a main artery in central Baghdad, killing three policemen and wounding five others. The blasts also killed two civilians and wounded seven, said Col. Kareem Hamza, an Interior Ministry official. On Saturday, policemen were attacked in the cities of Baqubah and Kirkuk.
Nov. 12 -- Two suicide bombers detonated explosives Sunday as a crowd of men gathered in front of a police recruiting center in central Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 56 in one of the deadliest suicide attacks in Iraq this year.','Sudarsan Raghavan
Brig. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, an Interior Ministry spokesman, said the recruits killed or injured Sunday would "receive all the salaries and rights of any other employee at the Ministry of Interior."
In other violence, the U.S. military announced the combat-related deaths of three U.S. soldiers in Anbar province, bringing to 27 the number of American troops killed this month.
At least 50 bodies were found behind a regional electrical company in Baqubah and 25 others in Baghdad, the Associated Press reported.
A car bomb killed one civilian and wounded four in the central Karrada district of the capital, and a roadside bomb wounded four in the Radwaniyah district of southwestern Baghdad, Khalaf said.
At Yarmouk Hospital, Mutashir, the wounded recruit, said three of his relatives, also police recruits, had been killed in the bombing. One was burned so badly that his corpse could be identified only by a scar on his leg.
Two of his cousins were seriously wounded, including Ali Jumat, 23, who was lying in a bed. His body was peppered with pink shrapnel splotches. His hair was singed brown from the explosion's flames. His eyes were deep red.
When asked why he wanted to become a policeman, Jumat appeared to be in even more pain. "I am the only supporter of my family," he replied, before closing his eyes.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Roachie and Zahedan

Rumsfeld being out wont change Intell, Roachie. Besides Rumsfeld lives in a small circle, and his income isnt gonna change a nickle. And every morning he gets up there are gonna be men who want to see him from Generals to Politicians. It wont change what Rumsfeld designed and hid either. Intell wont be touched by the Donks. They wont even know its hidden in the budget and inside the walls. We can wait through Congress and Rumsfeld will still be a resource and a connnection..the NeoCons are everywhere and we can reach even farther.
Zahedan is a city that has been developed just since the past 70 years and is the administrative capital of Sistan and Baluchistan provinces. It is well connected by asphalt roads to the other main cities within the country and also to Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are passenger and good rail services to Quetta in Pakistan. A railway line to Kerman is under construction which, when completed, will connect Zahedan to different parts of the country. There is also a weekly flight to Dubai from Zahedan International Airport Situated at an altitude of 1370 meters. Zahedan has a dry moderate climate in winter with extreme temperatures in summer. At present, across the Province it has a population of about half a million people who are mostly engaged in administrative and commercial activities. Zahedan has trees and parks, rather dry by American standards, and a population itself of a big town. Its a three fillingstation sort of place with mediocre schools that inspire local pride ( they dont have much to compare it to...and they never had schools before). Within a few years, Zahedan has changed into a university city ( think local junior college ) with students from different parts of Iran studying in the Open University, University of Medical Sciences,( think a nursing school ) Faculties of the Islamic University, Payaam-e-Noor University and other educational institutions. ( Think ROTC but Islamic) Besides, the main administrative offices of the University of Sistan and Baluchistan, the faculties of Engineering, Science, Arts, Literature and Humanities, Economics and Administration Sciences, Fine Arts, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Kindergarten and the Elementary, Guidance and High School are all located on the university campus in Zahedan. ( Think wannabe University, new tiles and a new smell, and a faculty which is trying real hard to turn barely literate highschool students into competent anythings.) Everybody is trying real hard and the mullahs visit from time to time to sniff around and keep it all on line and loyal. There are Pasdaran in the faculty and lots of PC for Allah. be a good little boy and Allah will reward you. Straighten your tie. Its a growing place with an attitude that will eventually lead it into the future. Its like a lot of towns in the United States back in the 1950's. There are a lot of true believers with shiny eyes and their first white shirts. The province of Sistan and Baluchistan is located in the south-eastern part of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has an area of 181, 578 sq.km. Though it is the third largest province of the country, it is sparsely populated. According to the 1986 census it had a population of 1, 205, 980, which were only 2.4% of the total population of the country. About 55% of the population of the province lives in rural areas and the remaining in urban areas.Sistan and Baluchistan have a coast line of 300 km bordering the Sea of Oman to the south. To the east, there is a land border of 1100 km. with Pakistan and Afghanistan. To the west and Northwest it is bordered by the Iranian provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan. And to the north, it is bordered by the province of Khorasan. This strategically located province has immense potential in agriculture, fisheries and valuable untapped mineral deposits. However, due to its remoteness and lack of capital and skilled national experts, it has lagged behind the rest of the country in development. With the local development projects having been initiated, this province develops fast and promises a bright future for its inhabitants and the country as a whole. The Political State organs of Security are weak here and spread too thin. They are identifiable and they are vulnerable. Their entire apparat is visible, their key personnel are known. We know where they are and they dont even know we exist. You can bribe the police who are underpaid. They cant police such a big area and resources for them are quite limited. And like I say, you can adopt certain members of the Police and "supplement" their income.They dont have to do much for the extras except stay out of our way. They know we are smuggling but they dont really know what. We give them little gifts and know where their children go to school just in case we need to use that knowledge at some future date. Most of what we do is creating "access"...and setting up passive Intell networks. We can bring the people along slowly whom we recruit, compromise them very gradually and then put them to work in a big way when we need them. They will gradually be sucked in and eventually wont be able to get out or say no. We will be taking Bandar Abbas eventually, that is only a matter of time. It may take years to lay the solid groundwork for our Intell operations, but meanwhile we can use the individuals we are recruiting and prosper them so that they are fully operational when the time comes. Good Intell has stages, you have to plow before you can reap. You have to water the young plants to achieve a harvest. And above all you have to be inside the Police and the business interests. Slowly slowly catchee monkey. Most of the time these people dont even know they are being co-opted. Meanwhile we can use US money budgetted for our Intell Ops and put our resources where we can personallty benefit while generating "income" for our Ops. But no matter how things go down we will still be flying in and out of Dubai and putting our assets in banks there. No matter how the war goes we will make a profit. And Rumsfeld is being replaced by an Intell specialist, Roachie. Gates is no accident, he's a reliable fallback who will still shield Cambone and our SSB.gates is a Spook, and a big one. CIA is just a dusty phone in an empty office over at Langley. DoD now runs Intell and we dont have any oversight from Congress. The game has just gone down the hall and into the crack in the wall. It hasnt touched our inner operations. Rumsfeld hasnt retired, he's gone underground. Intell just took over DoD and Cambone reports to Gates and Gates will ensure that everything is hidden from Congress. If Congresss want to know , we will show them CIA and an Empty box. They will never figure it out. Its an old game, Roachie and we just disappeared where the Donks cant see us.We havent disappeared altogether because , we havent left the building.
Author: Seraph1 Date: 09-11-06 03:45

