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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Intellectuals of Bradley Fighting Vehicles

Author: Adnan Date: 30-10-06 15:55
Mr Nuri Al-Maliki, Iraq Prime Minister, described himself as America´s friend and not America´s man in Iraq. Naturally, that is a total non-sense. Superpower America needs no friends but agents, collaborators and mercenaries. During the Nazi occupation of France, Vichy (1940-1944) was their friend, ally and agent who betrayed his country and assisted the occupiers in robbing France and in massacring the resistance fighters. In South Vietnam, successive traitors and CIA agents like NGO-Dinh Diem, Nguyen Van Thieu and Duong Van Minn were in government while the Americans were killing on average a 1000 of their citizens a week. Similarly, while Al-Maliki is being imprisoned in the US-established green Zone in Baghdad; the American intellectuals of Bradley fighting vehicles, democrats of Abraham Tanks and US Marines speak eloquently to his people with their guns. The Iraqis do not differentiate between being an American friend and a stooge of America who accepts his country to be destroyed and his people to be killed while he is the democratically-elected Prime Minister of sovereign Iraq.
There was no terror or terrorists in Iraq prior to the American invasion. Saddam intelligence services were brutal and efficient in catching anyone who threatened the regime. The presence of pro-Israeli, uncivilised American cowboys in Iraq works as amagnet for all anti-American forces in the world. You forget that part of the Muslim on Muslim bloodshed is instigated by Negroponte and Col. Spicer death squads. The CIA-Pentagon dirty works department wants the Iraqis to kill each other so they forget about the American presence in the country. But that was more of a pipe dream than a reality. All Iraqis are united against the Americans. This month 103 Americans have died and close to 1000 were wounded. The longer the Americans stay, the worse is the violence.