After absorbing and defeating “Shock and Awe”

Iraq after absorbing and defeating the US tactics of “Shock and Awe”. It is true that the combined evil forces of America and the Old British Empire have caused extensive damage to Iraqi infrastructure and killed hundreds of thousands, but Iraq is not defeated. To the contrary, the Iraqi enemies are in disarray. The Iraqis must put into their calculation the need to export their successful popular resistance tactics to neighbouring countries from Jordan to Qatar. Jordanian, Saudi and Bahraini Kings and the Emirs of Kuwait and Qatar have helped the Americans and the British to destroy Iraq and must be punished. The Iraqis must assist people of these countries to free themselves from the autocratic and corrupt Pro-American rulers. The opportunity will soon arise when the American and British forces withdraw from Iraq to neighbouring countries. In history, Iraqis (Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Abbasids) have led the way for others in the area and are fully qualified to do so again. The present-day Iraqis are known as Germans of the Arab World. Like in Vietnam, let us make the defeat of America as a first step towards building a stronger Iraq and reviving its past glory.
We have been living here for at least 7000 years and didn´t need trigger-happy American barbarians with Jewish agenda to solve our differences or to stop us from fighting each other. So far, Negroponte death squads (25000), Col. Spicer mercenaries (48000), civilian contractors (23000) have succeeded in kidnapping and in killing both Sunnis and Shiites. On a number of occasions they were caught red-handed. Their atrocities in Iraq worked like a magnet for the Jihadists. There were no Jihadists in Iraq. They entered Baghdad with the Americans on April 9, 2003. The Americans are the problem in Iraq. The solution is for them to pack up and leave, the earlier the better. How many more American soldiers will not see their loved ones this Christmas? And how many more will go home missing a limb, for fighting Bush´s Jewish war on Iraq
On November 7, the American people have delivered a knock out blow to the neo-cons Zionists and to the failed policies of George Bush. It seems that people are fed up with deception, denial, forgeries and sheer lies about why America went in to war on Iraq and why the Iraqis are fighting so hard to free themselves. The coming days may reveal information about the squandering of $billions of US tax-payers money on scores of companies, including Bechtel and Haliburton; that are known to donate heavily to the Republican Party. They may also reveal the extent of CIA and Negroponte illegal and immoral practices using thousands of the so-called civilian contractors and security companies. Furthermore, scores of Iraqi scientists and highly-trained military staff have been kidnapped and taken outside Iraq by CIA, MI-6 and MOSSAD operatives, despite no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found. It is rather strange to castrate Rumsfeld and to leaving Cheney´s Dick; while both were strong supporters of the neo-con Zionist doctrines of pre-emption and scare tactics that has caused so-much damage to American interests. Bush must sit down and find more escape goats for his incompetence and failed policies. The bloody chaos in US-occupied Iraq is beyond perception.
Islam is the only religion that recognises Moses´s Jeudaism and Jesus´s Christianity. The holy Koran is 75 % Christian and 10% Jewish. Islam recognises all Prophets from Adam to Mohammed passing through Abraham, Moses, Ishmael, Jaconb, Joseph, Noah, Johanes, Itzhaq.....to 25 prophets. Furthermore, Islam is the only religion that considers all people equal infront of God, regardless of colour or ethnic background. Jeudasim preaches that Jews are the preferred people of God. Hinduism divided people into casts. That is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. No Arab or Muslim army went to convert Indonesians into Islam. Today, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country.
Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

An Iraqi Advice to Robert Gates!

The Iraqi mercenaries and traitors who entered Baghdad on Abraham tanks on April 9, 2003 have been fooling America. Naturally they want the US forces to stay in order to remain in power. Their presence at the head of the government; supported by US forces, are the main causes for the current blood shed. America can easily pull the rug from under the feet of the Iraqi resistance if it announces the following: 1.The war on Iraq was unlawful and hence America must apologise and pay compensation for all the killing and destruction. 2.The American forces will leave Iraq soon (06-12 months) and have no intention of robbing Iraq oil resources or leaving one single foreign soldier behind. 3.The proposed huge facilities for the US embassy in the green zone will become a campus base for a new high-tech university. 4.America must ask Israel to stop immediately all killing of Palestinians, to withdraw from occupied Arab territories, to implement 31 UN Security Council Resolutions it ignored and to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction. The hatred for America in the Arab and Muslim worlds has never been so high. The American people have "shocked and awed" Rumsfeld and rejected the failed policies of Bush and his-neo-con Zionists, currently infesting the Whitehouse.
No matter what you say it does not justify all the killing and the destruction in Iraq. Finding Iraqi spies and handing them to MOSSAD is not what the American mission was about. That is why the Americans failed to undestand why so much money spent and so many US soldiers are killed in order to assist Israeli in its designs for the Middle East. The most difficult part for Gates and his superiors is that the American armed-robbery of Iraq has been exposed. I will compliment Robert Gates if he can safely extradite his US forces from Iraq. The Iraqis have also a mission to complete; that is to settle scores with the uncivilised American cowboys who continue to desecrate our homeland.
All US politicians are paid by the same special interst groups, the oil cartels and the arm industry. Like Alexander Haig, Colin Powell, Carluci, John Major, Caspar Weinberger, Condoleeza and Bill Cohen; Rumsfeld and Tony Blair will end up on the board of directors of a number of US corporations with geberous bonuses and financial rewards for their services. US politics is a dirty field infested by the crooks. In Iraq, we are happy that Bush has lost. But the Democrats don´t constitute a real and viable opposition, as most did not question Bush´s deception and forgeries and went to vote for the war. The Iraqi resistance has forced Rumsfeld out and froze the neo-con Zionists in their track. Iraqis are not fooled by pre-election statements. The resistance will intensify to put an end to the brutal American occupation.
In Iraq, we hope that the democrats will assist in ensuring the Iraqi unity, stopping Negroponte death squads and in calling the troops home within 12 months. We also expect an apology from the Whitehouse as Iraq had no WMD and there was no involvement of any Iraqi with September 11. There was no reason for Iraq to suffer hundreds of thousands of victims and $billions of damage to its infrastructure. Anything short of the above will lead to further bloodshed. The Iraqis can manage their own affairs and have been here for over 7000 years. They do not need Negroponte or Zalmay khalilzad to prevent a phantom civil war.
There are two Arab lands that foreign soldiers should not invade; Algeria and Iraq. The French had their quagmire in Algiers and Baghdad is becoming a graveyard for the American invaders and their so-called allies. There was no reason to invade Iraq let alone to kill the people and to destroy the infrastructure. The Americans should not only leave put apologise and pay compensation. How would you behave if Iraqi soldiers kill your brother, intimidate your family or destroy your home? The Americans must realise that Iraqis are human beings with feelings. Furthermore, the revenge culture in Iraq is age old. When the un-civilised and trigger-happy American soldiers started to kill Iraqis, I knew that was the beginning of their demise. The Americans were completely mis-informed about the Iraqis.
All Jewish fascists are invited to Baghdad to help their mentors, the Americans, out of the quagmire. After all, Bush marched on Baghdad to Israeli drums. Jews want others to fight their own wars. This time they found the American Zombies. After chasing the US cowboys out of the country, the Iraqis will try to punish those who opened their countries for the Americans to invade Iraq. That means the Jews may become our Iraqi neighbours. There is so much hate against Israelis, that one should not be surprised if the Iraqi savages do not cannibalise the Jews inhabited the settlements. Hezbullah from one side and the Iraqis from the other may force the Israelis to come to their senses and abandon their conspiracies and Nazi-type atrocities against Arabs.
Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

Friday, November 03, 2006

Iraq On High Alert Aft Negroponte Three Kisses, on the cheek of Maliki

Iraq's beleaguered armed forces were ordered on high alert ahead of the verdict in the trial of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein, while a US spy chief made an unannounced visit to Baghdad.
As Iraq stepped up security, the US military said that eight more of its troops had been killed around the country and that the bodies of 23 murdered Iraqis had been found in Baghdad over the previous 24 hoursThe tribunal is expected to deliver a death sentence on the former Iraqi military strongman, a judgment that could further escalate violence in the war-ravaged country
Negroponte's trip came three days after US National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley visited Baghdad, and six days after Bush talked with Maliki through a video link from Washington.Al-Maliki met with Negroponte in the Iraqi leader's office in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, according to the prime minister's spokesmanThe spokesman, Yassin Majid, said the visit was part "of a continuing series of meetings between the Iraqi government and the U.S. administration." He did not elaborate. U.S. Embassy officials confirmed Negroponte was in the capital but would not comment further.
Video from the prime minister's office showed Negroponte and U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad greeting al-Maliki, with three kisses on the check.
Bush likes to brag about his success in establishing a democracy in Iraq. But during the last two days, the Iraqi parliament has failed to meet as most of its members are outside the country leaving the people facing the hell of Baghdad. The Iraqi president, Jalal Al-Talibani, is on his tenth trip outside the country since the start of this year leaving the democratically-elected, Mr Al-Maliki, of sovereign Iraq imprisoned inside the Green Zone; surrounded by angry Americans for ordering the lifting of their blockade on Al-Sadr city. There is an increased ugly American presence everywhere and no-one knows when the next US tank will go up in flames. In the Iraqi cafes, there are rumours of an American-sponsored attempt to topple Al-Maliki which is currently being hatched in Amman and in London. There are also Rumours that Saddam may be executed during the Month of November. In the hell of Bush free democracy in US-colonised Iraq, everyone is afraid of venturing outside his home in the evening. No matter how one looks at it, America has failed in Iraq on every level. Even Bush has admitted that he is not satisfied with the situation in the country, despite the presence of 144000 US military men assisted by 100000 foreign troops and mercenaries. But what makes the failure more complex is that no-one knows, not even Bush and his neo-con Zionists, how the current fiasco is going to end.In the past, colonisation was carried out by occupying and unifying a country, protecting its borders, neutralising the local resistance and exploiting is human and natural resources. But in Iraq, America has already destroyed the infrastructure, massacred the people, divided the country and failed to neutralise the mighty national resistance which is thriving on the uncivilised practices of its military. Many believe that Bush is in a very awkward position as leaving or staying in Iraq is painful, costly, bloody that will erode America´s status as a super power and hurt pro-American Iraq Arab neighbours.. On one hand, Superpower America can not afford to lose and insist on staying the course. The Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan and had disintegrated as a superpower. On the other hand, the heavily -armed, die-hard and superpatriot Iraqis are determined not to let the Americans colonise their country and rob its oil. I ask the readers to contribute their views about the way out for America of the current Iraqi quagmire. I would be very happy if the highly-trained and wealthy American Zombies remain home and not impose their uncivilised practices on others. Let us keep Microsoft Vista and you keep the junk food to your self. Hitler´s wehrmacht bit more than it could chew and ended up surrendering at the gates of Stalingrad. The arrogant Americans will find the Muslim countries from Indonesia to Nigeria are too big for their meager resources the way the Soviet Union was too large for Hitler and Napoleon. The Communist Russians were successful in breaking the backbone of the German Nazi Wehrmacht and in chasing the German invaders back to Berlin, dragging behind the remains of their bloody aggression. Similarly, the Muslims will help to defeat the USraeli Nazis launching wars on Arab and Muslim countries. Following invasion of Iraq and the speedy fall of Baghdad on April 9, 2003, the USraeli strategists started to talk about the new Middle East. But to their hard luck, they got stuck in Iraq quagmire. The question now is not to go further and attack Iran but how to get out of Iraq. Read my lips. Those who talk about dividing Iraq do not know the Iraqis. The Jews started to jitter seeing their American friends been punished for marching on Baghdad to Israeli drums. More on the way.